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Team AMIS Oracle OpenWorld 2016, Nieuwegein, 13th & 18th October 2016 Review Oracle OpenWorld 2016 Infrastructure & Platform (as a Service)

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Team AMISOracle OpenWorld 2016, Nieuwegein, 13th & 18th October 2016Review Oracle OpenWorld 2016Infrastructure & Platform (as a Service)

2Engineered systems

ExadataExadata Express Exadata SL (Sparc & Linux)

[email protected]


Sparc S7 MiniCluster

ODA X6-2

3Engineered systemsExadata Express Cloud Service

Entry-level service for running Oracle Database in Oracle CloudFully managed Oracle Database 12c Release 2, no customer DBA required !?Runs the same compatible Oracle Database used on-premises and in other cloud servicesSupports small and medium sized databases, many of which are migrating to cloud or born in cloudRuns on Oracle Exadata engineered systemsProvides Oracle Database Enterprise Edition plus optionsLeverages Oracle Multitenant Pluggable Database (PDB) containerization technology


4Engineered systemsExadata Express Cloud ServiceSpectrum of Oracle Database Cloud Services

5Engineered systemsExadata SL

Exadata SPARC Linux

CPU architecture SPARC

Operating System Linux

6Engineered systemsExadata SLExadata SPARC Linux

Ultra fast Sun Servers: SPARC T7-2

Fastest Processors : 32 Core SparcFastest Analytics : SQL-in-SiliconFastest Storage : ExadataFastest Network : Infiniband

Most Secure : Security in Silicon

Same OS as Exadata X6: LinuxSame cost as Exadata X6

7Engineered systemsExadata SL

8Engineered [email protected]

9Engineered [email protected]

Oracle Cloud operated and delivered as a service behind your firewall

One platform to develop, deploy and manage Oracle and non-Oracle workloads

10Engineered [email protected]

11Engineered [email protected]

12Engineered [email protected]

13Engineered [email protected]

Three choices and options

, , full rack3 year subscriptionElastic metered pricing

14Engineered [email protected]

15Engineered systemsExalogic Roadmap 2017

Exalogic X6

ZFS ZS5-2 / ZS5-4

Nimbula is not on the roadmap

16Engineered systemsMiniCluster S7-2

17Engineered systemsMiniCluster S7-2

18Engineered systemsMiniCluster S7-2Encryption by DefaultIn Non-global zones, all file systems are encrypted and in Global-zones, all non-root file systems are encrypted by defaultKey algorithm/key size used : AES -256-CCMCentralized Key storage and management using Solaris PKCS11 based key store (default) or Oracle OKM (optional)Encrypted File systems and keystore location information is provided in BUISupport for customers to use their own keysDeletion of Key requires two person approval (option)ASM Clustered File System (ACFS) are encrypted using AESSupport for IPSec/IKEv2 based Secure channels for Inter-zone & Inter-domain communication.

19Engineered systemsMiniCluster S7-2

20Engineered systemsOracle Database Appliance (ODA)

More than just a database machine


Runs all FMW products

And more

Keep Licences under control

21Engineered systems ODA X6-2 Family

22Engineered systems ODA X6-2L (Shipping oct 2016)CONSOLIDATION

Single-instance EE Database20 Intel XEON CPU Cores256 GB memory, expandable to 768 GB10GBase-T Public Network10GbE SFP+ Public Network19.2TB NVMe Flash Storage, expandabable to 28.8 TB

All Flash Storage for up to 7.6 TB usable database sizeOptionally expandable to 11.6 TB usable database size

List price $40.000

23Engineered systems ODA X6-2-HA (Shipping oct 2016)HIGH AVAILABILITY

RAC, RAC One, Single-instance EE DatabaseTwo Servers20 Intel XEON CPU Cores256 GB memory, expandable to 768 GBRedundant Infiniband or 10GbE Interconnect10GBase-T Public Network and optional 10GbE SFP+ Public NetworkStorage Shelf800 GB SSD for Redo Logs, 12 TB SSD for DataOptional Storage ExpansionTen Pack of SSD (12 TB)Expansion Shelf, 800 GB SSD for Redo Logs and 12 TB SSD for Data

List price $72.000

24Oracle Virtualization Portfolio

25Oracle VM

Over the last year, We had a few Oracle VM updates and have delivered many important new features and enhancements to enable rapid enterprise application deployment throughout public and private cloud infrastructure. These releases support for both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads - providing customers and partners with additional choices and interoperability - including the capability to enable OpenStack support.

Oracle VM 3.4.2 is the latest Oracle VM release which has incorporated Oracle Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 4 Quarterly Update 2 and the most recent performance and scalability fix from Xen and Oracle VM Manager.

For the existing Oracle VM 3.3 and 3.2 releases, we have provided the regular maintenance updates such as 3.3.4 and 3.2.11 for security, performance and stability.

The same Oracle VM software has been integrated as part of the complete converged infrastructure solution such as Oracle Private Cloud Appliance.

We have updated Windows PV Drivers which provide performance boost for Microsoft Windows guests running on Oracle VM.

With the use of Oracle VM Templates, sophisticated applications such as Oracle Database Single Instance or Real Application Clusters (RAC) can be deployed in minutes 10x faster than other solutions. Those templates have been updated to reflect the latest Oracle Database 12c Release 1 patch set.


26Oracle VM

Oracle VM 4.0 with Xen 4.7 and Oracle Linux 7

Extend Ksplice to patch Xen hypervisor code w/o reboot

VM portability across VirtualBox, Oracle VM and Oracle CloudIncludes unmodified VMWare guests (Ravello)

Enhance Enterprise Manager integrationLike automated DR and Site Guard

27Oracle Linux

28Oracle Linux

Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 5

Oracle OpenStack for Oracle LinuxMitaka releaseOracle Database support with HEAT/Murano

Oracle Linux Management Server


As we move forward, we are building a Xen development platform which is the foundation for the next-gen Oracle VM. It will accelerate the delivery of the cutting edge innovations with the latest Xen and open source community. The new Xen development platform integrates latest Xen 4.7 and Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 4 on top of Oracle Linux 7 distribution. We are using open virtualization management API such as libvirt to integrate with OpenStack and other management solutions. We are contributing and collaborating with the community by bringing Oracles expertise in implementing and supporting complex enterprise workloads with the flexibility of an OpenStack cloud environment. Some of the new capabilities in the Xen development platform are:

Use driver domains for networking subsystem (DPDK + Open vSwitch).Provide PCI passthrough support via GUI toolsUtilize live patch for Xen hot-patchingUtilize Xen Secure Modules for advance security orchestrationInclude kexec/kdump configured by default automatically for better serviceabilityRun unmodified VMware guests on Oracle VM Server

In addition to apply kernel security updates using Ksplice, we are working to extend Oracle Ksplice infrastructure to patch Xen hypervisor with all of the important Xen security patches without needing to reboot.

Thousands of customers are using VirtualBox as their development platforms. They can take advantage of the VirtualBox to develop and customize the application VM and deploy the VM to Oracle VM Server / Private Cloud Appliance / Oracle Cloud as well as many other private/public cloud providers.

We continue working with Oracle Enterprise Manager to ensure full stack management across Oracle's application stack, to automate disaster recovery with Oracle Site Guard to achieve maximum availability for the entire application stack, etc


29Next Generation Infrastructure

30Next Generation Infrastructure

31Next Generation Infrastructure

32Bare Metal Cloud Services

33Bare Metal Cloud Services

34Bare Metal Cloud Services

35Bare Metal Cloud Services


36Bare Metal Cloud Services

37Bare Metal Cloud Services

38Bare Metal Cloud Services

39Oracle | ravello

40Oracle | ravelloNested virtualization with networking overlay brings DC-like capabilities to the public cloud

Xen (AWS)software defined networkingnested virtualization engine




VMKVM (Google)storage functionality


Nested virtualization is the ability to run a hypervisor inside a virtual machine i.e. virtualization inside a virtualized infrastructure

Coupled with right nested virtualization engine and networking overlay, a L1 hypervisor can trap I/O from L2 to support VMware devices and L2 networking


41Oracle | ravelloNested virtualization how it works?

Data-centerPublic cloud

Nested virtualization capsule




Stack ViewSelf-contained capsule with same VMs & Networking

42Oracle | ravelloRavello is an overlay cloud that enables enterprises to run their VMware and KVM workloads with DC-like (L2) networking as-is on public cloud without any modifications

Run VMware & KVM VMs without modifications on public cloud

Choice of multiple public cloud providers (OPC, AWS, Google)

Use blueprints to rapidly deploy application clones on public cloud

Schedule automatic startup/shutdown to save operational cost

Seamlessly move VMware/KVM workloads from on-prem to public cloud (across 3 leading clouds)

REST API for automation and programmatic access



43Oracle | ravelloUpload your VMs (VMware or KVM)Oracle Ravello auto-discovers the network. {Edit if needed}Deploy to public cloudSpin up as many isolated copies as you need

44Oracle | ravelloTraining agility with local user-experience

Data-center training lab

AmericasTrainee in Americas

Infrastructure blueprint

Import VMs on Ravello. Save setup as an infrastructure blueprint


APACTrainee in APAC

Deploy clones of the blueprint on cloud regions of choice with one click or API call2Deploy & scale VMware based lab clones as-is in different cloud regions on-demand

45Oracle Container CS (OCCS)

Oracle Cloud and Docker Containers

Container CS

Compute CS

Application Container CS

DIY Container Management

Oracle Managed Container Service

Docker-based Cloud Polyglot Platform

46Oracle Container CS (OCCS)

47Oracle Container CS (OCCS)

48Oracle Container CS (OCCS)


Database (Cloud Service)


Java Cloud Service

PaaS Service Manager

Stack Management

Management Cloud Service

Application Container Cloud Service

50Oracle Database 12 Release 2Cloud First Availability

Available nowExadata Express Cloud Service

Available NovemberEnterprise Cloud ServiceExadata Cloud Service

Available DecemberExadata Cloud Machine

51Oracle Database 12c R2 for the Cloud

52Oracle Database 12c R2 for the Cloud

53Oracle Database 12c R2 for the Cloud

54Oracle Database 12c R2 for the Cloud

55WebLogic Server 12.2.1

56WebLogic Server 12.2.1Patch Set ReleasesNew releases of FMW12.2.1.1 June 201612.2.1.2 CY201612.2.1.3 CY201712.2.1.4 .

Continuous improvementPS1 includes feature completionPS2 bug fixes

WLS feature completion in to Partition Conversion Tool UpdatesPartition Admin Roles in FMW ControlResource Consuption Manager Auto-RestartConfiguration Template MT Support

Partition Admin Security Management (restricted)JMS SAF Partition supportZDT Application Rollout for PartitionsDocument multi-site best practices

57Java Cloud Service

58Java Cloud Service Architecture

59Java Cloud Service

60Java Cloud ServiceMigrate and extend Oracle WorkloadsOne Click Cloud Migration AppToCLoudIncludes configuration

Cloud Stack Formations for Multi-Service AppsFor example: Java Cloud + Exadata as one unit

High availability across datacentersDeclaratively add resilience toMigrated applications

Standards Based Java, SQL

AppDev Cloud


61Java Cloud ServiceApptoCloud

62Java Cloud ServiceApptoCloud

63Java Cloud ServiceApptoCloud in EM13c

64PaaS Service Manager

65PaaS Service ManagerCommandline interface (CLI) for managing various services in OPC

Wrapper over the PaaS REST APIs

Supported Cloud ServicesOracle Application Containiner Cloud ServiceOracle Database Cloud ServiceOracle Java Cloud ServiceOracle MySQL Cloud ServiceOracle Cloud Stack Manager

Download as an archive from the Oracle Cloud and install using pythoncurl -X GET -u myuser321:mypassword321 -H X-ID-TENANT-NAME:MyIdentityDomain54321 https://psm.us.oraclecloud.com/paas/core/api/v1.1/cli/MyIdentityDomain54321/client -o psmcli.zippip(3) install -U psmcli.zip

66PaaS Service Manager

67Stack Management

Provision and manage group of cloud services (Cloud Stack) as a single unit

Template drive approach (reuse and share)

Automate tasks to create a cloud environment

Automatically manage dependencies

Scale components in the stack

68Stack ManagementTemplate example

69Stack ManagementTemplate example

70Stack ManagementTemplate example

71Management Cloud

72Management Cloud Dashboard

73Management Cloud Security

74Management Cloud Compliance

75Management Cloud Compliance

76Management Cloud Compliance

77Management Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring

78Management CloudThe main roles

Application Performance MonitoringAPM Java Agent in WebLogic Domain

Log AnalyticsGateway install on-premiseData Collector

IT AnalyticsGateway install on-premiseData Collector

79OMC - Application Performance MonitoringInstalled as APM Java Agent in WebLogic Domain

Main functions

80OMC - Log AnalyticsInstall gateway on a host in your datacenter with internet access

81OMC - IT AnalyticsInstall gateway on a host in your datacenter with internet access