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  • Online Dating & Modern Romance !

    Image via Malik Chakroun By Ali Shamie

  • 40 million North Americans have tried online dating.!

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  • The net value of online dating websites combined is $1.5 Billion.!

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  • Online dating is becoming mobile, with new cellphone apps being created every


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  • The online dating industry is a

    growing market.!

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  • To accommodate

    this growth

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  • Niche online dating websites have developed for a variety of people including:!

    obese individuals, farmers, vegans, and cougars.!

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  • Today, online dating offers a pool of possible mates!

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  • but Who

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    are these potenIal mates?

  • According to staIsIcs..

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  • Women lie most about their weight, physical build and age.!

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  • Men lie most about their age, height, and income.!

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  • However,!Source #3, Image via Adam Fuller

    eHarmony claims that 542 members marry every day in America.

  • 64% of people say that common interests are the most important factor in a relationship.!

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  • Source #2 Image via ShellyS

    49% of people say that physical characteristics are the most important factor in a relationship.!

  • With so many members, online daIng services present the expectaIon that there are beVer opIons available.

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  • Online daIng may threaten tradiIonal marriage through the rejecIon of monogamy. Experts believe that individuals will not want to seVle down if a beVer match is just a click away.

    Online daIng will result in beVer relaIonships but more divorce. Dan Winchester, UK-based online daIng execuIve

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  • Additionally, online dating is not limited to geographical location.!

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  • Premium international dating services have gained popularity.!

    Men can hand pick their wives from foreign countries.!

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  • One Iowa State University study showed.!

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  • The average length of courtship is 18.5 months for marriages that begin online,

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    as opposed to 42 months for marriages that begin off-line.

  • Regardless, the stigma of using online dating services is decreasing .!

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  • .eventually more and more people will trust a compatibility algorithm to find their soul mates.!

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  • All images are liscensed under the CreaIve Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 agreement, and sourced from ickr.

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