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Property Tax Specialists Free one to one Property Finance & Tax

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Optimise Accountants There are many property investors that already have accountants. Let me ask you this: Does your accountant truly understand property investing and more importantly do they own their own property portfolio? As Stephen Covey suggests “To know but not to do is really not to know” We have spoken with people that became our clients, and found they were paying more tax than they should. They were not using the right capital allowances, paying too much VAT on refurbishment and not utilising limited companies in an effective way. Maybe you can relate the above to your situation or how you might be feeling? So, how can we help you make more money and profit whilst reducing your tax in property investing? We have been in the accountancy and tax world since 2003 and property investing since 2007. We Optimise your property portfolio in these ways: • Understand your goals and provide pro-active tax planning • Help you to develop your strategy for property investing • Evaluate each property investment to see if you are getting the most cash and returns • Send you articles and videos guides of how to maximise your wealth and property investments • Help you reduce your tax before the year end • We will submit your tax returns to HMRC • We will act as your agent to HMRC so that you are not bothered by the tax man • We will provide you with a set of accounts and send them to Companies House (if applicable) • Call us free from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday to ask questions or seek advice • Invitations to property networking events to meet likeminded property investors Our services start from 96p per day and we have saved clients £1,000’s in tax and VAT that they should not have paid in the first place. Would you like to go about your property investing feeling relaxed in the knowledge that you have an accountant that understands you?

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Property Tax Specialists

Free one to one Property Finance & Tax consultation

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Helping you make more money & pay less tax on your property portfolio…

How did you hear about Optimise Accountants?

What are you looking for in an accountant?

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Louise and Simon have been property investors since 2006 and not paid any tax on their property portfolio

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We only focus on property investors like you since 2003

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o How much do you earn + spouse?o Business profits (LTD or sole trader)o Property profitso Employment income

o How many properties?o Nowo Want in the next 12 months

o What is your property strategy?

This call is about you…

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What we provideo Year end accounts & Tax returns

o Companies House accounts

o Limited company formations

o HMRC and Companies House agent

o Tax planning report / guidance

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How do you keep a record of your income and costs?

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Property book keeping & management

Free Book Keeping system 20% discount to Xero

Keep track of your income, costs and profits

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Getting your questions answered

Where & how do your get answers to your property accounting & tax questions?

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Community Groups – Facebook & LinkedIn

Closed Client Only - Social Media Groups

o Get your questions answeredo Get updates to latest legislation changeso Discounts to courses, software, education & refurb costs

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Even more knowledge - FREE for clients

Weekly Webinars – free to clients

o Get the latest strategies to reduce taxo Identify how to minimise VAT on refurbishment costso Reduce the cost of refurbishmento Increase profitability of existing property portfolioo Building solutions to create administration efficiencies

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Workshops - £29.95 for clients normally £199.95

Learn new ways to make more money & pay less tax

o Administration and Systemisation, software & appso Understand capital allowances and allowable costso VAT and refurbishment cost reductiono Use pensions to minimise tax and invest in property

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Consultation - FREE to clients - normal price £124.95

Discuss your accounts and tax affairs with your dedicated & pro active property tax specialisto Use a variety of tools to minimise your taxo Work through your accounts and tax documentso Work through the benefits of using limited companieso Identify ways of using pensions to invest in properties

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The Vault - FREE for clients - normal price £297

Ebooks, Excel templates, videos and discount codes

o Excel templates for scenario testing & due diligenceo Watch pre-recorded property finance & tax workshopso Videos giving practical advice on admin &

systemisationo Ebooks on tax, VAT, company structures, pensions etco Codes to reduce car leasing, phones, LNPG / refurb


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Given these benefits are you ready to use our services?

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o Free

o £199.95 - £29.95 to you

o £124.95 per session - Free to you

o £297 – Free to you

Monthly price includes

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Cost of our services – self assessmento £39.95 per month (inc VAT)

o Special offer: Couples £69.95 per month (Inc VAT)

Page 18: Optimise Accountants - Our Services

Cost of our services – Limited Companyo £84.95 per month (Inc VAT)

o Special offer: Limited company & self assessment £99.95 per month (Inc VAT)

o Special offer: Limited Company + 2 self assessments £119.95 per month (Inc VAT)

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Can I take some basic details:o Full name(s)

o Address(es)

o Date of birth(s)

o Name of business

o Company numbers if LTD (names of directors & share holding)

o Date of last tax return submitted / Company House returns

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Next stepsReview your contract (Signable)

We will contact you within 5 working days

o Discuss current properties and strategy going forwards

o Review of previous years accounts and tax

o Discuss immediate tax reduction strategies