Panasonic Semiconductor Push Product Panasonic Semiconductor Push Product Overview (ASSP) Panasonic

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Transcript of Panasonic Semiconductor Push Product Panasonic Semiconductor Push Product Overview (ASSP) Panasonic

  • Panasonic Semiconductor Push Product Overview


    Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales of America Semiconductor Team

  • 1. DCDC Converter

    ■ Integrated Super Low Ron FETs    Higher efficiency than DCDC Majors

    ■ Hysteretic Control (with proprietary algorithm) Quickest Load Response, Reducing Parts

    Features & Benefit

    High-reliability DCDC with integrated FET

    Multi-Ch DCDC with integrated FET & LDO

    DCDC with FETs in a Package

    Target Application Consumer, Industry and Automotive applications

    Server Security Camera PC Tools HDD, SSD Web Cam Phones Car Audio Car infotainments Meters

    Multi-Ch DCDC

    High-reliability DCDC

    DCDC with FETs in a Package

    Retail Price Image $1.5~3

    Input : 2.5~5.5V Output: 0.8~3.3V 0.6~1.2A

    USB and Battery voltage Mobiles

    Higher Current Industry, CPU Power

    Input : 4.5~30V Output: 0.6~5.5V 3~9A

    Input : 5~39V Output: 1.2~9V 1.5~3A

    High Reliability Requirements Automotives, Power Meter

    AN30xx Series NN30xx Series AN33xx Series

  • Target Application Target is POL (point of load) that is used for power supply of LSI or any kind of load, and used with capacitors and inductors.

    AC-DC block




    NN30xxx series (DCDC with FETs)

    Application Use Ethernet Power supply for FPGA Field bus Power supply for FPGA Base station Power supply for FPGA

    AN3018x series (Multi-Ch DCDC)



    24V-0.9V, 3.3V, 1.8V, etc.


    5.0V-0.9V, etc.

    5.0V-1.8V, 3.3V

    Application Use Motor control Power supply for FPGA Medical Power supply for LSI, Drivers Projector Power supply for LSI Printer/Copier Power supply for LSI

    Application Use SSD, HDD Power supply for LSI PC Power supply for DDC, SSD, etc.

    Any power supply for LSI, driver, motors, etc.

    Computer peripherals


    Any power supply for LSI, driver, etc. Battery or USB powered products. Power supply for subsystems Computer peripherals

    AN330xx series (High-reliability DCDC)

    Application Use SSD, HDD Power supply for LSI

    Application Use Head up display Power supply for LSI Car audio, navigation Power supply for LSI, USB

    Car infotainment

    Others Application Use Home AV Power supply for LSI, USB

    Mobile Application Use GPS Power supply for LSI

    Any power supply for LSI and USB power supply

    DC-DC NN30xxx



    DC-DC AN30xxx

    24V-3.3V, etc.


    3.3V-1.8V, 0.9V

    Driver 24V


    Motor AC-DC block

    USB out

    DC-DC AN330xx

    DC-DC AN3018x

    DC-DC AN3018x

    DC-DC NN30xxx

    DC-DC NN30xxx

    DC-DC NN30xxx




  • Benchmarking (Space Saving)


    Panasonic DCDC solution can reduce 20~60% PCB space

    Application Example


  • Benchmarking (Size & Efficiency)

    - 1A 6A

    AN30180A (Panasonic)

    MPS2109 (MPS)

    RT8010 (RICHTEK)

    SY8092 (Silergy)

    NN30195A (Panasonic)

    TPS54610 (TI)

    TPS54617 (TI)

    Input Voltage 2.5~5.5V 2.5~6V 2.5~5.5V 2.5~5.5V 4.5~5.6V 3~6V 3~6V

    Maximum Rating 6 6.5V 6.5V - 6V 6V 6V

    Output Voltage 1.15V/1.3V 1.8V/2.8V 0.6~6V 0.6~5.5V 1.2~3.3V 0.6~3.5V 0.8~5.0V 0.8~5.0V

    Maximum Output current 1.2A 0.8A 1A 1A 6A 6A 6A

    Control Hysteretic Current Voltage - Hysteretic Voltage Voltage



    Hi (ohm) 200m 420m 280m 250m 25m 30m 30m

    Lo (ohm) 200m 260m 250m 180m 25m 30m 30m

    Frequency 3000kHz 1200kHz 1500kHz 2000kHz 500/1000 /2000kHz 280kHz

    To 700KHz 280kHz

    To 1600KHz

    Package (Size゙ mm)

    WLCSP (1.5X 1.5)

    QFN10 (3 x 3)

    QFN6 (2 x 2)

    DFN (3×3)

    QFN24 (4 x 4)

    PWP (5 x 6.4)

    RUV (3.5 x 7)

    Release *Competitor info is not clear

    Aug.2012 Oct.2006 Sep.2012 ? Dec.2012 Nov.2012 Oct.2006

    NN30195A Efficiency is 93% ! 0.5%~10% Better than TI

    Condition VIN=5V、Vo=1.8V


    TI TPS54610

    TI TPS54617

    Smaller Ron

    Smaller PKG

    Smaller Ron

    Smaller PKG

    Condition VIN=5V、Vo=1.8V

    Smaller package and Higher Efficiency by Low Ron MOS-FET

  • Wider Input voltage, Higher Efficiency by Low Ron MOS-FET


    3A 6A

    NN30310AA (Panasonic)

    TPS54327 (TI)

    MPS28258 (MPS)

    DS8229 (RICHTEK)

    NN30321A (Panasonic)

    TPS54620 (TI)

    Input Voltage 6~30V 4.5~18V 4.2~20V 3~24V 4.5~30V 4.5~17V

    Maximum Rating 33V 20V 22V 26V 33V 20V

    Output Voltage 0.75~5.5V 0.76~7.0V 0.75~4.0V 0.8~ 0.75~5.5V 0.8~5.0V

    Maximum Output current 3A 3A 3A 3A 6A 6A

    Control Hysteretic D-CAP2 - Voltage Hysteretic Current



    Hi (ohm) 25m 100m 120m 100m 20m 26m

    Lo (ohm) 25m 70m 50m 100m 10m 19m

    Frequency 250/750 /1250kHz 700kHz 500kHz~ 500kHz 210/430 /650kHz

    200kHz To 1.6MHz

    Package (Size゙ mm)

    QFN24 (4 x 4)

    SO8 (5 x 6)

    QFN24 (2 x 3)

    SOP8 (4.9 x 6)

    QFN24 (4 x 4)

    QFN24 (3.5 x 3.5)

    Release *Competitor info is not clear

    Sep.2012 Oct.2012 Jul.2011 ? Feb.2013 May.2009

    NN30321A can show the higher Efficiency !




    NN30310AA can show the higher Efficiency !


    Condition VIN=12V、Vo=1V、F≒750kHz

    Condition VIN=12V、Vo=1.05V、F=500kHz


    Benchmarking (Vin & Efficiency)



  • 3. Motor Driver (For Stepping Motor)

    Stepping Motor Driver with Low-heat-Generating Technology

    ■ Integrated Lowest Ron FET in this Driver    Low Heat Generating, Easier Radiation Design, PCB Space Saving ■ Including Special Driving Circuit for EMI Reduction Reduction of External Parts (Capacitor etc.) for EMI prevention PCB Space Saving and Cost Reduction

    Features & Benefit

    Stepping Motor driver

    Target Application

    All applications with Stepping Motor for Industry, Automotive and Consumer

    Tools Printers Copiers

    Slot Machine

    Retail Price Image $1~2

  • Benchmarking (Size, Power ,etc.) Item

    1.5A / 40V TB6562AFG (TOSHIBA)

    1.5A / 36V BD6385EFV


    1.5A / 37V AN44180A (Panasonic)



    Power Tr. Ron

    1.5ohm 1.0ohm     0.95ohm

    Accuracy of current sense ±10% ±10%       ±3%

    Trq. (actual measure.*1)

    65 (*3) [mN - m]

    65 (*3) [mN - m]

    68.8 [mN - m]

    EMI level (actual

    measure.*2) Over 23.1

    [dBuV/Hz](*3) ---- 17.8[dBuV/Hz]

    Release *Competitor info is not clear Mar.2007 Feb.2012 Jan.2013

    Space saving

    SO-32 11.0 x 8.1mm S=89.1mm2

    Low power Energy saving

    37%Lower heat!

    No Need radiation pattern

    Over 23% Noise Reduction!

    SO-40(w/ HT) 13.6 x 7.8mm S=106.1mm2

    SO-30 15.4 x 10.7mm S=164.8mm2

    16% Smaller & No need Radiation Pattern

    High performance Easy design


    Current detect accuracy: 7%UP!

    *1: Pull out evaluation at motor current 0.8A, 2phase excitation ,1600pps *2: Peak value of spectrum analyzer at motor current 0.4A, 2phase excitation ,200pps *3: Estimate value

    5%Lower heat!

  • 4. Motor Driver (For Security Camera)

    All Driver for Lens of Cams Integrated in AN41908

    ■  Highly Integrated Functions for Security Cams   PCB space Reduced 91% than Allegro, 78% than NEC Cost, Design Man-Hour Saving ■ Zoom and Focus Drivers have 256 micro-steps Reduce the Acoustic-Noise by Motor Tolerance Correction Function

    Features & Benefit

    Special Functions Camera Lens Drive

    Target Application Security Camera

    All types of security Cams

    Zoom Driver

    Focus Driver

    Op amp Op amp

    36mm2 AN41908


    91% Space Reduction

    Retail Price Image $2~4

  • Iris  Drive     VCM  motor  

    Im ag e   Se ns or  

    Image  Sensor     Processor  



    Op-­‐amp   Stepper  motor   Driver  for   Zoom  

    Stepper  motor   Driver  for   Focus  

    Iris  Drive  block  

    Panasonic   AN41908A  

    1chip  soluGon   For  Lens  drive  

    Zoom  Lens     drive  motor  

    Focus  Lens     drive  motor  

    Highly  Integrated  Camera  Lens  Driver  

    Integrated  Zoom,