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  • CITATIONSMT 26:47-27:34MK 14:43-15:25LK 22:47-23:33JN 18:1-19:22


  • STAGE 1---ARRESTJudas leads the guards to find JesusJudas identifies Jesus by kissing him on both cheeksIn addition to temple guards, there were other men in the groupThe group was led by MalchusMalchus was the high priests main servant or chief of staff

  • Arrest-continuedPeter draws a sword and cuts off the ear of MalchusJesus rebukes PeterJesus heals the ear of MalchusJesus agrees to go peacefullyThe disciples scatter into the woods

  • Stage 2---1st TrialThe mob lead Jesus through the streets to the home of CaiaphasPeter follows at a distanceJesus is led inside while Peter stops in the courtyardThis trial is illegal

  • 1st Trial--continuedReasons for illegality1-Trial at night 2-Trial in secret3-Not all members were present4-False witnesses usedJesus is charged with blasphemy

  • 1st Trial--continuedTrial ends at dawnPeter is questioned about JesusPeter denies knowing Jesus three times The third time happens as Jesus is led out of the house at dawnRooster crows after the third denial

  • 1st trial--continuedJesus is led to the TempleAttempted to legalize the convictionMet at the Chamber of Hewn StoneJesus formally charged with BLASPHEMYA sin against the name of GodClaimed to have power from God

  • Stage 3---2nd and 3rd TrialsJesus is led through the streets to Antonios FortressThis is the residence of Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor or ProcuratorCaiaphas demands that Pilate execute Jesus because he knows the trial can be called illegal

  • 2nd and 3rd Trials--ContinuedPilate questions JesusPilate and Caiaphas were playing a game of politics and one-upmanshipCaiaphas wanted Pilate to execute Jesus so Caiaphas could deny involvement Pilate did not want to execute because he wanted to embarrass CaiaphasPilate really did not care

  • 2nd and 3rd Trials--continuedPilate sends Jesus to Herod Antipas, the King of GalileeHerod wanted Jesus to perform for himWhen Jesus refused, he got angry and sent him back

  • 2nd and 3rd Trials--continuedJesus is sent to the Praetorium, the administrative officesPilate continues to try to find a way to free JesusPilate offers the people a choiceBARABBASJESUS

  • 2nd and 3rd Trials--continuedBarabbas was known as Jesus BarabbasName could have confused Pilate as they both sounded similarPilate had Jesus scourgedWhipped 39 times to avoid violating lawGiven a crown of thorns

  • 2nd and 3rd Trials--continuedCaiaphas accuses Jesus of naming himself a kingThis puts him in opposition to CaesarPilate has no choice but to convict Jesus of TREASONPilate washes his hands of the guilt of this sentence as a last attack on Caiaphas

  • Stage 4---VIA DELOROSAThe Way of Sorrow or of SufferingConsists of many of the Stations of the CrossBegins when Jesus is given part of his cross to carryThere are three non-biblical storiesThere are two biblical stories

  • Via Delorosa--continuedCross part is only horizontal or crossbarCross was laid over the shoulders and tiedGuards accompanied Jesus through the streetsWas meant to be public spectacle

  • Via Delarosa (non-biblical)Veronica wipes the blood off his faceStill wearing the crown of thornsImage stained the clothName may mean true icon from vera ikon or she who brings victory from Beronike

  • Via Delarosa (non-biblical)Jesus meets his mother along the wayIt seems natural that Mary would wait for her son to come byGuards would not do anything to stop her

  • Via Delarosa (non-biblical)Jesus falls three timesHe probably fell many more timesEach fall represents a person of the Trinity

  • Via Delarosa (biblical)Simon of Cyrene carries the CrossCyrene is in Northern AfricaSimon was a farmerSons present as wellAlexander and Rufus

  • Via Delarosa (biblical)Jesus encounters the weeping women of JerusalemTells them not to weep for him but weep for themselvesProphesies the persecution of the JewsMasada falls

  • STAGE 5---CRUCIFIXIONJesus carries the cross to CalvaryCalvary was local dump for JerusalemWithin Calvary was the location for execution called GolgothaGolgotha is the Place of the Skull

  • Crucifixion--continuedJesus is laid on the cross barLarge nails are hammered into his handsNew tradition says nails in the wrist to support bodyRecent research shows nails in palms can support body if feet are nailed

  • Crucifixion--continuedSign placed above the head of JesusSign written in three languagesHebrewlanguage of religionGreeklanguage of commerce and learningLatinlanguage of government

  • Crucifixion--continuedSign saidJESUS OF NAZARETH, KING OF THE JEWS