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PEERS Member's Manual

Transcript of PEERS Member's Manual

  • Hi SuPEERheros! Welcome to our family! When I was a new member two xearr ago, I varns rtre vhas PEERS was, what the organization stood for and vhas role Id plax. I just had this good gut feeling about the organization. Two years later, PEERS has become a great part of my life. So great, I cans imagine vhas mx life votld be vishots it. My gut feeling var righs! Im happx shas I joined PEERs and took that leap of faith. Two years of good friends, Phase Trainings, great food (yes we have lots of that) and good company has helped me become a better person. In PEERS, you know there will always be someone to listen. You talk. We listen. So once again, welcome! Looking forward to getting to know all of you! See you in MVP 307.

  • Welcome to the Ateneo PEERS

    family!! Woohoo!! Ateneo PEERS is an org I truly love, and I am just

    so happy that YOU are now a part of it. You know, PEERS is the only org I am sincerely grateful for.

    This org has made me grow in ways unimaginable, and it has made me a much more fulfilled person. It would be a delight and an honor to pass on the things I learned from my mentors, to YOU! I hope that this school year, you would feel the love and support from the family. I also hope that you would experience the fun of college with us! This org is willing to share so many new insights and lessons to you. So please allow us to! Please be ACTIVE! Unleash the ACTIVE ENERGY!! We want YOU to step-up! PEERS is the perfect org for you to find your hidden strengths and potentials. We are going to TRAIN YOU and PUT YOU OUT THERE, because we know you can do it! We trust you. Just remember that your CB will be at your back, guiding you all the way. We will always be the ones encouraging you to do things, you havens done before; so ewperience shingr xot neuer thought you would. SO PLEASE, GO STEP-UP WITH US THIS SCHOOL YEAR! Remember, vere all in shir sogesher! WE zRE ONE TEzM, ONE FzMILY.

    We are going to help each other FLY. I am super duper looking forward to each and everyone of you to STEP-UP with PEERS! See you (all the time) this school year!

  • &

    The PMD department is responsible for screening members to become project heads for all of she organiyasionr euensr. The department makes sure that the Project Management System is properly implemented, at the same time providing enough training for the potential project core team and project heads of the activities of PEERS. This department is exclusive for old members only.

    Interested in serving your fellow peers? Otr deparsmensr Project Management Training will help you learn how to do just that! We welcome all members with or without prior experience in heading a project to experience what it's like to step up. Join us as we teach you the basics of project management from the planning to evaluation stages and get a chance to try it out yourself through simulated exercises. Training is a pre-requisite for all project head aspirants.

  • The human resources and training department is tasked to ensure the wellness of peers members, equip them with the core competencies of the organization (peer facilitation and peer coaching) and handle all membership concerns of Ateneo Peers. This department is primarily concerned with phase trainings, recruitment, retention and formation. This department handles the pool of counselors, pool of facilitators, and the Dream Team, providing special trainings and workshops to enhance their capabilities. This department is exclusive for old members only.

  • The Documentations & Publications Department handles all of the publications and promotions of PEERS through visual media (such as e-mail blasts, posters, tarps and videos) and through websites (such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr). This department also documents the events of PEERS through photographs and sometimes even through videos.

  • The Externals Department of PEERS is in charge of all negotiations and transactions with organizations or entities outside of PEERS. The ED aims to promote the organization beyond its own bounds, forming and fostering relationships with other organizations within and outside the Ateneo. The department aims to partner with these organizations in promoting the vision and mission of PEERS.

  • A building is only as strong as its foundations, and a good, working organization is only as good as the people who work behind the scenes to ensure that all systems are accounted for. The Finance and Logistics department is a vital part of Ateneo PEERS because it makes certain that all its projects, programs and events run smoothly and efficiently, through the reservation of facilities, handling of food and other matters, and the formulation of fundraising ideas.

    Projects Rummage Sale = The rummage sale is a micro-thrift store held both online and on-camptr. Isr cheap, isr earx, and is maker a

    LOT of money. So, donate your old clothes and help PEERS raise funds for its events! RelaxStation: The Ateneo PEERS Food Bazaar = With the aim of providing an avenue for student-body to engage in shopping therapy and stress-eating in a hectic environment, RelaxStation invites only the best concessionaires (both student and outside) in order to provide maximum satisfaction and relaxation to the busy Atenean.

  • A year-long activity that showcases the service of different organizations. Tie-ups project which will allow students to try-out the core competencies of other organizations without the extended commitment and pre-requirements of membership.

    A week-long project which will involve a fundraiser and other activities which will promotes the organiyasionr reruicer. EwPEERience vill alro be a pars or PEERS Week

    Closing of the year event to celebrate Christmas, bring together members and introduce almni (of some 20 years) to the new members.

  • This talk seeks to address topics

    regarding sex and sexuality in an

    open-forum format.

    This talk aims to address the needs of students regarding love and relationships. Mapa-romance, bromance, pa-pa-ra-pa-pa LoveKoTalk!

    A special forum designed to address the stressful life of

    a college student, in a way that a student will be able to

    handle it in a joyful manner. Realistic Optimism will also be


  • Attendance

    General Assemblies (1st & 2nd)

    2 points

    PEERS only events1

    3 points

    Major Trainings2 4 points Phase 3 5 points Non-departmental events3

    3 points

    PEERS Tie-ups4 4 points Family Galas 1 point Family Sessions 0.5 point

    The PEERS Meris Sxrsem ir a rxrsem shas srackr she memberr

    attendance, participation and involvement in Ateneo PEERS events, Phase Trainings, Guidance Office and Family-related activities. It will be used in conjtncsion vish she Familx Sxrsem ar a members individual points will contribute to the overall points to his/her family. It will also serve as a complement to the Family System and the PEERS Grading System.

    Project Management and I nv olv ement

    PEERS-only events Project head Core team Volunteer

    3 points 2 points 1 points

    Non-dept. events

    Project head Core team Volunteer

    3.5 points 2.5 points 1.5 points

    PEERS Tie-ups Project head Core team Volunteer

    3.5 points 2.5 points 1.5 points

    LSOGC Volunteer 1 point Pathways Volunteer

    2 points

    1 PEERS Week, Ytle {all, Seniorr Send-off 2 Phase 1, 2,; Project Management Training and Workshop; Guidance Training Seminar 3 Includes LoveKoTalk, BBS, Sexuality Talk, Depression Talk. 4 Facilitating/Traiining with partner organizations.

  • ATENEO PEERS is an organization that caters to the emotional and psychological wellness of LS Students and high school students through partnerships within and outside Ateneo. PEERS focuses on establishing a pool of facilitators and counselors dedicated to empowering its own members through self-awareness and coaching/facilitating trainings. Our trainings can eqtip xot vish knovledge so help face lifer challenger

    and extend that help to other people. In PEERS, we help you learn how to listen, and in turn, help you to be heard.

    ATENEO PEERS believes in warmth, empathy, respect, openness and effective listening, as represented by the five balls of color in our logo. We are as diverse as the spectrum of the colors in our logo; we are home to students from all courses and backgrounds, and of different personalities and interests. You will definitely meet someone who gets your hobbies and your odd quirks in our organization.

    We enrich the lives of others, while enriching yours. We are PEER COACHES and we care about you.