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  • 1. Net Zero Cities If we build them, will they come? Bob Thompson US EPA October 24, 2013
  • 2. Why are we as a society interested in NZ? Save energy? Save water? Save waste? No primarily for human benefit
  • 3. Ensuring Your City is Livable as Well as Efficient
  • 4. Balancing Net Zero with Health and Well Being
  • 5. Ensuring People Want to Live in Net Zero Cities
  • 6. Could Net Zero Result in Zero Population? Ensuring People Want to Live in NZ Cities
  • 7. Industry Transportation Commerce Buildings Education Sports and Recreation Spirituality A&E
  • 8. Focus is on Buildings not infrastructure or transportation or other city issues. Why? Im most comfortable with issues related to buildings, and
  • 9. Buildings It is your greatest opportunity to increase your quality of life, improve your health and productivity, reduce the consumption of resources, and reduce costs. - Bob Berkebile, FAIA Q: Isnt this what communities want and need?
  • 10. Buildings IEQ Energy Materials Water Sites
  • 11. Buildings have a huge impact on all aspects of People, Planet, and Prosperity
  • 12. Green Buildings Provide ready-to-harvest opportunities -The marketplace is primed and ready - Most of the critical infrastructure of systems, standards, and processes are in place - The driving forces for change are continually getting stronger (Climate Change, Energy costs, Demand for healthier environments, )
  • 13. Even with all the explosive growth in awareness and construction of green buildings during the past decade, the vast majority of new and existing buildings are not yet green, much less NZ Less than 1%?
  • 14. Common misperception today Green buildings cost too much! Why? Were using the wrong metric
  • 15. Proposal To get the 99% on board, we need to address their bottom lines a new metric
  • 16. Metrics around energy savings, water savings, and recycling are all important but are not the reasons that we build buildings
  • 17. We build workplaces to improve productivity We build schools to improve learning performance We build homes to improve health and comfort
  • 18. These are the bottom line reasons we build buildings But the metrics for these reasons are missing These metrics could catapult the remaining 99% into green
  • 19. Example of Potential Value Typical Commercial Building Energy $2/SF/YR
  • 20. 100x larger value (circles are actual scale) Energy $2 People $200/SF/YR
  • 21. Can NZ be integrated with health and well being? Absolutely! Many natural connections Many potential complications
  • 22. I have a recurring daydream
  • 23. What is the answer? How will it be done?
  • 24. It will be done by those willing to lead willing to take risks
  • 25. Why will people want to live in NZCs? Healthier and happier places to live Workplaces are more productive Homes are healthier and more comfortable Schools enhance higher performance
  • 26. Integrating NZ actions with health and well being Your biggest challenge Your biggest opportunity