Convenient Dating vs. Compatible Dating

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is GPS dating is really worth while?

Transcript of Convenient Dating vs. Compatible Dating

  • 1.The New Image by jkavo via Flickr By Madison Zarnett

2. Image by mikebaird via Flickr Online dating and matchmaking are rampant and popular services that match people based on the values and goals of the individual signing up. 3. Image by ElvertBarnes via FlickrBut as GPS dating becomes rampant, the values and goals of the individual are lost. 4. Image by Jimmy_joe via Flickr [T]his new crop of GPS-based dating apps seems fixated largely on two qualities in potential mates: Proximity and convenience (Sutter, 1) 5. Image by chasingfun via Flickr In the two years since its creation, Grindr, a location-based application has grown to have a network of 1.5 million users in 180 countries (Labrador, 2011) 6. Image by darren_guitar_rock via Flickr Digital communication appears to be a game changer in online relationships, no matter what level of intimacy or not there may be. 7. Image by doug88888 via Flickr Could you imagine meeting your future partner based on this level of convenience? 8. Its obvious a relationship doesnt continue purely on location...However, a person may have to try many more relationships as a result of GPS based dating services . Image by Ed Yourdon via Flickr 9. Image by AMERICAN VIRUS via Flickr These GPS based relationships may also lead to sexual activity sooner than later. 10. Image by Yutaka Tsutano via FlickrIn the survey of 1,200 men and women, nearly 80% of women and 58% of men said they believed that using social media tools with new partners leads to sex sooner (Carbone, 2011) 11. Image by Ed Yourdon via Flickr Could we be sacrificing true compatibility for a trial and error based relationship based on convenience? 12. Image by gll via Flickr Couples dont imagine finding their true loves through a GPS based dating service, yet these services continue to be quickly growing. 13. This type of dating does however not include information that might be a false perception of the self.Image by via Flickr 14. Image by Toni F via Flickr There are some positives that are associate as a result of GPS based dating services. Joel Simkhai, CEO of Grindr, says There's no need to have e-mails back and forth, SMS's back and forth," he said. "The incentive is just to go meet. 15. Its available on multiple smart phones as well. For $2.99 per month, users can download Grindr Xtra for iPhones and Androids and beta-testing for a Blackberry app. Image by osde8info via Flickr 16. Image by osde8info via Flickr For $2.99, who wouldnt want to meet the possible love of their life? 17. There are some concerns about these new dating apps being used by predators who may have access to a person's general location.Amanda Segal, said it's easy enough to tell if someone using a dating app is a predator or a potential love interest. (Sutter, 3)Image by prosto photos via Flickr 18. Image by sciondriver via FlickrGPS based dating services like Grindr prove to be useful and definitely help with meeting people and give a platform for non-heterosexual couples to meet. 19. Image by Ed Yourdon via Flickr Will you participate? 20. Image by Fergal Claddagh via Flickr Credits: All Images are licensed under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 agreement, and sourced from Flickr.

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