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Transcript of PATTI KOMARA PRODUCTS - USA Gymnastics | · PDF file2016-10-31 · Retails for...

  • BOOK STOREUSA GymnasticsUSA Gymnastics 800.345.4719, Option 800.345.4719, Option #1The USA Gymnastics Bookstore and Technical Materials Store offers a vast array of

    supplemental educational resource for Coaches, Business Owners, Athletes, Judges and more.


    CUSTOMER SERVICE SYSTEMS THAT MAKE A DRAMATIC DIFCUSTOMER SERVICE SYSTEMS THAT MAKE A DRAMATIC DIFFERENCEFERENCEIN RETENTIONIN RETENTION We have to make parents raving fans of our gyms from the moment they step into our facility. To be successful we know we need to create relationships with every one of our students and their parents. Patti explains systems, not just tactics that she uses at her gym to make each family feel special and therefore more apt to recruit their friends. Thats what makes us a profit-a continual flow of new customers. She will explain systems for subjects such as: New Person Registration, Working the Front Desk, New Student (Super VIP), Child Gets Hurt in Class, Complaint & Refunds, Make-ups, and Custom-er Appreciation (yesthats a system, too!). Management of your gym business will be easier with systemsby Tumblebear Connection. (1 hr. 5 min. DVD & 26-page book)

    Item #1020 Price:$39.95

    101 WAYS TO GET MORE STUDENTS101 WAYS TO GET MORE STUDENTS This 23-page book and DVD will help you learn proven techniques that Patti has used through years of experience and success. Keeping new students coming through your doors all year long is imperative to success by Tumblebear Connection. (1 hr. DVD & 24-page book)

    Item #1018 Price:$39.95

    FRONT OFFICE EXCELLENCEFRONT OFFICE EXCELLENCE The first person your prospective customer comes in contact with over the phone or in person is your front desk person. Sure, they need to have great computer skills, look great, have a great personality, and have a special way with kids. But, wait theres more. They need to be your eyes and ears, the liaison between you and your staff and much more. A parent can have a bad experience with an office person and never want to come back even if their child loves your class. Your frontline is everything. Learn what puts that employee in the excellent category in this 23-page book and one hour plus DVDby Tumblebear Connection. (1 hr. 5 min. DVD & 23-page book)

    Item #1019 Price:$39.95

    HIRING AND TRAINING A TOP NOTCH STAFFHIRING AND TRAINING A TOP NOTCH STAFF Hiring and Training a Top Notch Staff. Retails for $39.95- Patti covers the essentials of hiring and training a topnotch staff. She talks about hiring the RIGHT person and avoiding the #1 hiring mistake. Included are questions you should ask at an interview and questions you should not ask. Legal issues, recruiting methods and a job application is also included in this DVD and bookby Tumblebear Connection. (1 hr.15 min. DVD & 43-page book)

    Item #1016 Price:$39.95

    EZ FUN BIRTHDAY PARTIES!EZ FUN BIRTHDAY PARTIES! Gain Potential Students! A filmed lecture and a EZ FUN Birthday party are included. The party on this DVD features our Candy & Toy Bar in action wait until you see it! 35 min. & 29-page book) Book and DVDby Tumblebear Connection.

    Item #1024 Price:$39.95



  • BOOK STOREUSA GymnasticsUSA Gymnastics



    75 PRESCHOOL TIPS IN 75 MINUTES75 PRESCHOOL TIPS IN 75 MINUTES Over the years Patti has come across hundreds of ideas in many areas of teaching preschool. Patti shares the very best ideas in nine key areas: marketing and advertising, teaching tips, themes, stations, drills, equipment, warm-up, ending activity, props and how to keep your students happy. This DVD and 52-page book is priceless! This is one of Pattis favorites for owners and directors by Tumblebear Connection. (1 hr. 15 min. DVD & 52-page book)

    Item #1017 Price:$39.95

    FAST TRACK TRAINING SYSTEM FOR PRESCHOOL GYMNASTICSFAST TRACK TRAINING SYSTEM FOR PRESCHOOL GYMNASTICS This all-encompassing training system for preschool tumbling, bars, beam, trampoline, and Tumbl Trak is exactly what you need to help train your preschool and beginner gymnastics teachers. Patti has indicated the Fab 5 Skills in each event that every preschool student should be able to do before leaving your program. In the four one-hour DVDs Patti teaches over 284 skills by explaining the prerequisites, teaching steps, teaching tips, stations, spotting, common errors, variations, and combinations for tumbling, bars, beam, trampoline, and Tumbl Trak. You cant find a more comprehensive training tool than this system! This is a must-have for your DVD training library. This system contains 262 stations, 284 skills, 302 teaching tips, and 84 variations of preschool skills. The complete system includes a 96-page binder of notes, tests and answer keys for each event (can you pass the tests?), and a certificate suitable for hanging in your gym. Parents need to know your teachers are trained properly, so display their credentials. Start today and offer your staff the best training system in the industry from one of the leaders in preschool gymnas-ticsby Tumblebear Connection! (4 hrs. & 89 pages plus text CD)

    Item #1013 Price:$159.95

    GYM-N-LEARN EDUCATIONAL PRESCHOOL PACKAGEGYM-N-LEARN EDUCATIONAL PRESCHOOL PACKAGE Gym-N-Learn is a fitness based nursery school ideal for gym owners looking to make more DAYTIME MONEY! This easy-to- follow 198-page one year lesson plan book gives you step-by-step class themes, story time, circle time, alphabet work, and table time. It comes with six hand stamps and a DVD of a sample class. Lessons included: Introduce the Alphabet Letters, Letter Sounds, Letter Tracing, Introduce Numbers 1-15, Proper pencil Holding, Cutting/Scissor Safety, Introduce colors Months of the Year, Calendar Counting, Counting, Shapes, Rhyming, Weather, Same or Different, and Patterns. (1 hr. & 40 min. DVD & 198-page book) A C.D. of all lessons is available for an additional $25.00. Must call 219-865-2274 to order the additional Tumblebear Connection.

    Item #1012 Price:$219.95

    HUNDREDS OF STATIONS FOR PRESCHOOLHUNDREDS OF STATIONS FOR PRESCHOOL In this fantastic new book, there are over 200 stations shown in full color for floor, beam, bars, Tumbl Trak, and trampoline. It took years to put this book together made partic-ularly with the preschool director in mind. When stumped for ideas, just flip it open and youll say, Ah...thats a great idea. Youll want this as a guide for years to come when designing lesson plans. Dont try to create new stationsopen this book for 200 suggestions from Pattis gymby Tumblebear Connection! (59-page book-no DVD)

    Item #1021 Price:$39.95

    SCHOOL-AGE STATIONS AND DRILLSSCHOOL-AGE STATIONS AND DRILLS Patti and Rhonda Zaluckyj show over a hundred stations for school-age classes. You will see how many of your favorite preschool stations can be left up and used in a different way for school-age as well as many stations created just for the older student. The key skills for each event are showcased and stations and drills for those skills are shown and explained in detailby Tumblebear Connection. (90 min. & 11-page book)

    Item Number:1022 Price:$39.95

    SCHOOL-AGE YEAR-LONG LESSON PLAN BOOKSCHOOL-AGE YEAR-LONG LESSON PLAN BOOK Ready for a full calendar year? This 144-page book contains a complete set of 26 lesson plans. Included are stations and the specific skills to work on weekly. These items are a lifesaver, giving the school-age teacher an exact guide for each class. Lesson plans coincide with the weekly themes and setups used in #201 - make it easy on your teachers. Lessons included: Circuits and Straddle, Parents Spotting, Mounts and Dismounts, Nutrition, Super Bowl Time, Val Pal, Gym Show for Parents, Supports Week, Dance Week, Aerial Cartwheel Week, Gym Contest for Ribbons, Fitness Testing, Springs Week, Dads Camera Day, Combinations, and Tumblefest Gym Show. (144-page Lesson Plan Book, No DVD) A C.D. of all lessons is available for an additional $25.00. Must call 219-865-2274 to order the additional C.D. by Tumblebear Connection

    Item Number:1011 Price:$149.95

    BACK HANDSPRING DRILLS/BACK TUCK CLINICBACK HANDSPRING DRILLS/BACK TUCK CLINIC Patti gives a lecture on teaching and spotting the back handspring while a student performs each step. Also included on the DVD is a one-hour back handspring clinic that showcases a number of useful drills. The accompanying book includes 40 drills and hints on teaching the back handspringby Tumblebear Connection. (1 hr. 20 min. DVD & 6-page book)

    Item Number:1014 Price:$39.95