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Transcript of personalitydevelopment-091003104251-phpapp02

Batch:- G-42009-2010

INDORESubmitted To:Mrs.Unnati Sharma Submitted By:Taher salim

My sincere thanks to the project coordinator of Deaf n Dumb school, Miss Monica Punjabi for giving us opportunity to visit the school and complete the project successfully. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our faculty Mrs.Unnati Sharma for her guidance, timely support and encouragement in completing this project I am grateful to my parents for their support in this work

I am thankful to my team members and friends for their untiring help throughout this work.

As we are doing personality development module we have been taken a project related to our module where we would be learning how to communicate with people around us. We have been divided into three groups. As I am a group member and the total number of members in my group are seven including me. The motive of our project is that we have to learn how to communicate with people and learn about the various aspect of personality development which are:I. Perception II. Rationality III. Attitude IV. Motivation V. Emotional Intelligence VI. Assimilation VII. Persistence VIII.Empathy and many more

Members in my group:Taher Salim Govind Singh Bhatia Sourabh Porwal Rohit Sharma

We had visited:Pizza hut Chlorophyll Caf Coffee Day Barista

Deepak Mistry (leader) Deaf n Dumb School

Arjun MandaloiDevender Singh Sisodia

Personality Development



Internal Environment


External Environment

STRENGTHS:Confident Intelligent Energetic Frank responsible

OPPORTUNITIES :Upcoming number of airlines& hotels

WEAKNESS : weak in sticking to decisions Short tempered Less adaptable

THREATS:High competition Hesitation Communication


More confident Effective time management bold enough to face all the problems Very frank More responsibleWEAKNESS : Communication skills Short temper

OPPORTUNITIES :In airlines.Cabin Crew. Ground staff. Domestic & International airlines. Customer care executive

In hotel industry.Receptionist. F&B manager. Guest relationship executive. Pantry steward

Travel industry.Domestic & International tour package arrangement. Ticket Booking. Front office executive Tour manager

THREATS: Recession People with good communication experienced people After completing my project I came to know my all weakness and threats & I try to turn my weaknesses into my strength, and if I want a good personality I always have to turn my weakness into my strength. Before joining frankfinn I was not good at communication but now I have good communication skill.

Factors important for the developments of ones personality, state with my observation and realization? {P1b}

Perception: I always had a fear of failure that pulled me back from doing things. I realized that only a winning perception makes one successful

Mountain or horse

Learning and Knowledge: I used to learn everything mugging up with out applying it in my daily life. I realized whatever I have learned wrongly I have to unlearn and relearn it

Rationality: I observed that sentiments andemotions ruled me and I gave up my goal for pleasure. I realized that instead of being emotional I should be rational towards my goal.

Attitude: I am a person who is so uncertain and doubtful I realized that attitude is important than fact so I should develop a positive attitude.

Empathy: I never understood others feelings, I realized that stepping into the shoes of others will glorify your personality.

Discussing the above mentioned factors, with example from our experience during the assignment? (M1)Ans:- experience which I have taken during the assignment with examples are:-

Perception First I was thinking that the students who are studying in deaf n dumb school they are not happy, because there life was so boring they cannot talk & listen to someone. But when I went there I found that my perception was wrong about them, that they are unhappy . And I feel that always we have to keep a positive perception ,and perception is all so a essential part of are personality

Learning & knowledge Journey in Personal development I observed a person Mr.muffaddal in a bus while I am going for my project . He used to read religious books at most of the time. When I started talking to him he discussed almost everything about Muslim community with good knowledge and he was keen to get the information from me about aviation. I found the quest in learning and adding knowledge in him. I realized that learning is weapon and knowledge is power. It is a growing self-reliant self image. I will also build up the quest to learn and the gain knowledge.

RATIONALITY : logical thinking I observed that my team mate Deepak had a severe leg sprain at the day we have to visit the deaf & dumb school. As the visit is pre-planned, we couldnt cancel the visit, but he in spite of his pain joined us by taking the decision logically.

To be successful in life, some decisions have to be taken logically and reasonably to win in life.

ATTITUDEI met a gate keepers friend named Mr. Suresh at the deaf & dumb school, who has lost almost everything in life. He was a successful farmer at the beginning, but suffered a great loss in agriculture. He was not ready to find a solution for the failure and blamed the nature and financial to the govt. for the same. On hearing the words of the resident, I realized the influence of attitude, especially the negative attitude in life. The main route to success and development , and especially to failure is through attitude, which I realized can be changed accordingly.

EMPATHY : imaginative experience I observed my friend Devendra talking to an students in deaf & dumb school, who understands and react to the speech very slowly. By observing that he asked questions & always waited for their answer patiently. I realized that by empathizing in situations wherever required, we can understand people and it would be a helpful tool for me to achieve sustained relationships and there by to success .My friend Devendra with students.

Our statements in a above question to conditioning?


Conditioning is the way an individual is brought up. It is the process by which people or animal are trained to behave in a particular way when some situations come across. We cant change our past but we can shape our future by utilizing the present well. It plays a important role in our life. To become a successful person we have to keep conditioning our self.

Effect of conditioning on Perception when we went to deaf & dumb my perception was negative I think that the children's are very innocent because I had seen that people does sympathy on that kind of children's but my perception was wrong .I seen that the childrens are very bold. Then I came to know about my wrong conditioning & I changed my self by self conditioning & build up positive perception.

Effect of conditioning on rationalityDuring my project I feel that Deepak is a logical thinking person by giving example above. so, I think that it may be his good conditioning given by his mother, relatives &also by good fiends that he has. Effect of conditioning on attitude

A negative attitude can be changed & developed to a positive attitude at any time if the person is willing to do so. The farmer in a example Mr. Suresh has negative attitude by his wrong perception & also because he had face great loss in his life. attitude formed by family, reference group& different backgrounds. He has negative attitude because he is not ready for self conditioning thats why he is not able to motivate himself.

Conditioning induces development of ones personality:If the person follow all these factors in there life:

Perception Rationality Motivation Attitude Emotional intelligence Persistence Empathy.etc Then only he/she can develop his/her personality.

what qualities do you think are requiredin the

same context..?[M1/M3/D1] Setting objective: Objectives selected by the leader should be achievable and should not feel as a burden to the team members. Organizing & planning: Important thing in achieving the prefixed objectives Decision making: He should be very careful in making decisions as it should convince all the members Integrity & honesty: the leader should be almost honest towards his team Enthusiasm: leader should be enthusiastic and that should inspire the other members Ambition: he should be ambitious Empathy: he should understand and act according to the feelings of the team members Motivational: he should be a motivation and a model to his team members

My role in the same context I have: Integrity & honesty Empathy motivational Ambition Awareness to work Punctuality Regular Helpful & Friendly

I want to develop: Self discipline Enthusiasm positive attitude

How can I develop:Positive attitude Dont find fault with others I can do instead of I cannot do I choose to do instead of I have to do or I need to do

Enthusiasm It is energy, excitement which gives joy in work and life It leads to commitment and overcome feelings of tiredness, lack of sleep, disappointments and failures

Self discipline The major things to discipline are thoughts, emotions, words, actions, habits and behaviours

If you were given a task doing

the same?...[M3/D2/D3]