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Transcript of Offshore Systems - · PDF fileOffshore Systems In today’s fast-paced, cost-conscious...

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    CAMERON, P.O. BOX 1212, HOUSTON TX, 77251-1212, TEL: 713.939.2211, FAX: 713.939.2620, WWW.CAMERONDIV.COM

    Offshore Systems

    In todays fast-paced, cost-conscious subsea production industry, Cameronhas successfully met the challenge to deliver safe, reliable systemsolutions. This experience allows Cameron to provide what no othersupplier can: Cameron quality from project concept through projectcompletion.

    Whether the project requires components, modules or total fielddevelopment; existing technology or something innovative; EPC servicesor EPIC services; Camerons flexible organization allows us to establishteams strategically positioned to effectively handle the job.

    Cameron Systems ExperienceCameron has worldwide experience in EPC and EPIC projects as well assystems experience in a variety of offshore development concepts such asplatforms, TLPs, and a variety of subsea scenarios including satellite,cluster, template and daisy chain.

    However, Camerons experience goes far beyond providing theindustrys best equipment; we also have a wide range of experience insystems engineering and project management including: Interface engineering and management Risk management and planning Transportation, base and offshore logistics Health Safety Environmental Engineered phased development and expandability Procurement Managing multiple site locations Equipment and materials selection Field layout Flow assurance Reliability, availability and maintainability

    Systems Integration Testing for Subsea Development

    Camerons Subsea Production PhilosophyCameron works closely with our customersto provide a big picture perspective andto develop total system solutions that: Reduce operational costs Minimize capital expenditures Proivide maximum quality and reliability Meet or exceed all safety and

    environmental standards Provide life of field service

    CAMTROL System Factory Integration System

  • CAMERON, P.O. BOX 1212, HOUSTON TX, 77251-1212, TEL: 713.939.2211, FAX: 713.939.2620, WWW.CAMERONDIV.COM


    Offshore Systems

    Cameron ResourcesCameron maintains worldwide resources including: Multi-disciplined engineering staff Experienced project managers Modern, well equipped manufacturing and assembly facilities Ongoing research and development CAMSERV Aftermarket Services Program

    Cameron ProductsCameron has the industrys most comprehensive, highly respected productline. Cameron products have proven themselves time and time again in

    demanding service applications.Cameron SpoolTree ChristmasTrees have set an industrystandard and the CAMTROLProduction Control Systemsoffers the most advanced, highlyfunctional control of subseasystems on the market today.Other MOSAIC products such aschokes, valves and connectionsystems are equally renownedfor quality and reliability.

    For more than 30 years,Cameron subsea systems haveset the industry standard. Only

    Cameron can provide this level of experience and the coordination ofresources required to handle todays demanding subsea projects. OnlyCameron can provide Cameron quality from project concept anddevelopment through the entire field life of the equipment.

    CAMTROL System Integration Testing

    Systems Development Team

    Project Management Team

    Executive Management Team

    Systems Integration Testing

    Field Installation

    Life of Field Support

    HSE / QA



    Document Control



    Gate Valves

    Chokes Controls Manifold Jumpers,Connectors


    A Cameron project team takes many talents and many specializedindividuals. Here is an example of a typical Cameron project team:

    Executive Management TeamCameron Management RepresentativeOperator Management Representative

    Project Management TeamCameron RepresentativesOperator Representatives

    System Development TeamSystem Design Team

    External Interface EngineerSystem Engineers

    Wellhead, Trees and Gate ValvesChokesControlsManifoldIntervention SystemsJumpers and ConnectorsUmbilicals and RisersROV Tooling

    Lead Installation EngineerLead Operations, Commissioning, Training Engineer SpecialistsFlow Assurance, RAM, Field Layout, IMR, Soil Analysis

    System Engineering TeamTechnical ManagerPackage Lead Engineers

    Wellhead, Trees and ChokesControlsManifoldJumpers and ConnectorsUmbilicals and RisersROV Tooling

    Quality and HSE TeamHSE ManagersQuality Managers

    Project Execution TeamProject Services

    Project Services ManagerAccountingSchedulingLogisticsSubcontract AdministrationDocument Control

    Systems Integration Testing TeamField Installation Team

    Lead Installation EngineerPackage Lead EngineersLead Operations, Commissioning and Training Engineers

    Life of Field Support TeamCAMSERV Aftermarket SpecialistsCAMSERV Field Service Technicians

  • MOSAIC Subsea Systems


    Camerons MOSAIC Subsea Components

    The Cameron MOSAIC product line incorporates field-proven components including: Cameron SpoolTree Subsea Trees proven over and over in field applications around the world.Subsea Retrievable Insert Chokes with a selection of actuator assemblies and trim cartridges.CAMTROL Production Control System standard components which adapt to a variety of fieldconfigurations. And other field-proven MOSAIC components.

    MOSAIC provides flexible modularity to create nearly endless system combinations with reliable andeconomical subsea equipment. MOSAIC systems are all based upon a combination of standardcomponents. This modular, or building block approach, allows producers to specify pre-engineeredcomponents with application specific features.

    The Cameron MOSAIC solution for this field development is one of the myriad of combinationsavailable. Contact us and we will design one for you.

  • Cameron systems solution used field-proven components from theCameron MOSAIC product line. MOSAIC provides flexible modularity tocreate nearly endless system combinations with reliable and economicalsubsea equipment. Typical Cameron MOSAIC Systems and Subsystemsinclude:

    Wellhead Systems Subsea Wellhead Systems

    STC WellheadSTM Wellhead

    Christmas TreesDual Bore and SpoolTree Christmas Trees

    Guideline, GuidelinelessProduction, Gas Lift, Water Injection

    Tree ConnectorsDog and Window (DHW)Deepwater High Capacity (DWHC)

    Block ValvesUp to 40 Wing ArrangementsSingle or Double Master Valves

    Gate ValvesFL, FLS or FLS-RThreaded, Flanged, Block

    Gate Valve ActuatorsSurface or SubseaPneumatic, Hydraulic, Wireline Cutting

    Chokes Non-retrievable, Retrievable

    Choke ActuatorsSurface or SubseaPneumatic or Hydraulic

    Flowline Connection SystemsCameron Vertical Connection (CVC) SystemsMcPac Flowline Connection SystemsStab and Hinge

    Riser SystemsProduction Riser SystemsWorkover Riser SystemsFree-Standing Riser Systems

    Manifolds and TemplatesFlowbasesValve BlocksConnectorsStructurePorch Extensions

    Control Systems and DistributionCAMTROL Production Control Systems

    Typical Surface ComponentsMaster Control Station (MCS)Electrical Power Unit (EPU)Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

    Typical Subsea ComponentsSubsea Control Modules (SCMs) Subsea Accumulator Modules (SAMs)Electrical Distribution Units (EDUs) Umbilicals and Jumpers

    Workover Control SystemsSurface PanelsHose Reels

    Tie-In and Intervention Equipment

    UmbilicalsROV Tooling


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    CAMERON, P.O. BOX 1212, HOUSTON TX, 77251-1212, TEL: 713.939.2211, FAX: 713.939.2620, WWW.CAMERONDIV.COM

    SpoolTree Production Systems

    SpoolTree System Valve Assembly ConfigurationsIn the Cameron SpoolTree design, the spool body provides outlets to attachproduction, annulus and isolation valves for downhole functions and theelectrical penetrator bonnet assembly. The tubing hanger landing shoulder is specially ported to accept control stabs and provides hydraulic continuitybetween the production control system and downhole hydraulics.

    The valves are contained both as an integral part of the spool body, and in mini-blocks external to the vertical bore of the tree. A typical valve clusterincludes production and annulus master valve, production and annulus wingvalve, crossover valve, workover valve and isolation valves for SCSSV, CIV andother requirements. Assemblies are available for 3" through 7" completions.

    Basic Chemical Injection Annulus Crossover

    Gas Lift ChokeProduction Choke

    The Cameron SpoolTree Production System is one of the most widely usedtrees in the world and offers many time and cost saving advantages overconventional tree systems.

    Instead of the typical wellhead-hanger-tree stackup, the SpoolTreedesign has a wellhead-tree-hanger stackup. In this configuration, theChristmas tree consists of a concentric bore spool with a wellheadconnector below and a wellhead connector profile on top. The tubinghanger is hung off inside the spool on a dedicated load shoulder, and the

    valves are situated on the side of the spool. No valves are in the verticalbore of the wellhead/tree system. The completion is run after the tree isinstalled and the completion can be pulled with the tree in place andflowline connections undisturbed.

    MOSAIC SpoolTree Production Systems can be configured with a widearray of component choices. The possible combinations of components,available pressure ratings and sizes are virtually endless. The result is acost-effective system that can be adapted to virtually any subsea job.

    SpoolTree Subsea Production System

    GuidebaseFor template or satellite installation. Guideline orguidelineless. Variety of connection types available.

    Valve Actuator25 Compact Modular (CM) modules ava