Paulding County 4-H Camp Information Packet .Paulding County . 4-H Camp . Information Packet. July

Paulding County 4-H Camp Information Packet .Paulding County . 4-H Camp . Information Packet. July
Paulding County 4-H Camp Information Packet .Paulding County . 4-H Camp . Information Packet. July
Paulding County 4-H Camp Information Packet .Paulding County . 4-H Camp . Information Packet. July
Paulding County 4-H Camp Information Packet .Paulding County . 4-H Camp . Information Packet. July
Paulding County 4-H Camp Information Packet .Paulding County . 4-H Camp . Information Packet. July
download Paulding County 4-H Camp Information Packet .Paulding County . 4-H Camp . Information Packet. July

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Transcript of Paulding County 4-H Camp Information Packet .Paulding County . 4-H Camp . Information Packet. July

  • Paulding County 4-H Camp

    Information Packet July 9th-13th, 2017

    Dear 4-H Camper and Parents, 4-H Camp is rapidly approaching, and as a camper and parent, you probably have many questions. Please read this information carefully. It should answer many of your questions as you and your child prepare for 4-H Camp. 4-H Camp Palmer is located near Fayette, Ohio in Fulton County. There are numerous ways to get to Camp from Paulding County. Directions are provided in this packet. Please contact the Extension Office should you have further questions. Our number is 419-399-8225.

    Michael Schweinsberg, 4-H Educator

    Summer Ball Leagues Taking campers out of camp for a ballgame has proven to be very disruptive for both the camper and the overall camp program.

    Therefore, effective as of 2003, campers will not be permitted to leave camp for any type of sport activity.

    REGISTRATION Check In Time:

    Sunday, July 9th 3:00 4:30 pm Go to the Recreation Hall Bring any needed medications Review health form with camp nurse Deposit camper money in camp bank

    Please do not arrive before 3:00 pm or after 4:15 pm. When arriving, park your car in the parking lot before you enter the main gate. You will be carrying your things to the cabin. Counselors will be available to help with luggage. At registration, each camper will be given a nametag, cabin number and group assignment.

    Families are invited to stay with campers until 4:30 pm at which time, we ask that all parents and guests leave. There will be an open swim during registration for campers and guests.

    Check Out Time: Thursday, July 13th 10:30 am-11:00 am

    Check in at the table near the covered bridge. After confirming release information, you

    will be provided a ticket for all the campers you are responsible for picking up.

    Campers will only be released to the person indicated on their registration form.

    Proof of ID may be requested. All campers must be checked out with

    their cabin counselor in person with a ticket.

    Campers will be dismissed only when their ticket has been signed and cabin area has passed inspection and at the conclusion of the closing program.

    Parents are asked to please adhere to the check out time. End of camp programming is interrupted when parents arrive too early; however, all Paulding county campers should be off camp property by 11:15am out of respect for the next arriving camp.

    4-H Camp Schedule Please review the camp schedule that is enclosed in the packet. Please bring your schedule to camp with you. Note that there will be a dress up dinner on the last night. Campers are invited to come dressed up or in fresh clean nice clothes.

  • HEALTH CARE A qualified camp nurse/E.M.T. will be available at all times and if, at any time

    treatment is needed, the child can be taken to a nearby hospital. Please bring only prescription medication to camp. The nurse will distribute other forms of medication indicated on the health form.


    There will be a Bank system during

    camp for each camper to keep his or her money. It is not mandatory, but we HIGHLY RECOMMEND campers to deposit their money in the bank during check-in time. The bank will be open daily to access money when needed. It is not advisable for campers to bring an excessive amount of money to camp. Camp Palmer t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. will only be available during check-in and check-out times. During camp itself, there will be a concession stand open on a limited basis. (We recommend that you write your childs name in any camp shirts purchased at the beginning of camp.) Please refer to enclosed list of possible camp store items and prices.


    CABINS Parents, please realize bunk beds are used at camp. Campers may select a bunk on a first come first serve basis. If a bottom bunk is desired, early arrival is necessary to guarantee a bunk of your choice. Top bunks do have guardrails for added protection.


    What should I bring??? Please use a laundry marker and label clothes and towels.

    Casual, play-type clothes, not new

    Pillow/ Two sheets & blanket or sleeping bag

    Towels and washcloths

    Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.


    Socks and underclothes

    Swimsuit and beach towel

    Sunscreen and bug repellent

    Two pairs of shoes (old sneakers) No sandals please

    Long pants and light jacket/sweatshirt for chilly evenings/mornings

    Flashlight OPTIONAL . . . Flip-flops for shower, wearing to pool


    Nice outfit for dress up dinner

    Stationary, stamps

    Camera (Disposable recommended with name written on the camera)

    Theme related items/clothing What NOT to bring. Expensive sports equipment, radios, or

    expensive shoes and clothing Cell phones, PSPs, I-pods, electronics of any

    kind Knives, fireworks, tobacco are prohibited. Please do not bring food to keep in the cabin.

    Avoid bringing anything new or valuable to camp. With many children living in the same cabin for four days, the possibility of lost or misplaced items is very great.

  • CAMP MAIL Campers may receive mail via USPS or there is also an option for a one-way camper e-mail. You may send mail to campers at the following address.

    Name of Camper C/O 4-H Camp Palmer

    26450 Co. Rd. MN Fayette, Ohio 43521-9575

    One-Way Camper Email is available for a fee. To set up an account follow these instructions:

    Go to Click the 4-H Camps/Camper mail link in

    the upper right Scroll down to Camper Mail offered by

    Bunk1 to make an account. Invitation Code: 4HPALMER For your campers safety, please do not share

    the invitation code.

    This program will print out e-mails for your camper that will be dispensed once a day with the regular mail. The phone number at Camp is 419-237-2247. This is for EMERGENCY use only. There is no camper access to a phone at camp and campers are discouraged from calling home. Absolutely no cell phones are to be brought to camp. Cellular service at camp is very poor and cell phones in general are not part of the camping experience. Please contact the Camp Office with any emergencies.

    DIRECTIONS To Camp Palmer

    TRAVELING NORTH ON SR 127 Take SR 127 N out of West Unity. Turn right on Williams Co. Rd. O. If you pass the big blue barn, you just missed the road. There will be a sign for Harrison Lake State Park. Take Road O until it dead ends into Rd. 27-1 and turn left. Turn left on Rd. 27 and follow the signs to the State Park. Turn right on Rd. MN and take the road to Camp Palmer. You will curve to the left at the fork in the road. TRAVELING NORTH ON SR 66 Follow SR 66 North towards Archbold. You will cross over the turnpike. Continue north on SR 66 until you reach Fulton County Road M. Turn left onto Road M. You will pass the first entrance to Harrison Lake State Park; continue to Fulton County Road 27. There should be a Camp Palmer Sign to direct you. Turn right onto County Road 27, travel 0.5 mile to County Road MN, turn right and follow the road to Camp Palmer. You will curve to the left at the fork in the road.

    CAMP ATMOSPHERE While at 4-H camp, campers will be learning to live in a group atmosphere. Campers will be expected to assist with clean-up chores such as sweeping, washing off tables, and trash pick-up. Campers will also be expected to keep their own belongings and bunk neat and tidy. All lost and found articles left at 4-H Camp will be kept for 2 weeks after camp at the Paulding Extension Office. After 2 weeks, items will be donated to the needy. It truly helps us return items if you put the campers name on each item. Please check the lost and found area at check out on the last day.

  • Drawstring bag with Camp

    Palmer logo. Available in a

    variety of colors


    2017 NEW T-SHIRT

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  • The Camp Store will offer

    various beverages and

    snacks for sale.

    Bag Candy and Bars

    Ice Cream and Small Candy

    Pop, Water & Gatorade

    Food & Drink

    Green lanyard with break away



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