Outreach & Modern Dating in the 21st Century

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1. #RealLif e 2. 2002 3. 13 4. LIFE 5. SPORTS 6. MUSIC 7. FIT IN 8. FIND YOUR VOICE 9. FIND YOUR VOICE 10. http://myspace.com/alexxx3 11. FIND YOUR VOICE 12. THE W ALLFLOW ER 13. Wallflower Characteristics Quiet Shy Doubtful Afraid of Small Talk 14. THE DRUNK 15. Drunk Characteristics Loud Aggressive Too Confident Doesnt Make Sense 16. DESPERATE FOR THIS 17. Desperate Characteristics Creepy Self-Deprecating Shares Too Much Generally Uncomfortable 18. WAIT A SECOND 19. Over 40 Million People Use Some Form of Online Dating 20. DATERS GONNA DATE 21. WHAT DOES THIS EVEN HAVE TO DO WITH OUTREACH? 22. Outreach Characteristics Conversational Respectful Direct Polite Confident A Little Bit Cocky 23. Fake It Til You Make It 24. 43% of singles have Googled someone on the internet before a first date. 25. 100% of marketers have Googled someone on the internet before responding to a reporter outreach request. 26. Find a second form of communication. 27. Outreach Characteristics Conversational Start your outreach with a brief introduction. Who you are, who your client is, etc. 28. Adam Khan, U.S. News & World Report Introduce yourself to me first. Dont just send me a press release and expect me to respond to you right away. A quick paragraph about who you are makes me much more likely to read it. 29. Outreach Characteristics Confident A Little Bit Cocky If your client has been featured in something awesome, let the writer know. Your confidence in your client will get the writers attention. 30. Results 31. Find Your Own Reporters 32. At the very least 33. Outreach For Link Building 34. Outreach Characteristics Respectful Whoever youre reaching out to, let it be known that you value their time. If youre unsure if youre reaching out to the right person, just ask. If youre inquiring about a link in a news article, let them know youve read it. Build trust. 35. Outreach Characteristics Direct Dont beat around the bush. If youre asking for a link, ask for it. Show some confidence. 36. Outreach Characteristics Polite Show common courtesy when youre ending your emails. Show some emotion, as well. Thanks, is lazy. Thank you, or Thank you! is the way to go. Address them personally. 37. Link Outreach Example 38. If your client doesnt regularly get mentioned, you HAVE to create content that people will want to feature. 39. What Does This Mean? Guest Blogging Take advantage of your expert sources. Example: INTEGRIS surgeons talking about Oklahoma City Thunder related injuries. Blog: Thunder Obsessed Mentioned & Linked 40. What Does This Mean? Landing Pages DO KEYWORD RESEARCH!!! If you find something that gets search traffic that is also relevant to your client, write the copy and put it on the website. After you have the landing page up, start link building. Example: INTEGRIS Wayman Tisdale Award, Jim Thorpe Award Links from: CBS Sports (new link every week for four months), NBC Sports, NBA.com, Duke Report, USBWA 41. Created Content Outreach Example 42. FIND YOUR VOICE 43. Questions?