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For Advanced Visual Research For Animation CT5ADVRA (2014), all drawing, written, composed & arranged by Sara Sung.

Transcript of Nursery Rhymes Portfolio

Nursery RhymesDing Dong Bell

Ding Dong Bell

Ding Dong Bell, an Nursery Rhyme that describe a poor cat has been put in the well by an naughty kid Tommy Green( Different version, different naming). After that, there is a kid Johnny Stout save the cat and pulled it out. At the end, we know that the cat was a good cat which killed the mouse in barn.It is an happy ending in general, however, in the origin rhyme, it does not mention the cat being pulled out by anyone. The fear that children might be affected by the horror and violence, it has led to several attempts to reform it, and that is the reason of the appearance of the "Johnny Stout".


This is a rhyme that suitable for children read, with sweet characters and fun. It is following the normal "Ding Dong Bell" rhyme which end up with a happy and wonderful. It is good for children to treat animal good because it is a helpful partner to us, and also pay attention to the one who did bad stuff on animal.

It is a story target on adult and horror lovers, it is not suitable for children, although the rhymes does not make any changes. It is a story about grudge, death, and black humor. The whole story using dark and grey colour to present the mood of the story. Storyboard-2

The concept of second storyboard is mainly from the original rhyme, it was end up with the cat's death. In this storyboard, the cat was dead and turn into a ghost because of the grudge and anger to Johnny Flynn. One day, Johnny heard a sound of a bell, "Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong.", it makes him remind the cat which he put into the well before, at this moment, a cat and a little boy walked pass, it was looked like the cat. "It was an illusion. It is impossible.", he thank. Suddenly, the ghost cat appeared, and Johnny was eaten.

Character design- Normal ver.

(1)(1) The design being changed for few times, although body design has been reform, hollow eyes is the key characteristic of this character. The whole design concept is " it is lovely, cutie cat, with deadly hollow eyes. Just like looking at something we cannot see." (2) Black cat generally presents an image of unfortunate, bad luck. So I try to put on to its design concept.(3) The movement of the cat.


(2)(1)(1), (2) Schrodinger's Cat, Sain Daim(3), (4) Death, Kitty and the Fat Man, Sain DaimThe making of normal cat is from these two animations. They are cutie, innocent and facing death at the end. Hollow eyes being used, it likely as an image of no soul and hopeless to the world. These two characters body were dead in the story, however, it turns into another kind of creatures and continue to live, which is an eternity life. These elements inspire the making of the storyboard and character design.


(1)(1)Character Design - Ghost ver.

(1) Ghost, an unknown object which usually there is no legs. This character turn from a sweetie creature to a bloody and savage object. The design concept is inspired from many horror movie about animals. It reminds audiences that treat animal kindly and gently otherwise they will take revenge on you. (2) Similar to Normal version, black and grey are the main body colour. It's eyes change into sharp yellow cat eyes, like a predator. Bloody hands presenting an image of savage.(3) Tissue paper used as a media bring out the feeling of fuzzy and light.

(3)(2)Location and concept art



(1) A monster cat with hollow eyes and giant body come out from an old well. It was hungry and want to take revenge to the one who put her into the well.

The farmer's barn, it was an old house and full of mice. Killed the mice was the responsibility of a cat.

(1)(1)(1) The concept come from a song call "The Fairy Tale of light and darkness" by Revo. In a moonlit night, trees were swinging like catching something, at the end of those trees, there was an old well. A myth said there was a ghost cat and it would eat someone who killed animal.

(2) That also from "The fairy Tale of Light and Darkness" by Revo. That is the bottom of the well, it was dirty and deep. If something throw into the well, nothing can be climbed up until someone pulled the rope.


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