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CP Platinum. Outside Sales Agent Recruiting System. Attracting, Hiring, Training and Keeping the Right People on Your Team so You Can Go Somewhere Big and Get There Quick! Part 4: Ongoing Predictable Profit Centers. What is it that you want to accomplish???. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Outside Sales Agent Recruiting System

  • CP PlatinumAttracting, Hiring, Training and Keeping the Right People on Your Team so You Can Go Somewhere Big and Get There Quick!

    Part 4: Ongoing Predictable Profit Centers

  • To Build a Legacy by Building Up Others

    * Agent Productivity minimum of 3 home sales each month** Over 80% Client Satisfaction Rate** Over 80% Employee Satisfaction Rate*

    Good Enough Never Is!

    What is it that you want to accomplish???

  • Have A Servants Heart We will build market leadership by establishing, developing and nurturing long term relationships, making everyone our ambassador of good will. We will be responsive to our customers needs and will deliver superior, value added services. We will benefit when our customers benefit.

    Personal and Professional Growth We will take a passionate interest in our people. We will encourage and reward excellence, assist in the experience of their horizons and inspire personal and professional growth that helps them achieve their dreams, ambitions and goals. We win by helping each other achieve a balance in our personal and professional lives.

    Leadership We will develop, recognize and reward leadership qualities such as high energy, enthusiasm, creativity, commitment and a true sense of pride at being a member of The Realty Team. We win by developing leaders.

    Team Concept The team concept extends to everything we do. We will maintain an open professional environment which focuses participation in the decision making process, encourages the sharing of individual ideas, opinions and feelings and generates commitment to the goals of the team. We win by working together as a team.

    Profitability We are ultimately responsible for ourselves. We must make a sound and reasonable profit, plan and invest in the future without sacrificing the present. We will continue to develop innovative, profitable products and services which strengthen our market leadership. We win by being a strong and profitable organization.

    Our vigilance in committing to achieving great results in service, product, and information will allow us to exceed expectations

  • Outside Sales Agents Job Description

    Meet with Seller and Buyer Prospects face to face and give benefits presentations.Convert Buyers and Sellers to signed Buyer and/or Listing agreements. CMAs for Buyers and Sellers. Set up listings with lockbox at initial appointment and follow-up with installing Radio Talking House. (Vacant listings - deliver flyers and add showing information to Homefeedback.com system.)Write, present and negotiate offers.Set up showings of homes.Show homes to Buyers.Set up VIP Buyer Profile System through Gateway (FMLS).Assist and Set up home inspections. Negotiate home inspections.Set up closings.Follow buyer/Seller closings checklistsCommunicate with Seller clients weekly with feedback and motivation and market conditions. Solicit price reductions. Conduct 21 day reviews.Communicate with Buyers on houses for sale. Get motivated buyers into homes for sale.

  • Success Now System!!1. The TRT Success Now System. This is a series of Video tapes and audio tapes, work books and five day work shop. Go through the audio and DVD materials 3 times before the workshop and at least once a week thereafter for the first 3 months of employment. This will insure you take that giant leap in your business toward success.

    The Agent Manuals given at the workshop.The Ultimate Seller Benefits Presentation Audio CD and DVDThe Ultimate Buyer Benefits Presentation Audio CD and DVDDealing With Buyer and Seller Objections Audio CDLead Conversion Training Call

    2. The TRT Workshop. This is a 3 day workshop, usually the last 3 days of the month. The workshop takes new team members through the TRT Home Selling System step by step.

    First Day is Selling to people the way they want to be sold to applying the Platinum Rule and Using Performance Guarantees.Second Day is our Buyer Conversion SystemThird Day is all about Sellers from listing appointment to closing.

    3. There will be an additional one day Orientation that will be scheduled following the workshop. The Final Orientation day will provide our new agents with training in the areas of Office Policies and Procedures, Operations, Technology Presentations and Roll Playing.

    The Realty Team Sales Training and Coaching

  • Success Now Check ListOrder Email ServiceConfirm Agent Office User Name & PasswordSet Up Personal Agent Office PlansInstall Buyer and Seller Benefits PresentationsOrder Business Cards

  • Agent Office PlansPlans to set up

    Closing Plans: Buyer Closing Plan and Seller Closing Plan

    Listing Plans: New Listing Follow Up, Agent Email Update, Listing Follow Up, Vacant Listing Follow Up

  • Setting Up Agent Office PlansClick on GO on the top tool barSelect plan managerBeside plan name hit the drop down arrowFind and select agent seller closingClick on copy plan (upper left)Type in your name seller closingThen revise each activity in the new plan by clicking on each activity and reassigning the activity to you.

    Follow the same above procedures for the Agent Buyer Closing Plan and all Listing Plans. The default plans to copy all start with Agent you will copy the plan with your name as the Agent and simply revise the activities to your self.

  • OSA Activities for New Seller

  • OSA Activities for Seller Follow Up

  • Lead and Appointment Policy and ProceduresIncoming Web and Direct Mail Leads are directed to the Lead Manager to be assigned to Inside and Outside AgentsWeb Leads given to the Outside Sale Agents will be given 3 days to follow-up or the lead will be reassigned.Seller leads are given to the Inside Sales Dept and they will set an appointment for an Outside AgentAppointments will be given to the best agents!

    Agents are expected to average an 85% or better conversion rate on leads to appointments and appointments to signed agreements.

    Agents averaging below 50% conversion on appointments to signed agreements are subject to termination.

  • The Realty Team 4 Step System for Preventing Appointment Cancellations

    1. Inside Sales Agent before hanging up the phone and after booking the appointment, reiterate the USP and make it good: O.K. we are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at 6pm. Again when we get together, well go over your exact home buying criteria and review some of these homes together to make sure you will not be missing out on any homes that would be perfect for you. Are you ready to see what kind of deal you can get? (Insert something else specific instead of deal like Traditional home, dream home, country home, estate home, etc. that fits the buyers criteria)

    2. Inside Sales Agent make sure you have their email address and email them a friendly note offering something else of value: Mr. Smith, it was a pleasure spending a couple of minute on the phone with you discussing your home buying needs. We are looking forward to meeting with you on Monday at 6:00 to take down your exact buying criteria so you can begin receiving priority access to all of the hot new listings. As I said on the phone there is no obligation to ever buy a home.

    3. Inside Sales Agent between booking the appointment and the actual appointment follow up with a reason to call:Mr. Smith, I was assisting Lisa, my partner, in preparing for our meeting on Monday at 6:00 and wanted to double check some of your general criteria. There are over 100,000 homes for sale on any given day, so it is easy to miss out on a great deal. We just want to make sure you get priority access to the best homes for you. .It appears there are several homes that are below market, so getting emails of these listings the minute they hit the market will allow you to beat out other buyers to these homes. . We will see you Monday.

    4. Outside Sales Associate will call the am of or the pm before the appointment to remind the prospect they are coming:Hi, this is ____with The Realty Team just calling to remind you that Im coming by your home today (or tomorrow) at ___am/pm to take down your exact home buying criteria. This way you will be able to get daily updates of the best homes for sale. Ill see you then. Keep it simple. Do not discuss signing anything or buyer agency. Stay on message about getting homes emailed, priority access to the information, information on homes not available elsewhere (ex. Builder closeouts, distress sales, bank foreclosures, corporate owned homes, divorce sales, FSBOs, all homes for sale by all real estate companies)

  • 10 step system for appointment conversion1. ISA Looks at geographic calendar and selects agent2. ISA sets up appointment on AO and notifies agent3. Agent views appointment info on AO4. Agent goes on appointment5. Within 24 Hours of appointment agent updates notes on success6. If Unsuccessful, Lead ISA calls prospect and performs autopsy7. If Lead ISA is successful at conversion, contact agent to move forward8. If Lead ISA is Unsuccessful, forwards to VP for autopsy9. If VP is successful, forwards to agent to move forward10. If VP is unsuccessful, forwards back to ISA for follow up or deletes prospect from system

  • Items Needed To Submit a New VIP Buyer Agreement____ Cancellation Guarantee

    ____ Buy Back or Sell For Free Certificate

    ____ Buyer Profile Form

    ____ VIP Buyer Agency Agreement

    Fax forms within 24 hours of signed agreement to the office at 770.200.1950.

  • Items Needed To Submit a Buyer Pending Contract_____ Copy of Executed Purchase and Sale Agreement, together with all exhibits and addendums.

    _____ Completed Closing Form with all information Filled Out.

    _____ Signed Sellers Property Disclosure Statement

    _____ All L