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What’s Ahead for 2012...

NRF 101st Annual Convention & EXPOJanuary 15 - 18, New York, NY

NRF General Counsels ForumJanuary 18, New York, NY

May is Marketing MonthMay, Online

NRF Global Supply Chain SummitMay 6 - 8, Atlanta, GA

NRF 77th Washington Leadership ConferenceMay 15 - 17, National Harbor, MD

NRF Loss Prevention Conference & EXPOJune 20 - 22, New Orleans, LA Online Merchandising WorkshopJuly 16 - 18, San Diego, CA

NRFtech 2012: IT Leadership SummitAugust 12 - 14, San Diego, CA Annual SummitSeptember 10 - 12, Denver, CO

ARTS Users’ ConferenceTBD

Chain Restaurant CEO Policy SummitOctober, Washington, DC


NRF Human Resources Executives SummitOctober, Location TBD

NRF’s mission is to advance the

interests of the retail industry through

advocacy, communications and


As the world’s largest retail trade

association and the voice of retail

worldwide, NRF represents retailers

of all types and sizes from the United

States and more than 45 countries

abroad including department stores,

specialty, apparel, discount, online,

independent, grocery and chain

restaurants, among others. Retailers

operate more than 3.6 million U.S.

establishments that support one

in four U.S. jobs – 42 million

working Americans.

Mission Statement

Joint Message

Retail Means Jobs

Retail and Capitol Hill

Retail and the Consumer

Retail and Education

Retailing Across the Globe

Retail Advertising and Marketing Association

Loss Prevention

ARTS and CIO Council

Sustainable Retailing Consortium

Retail Supply Chain

Retail Finance and Audit

Retail Legal Community


National Council of Chain Restaurants

NRF Foundation

NRF Business Partners

NRF Membership

NRF Financial Statement

Officers and Board of Directors

Advisory Boards, Councils & Committees
























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Joint Message 1

it’s been quite a year for the national Retail Federation. From a 60-day campaign to implement swipe fee reform to a record-breaking Annual Convention and

the launch of an unprecedented campaign to promote the value of the retail industry, NRF has had a

sharp focus on its three pillars: advocacy, communications and education.

In 2011, NRF made tremendous headway in Washington, highlighting the importance of retail to the

economic recovery and working toward critical reform in areas like debit card swipe fees, health care,

trade expansion and corporate taxes.

NRF’s Retail Means Jobs campaign, which launched in September 2011, has a clear vision: to create

and sustain millions of retail jobs so Americans can get back to work and grow our economy; to spur

innovation, so we can speed the flow of business while improving the quality of service; and to deliver

the best value for consumers, so we can put the American dream within reach for every family.

As NRF works to stress the need for job creation, innovation and consumer value, NRF will also

continue to provide the high quality education and research that retailers and service providers

depend on as they look to grow their businesses.

We’re excited to share with you all that NRF accomplished in 2011 and look forward to working with

you to grow and strengthen NRF and deliver greater results for our members and industry.

terry J. Lundgren Chairman, President and CEO, Macy’s, Inc.

Chairman of the Board, NRF

Matthew R. shay President and CEO,NRF

a Joint Message from

Terry Lundgren and Matthew Shay

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NRF put advocacy and political muscle front and

center in 2011 with the launch of an unprecedented

campaign to demonstrate the value of retail to

our nation’s leaders. the intensive effort – on

behalf of America’s retail industry and the 42

million Americans whose jobs depend on it – has

significantly strengthened the advocacy footprint

of retail to better reflect the industry’s enormous

economic footprint.

our impact As part of the campaign, NRF commissioned a study by

PricewaterhouseCoopers which found:

• Retail is one of the largest private employers in the

u.S., supporting 1 in 4 American jobs.

• Retail accounts for nearly 20 percent of u.S. GdP

(which totaled $2.48 trillion in 2009).

• Retailers account for nearly 12 percent of all business

establishments in the u.S.

With new data that showcases the

strength of the retail industry, the

centerpiece of the campaign is an

interactive website, RetailMeansJobs.

com, which includes an action center

designed to encourage engagement

on behalf of the retail community’s

agenda. this interactive site gives

browsers a complete look at the study,

outlining the value of retail not only to

the u.S. but each of the 50 states.

nRF’s Campaign to Promote Jobs, innovation and Consumer Value Retail Means Jobs

With new data that showcases the

strength of the retail industry, the

centerpiece of the campaign is an

interactive website,


designed to encourage engagement

Visitors to can download a 12-page booklet on the Value of Retail, tweet lawmakers, or sign up to get involved.

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3RetaiL Means Jobs

Retail Means Jobs

the Campaign Marked by significant investment in lobbying,

grassroots, advertising, social media and

earned media, NRF’s Retail Means Jobs

campaign experienced overwhelming success in

demonstrating a pro-retail, pro-jobs agenda to u.S.

lawmakers and the White House.

the campaign caught the attention of newsmakers

both inside and outside the Beltway. The Wall

Street Journal reported NRF’s “plans to beef up its

political muscle in Washington” and highlighted

an anticipated $10 million investment in the

campaign. Other coverage included The National

Journal, POLITICO, The Hill and PRWeek, all

detailing the campaign’s goals and noting NRF’s

renewed advocacy efforts.

After launching the campaign to broadly promote

the value of retail to the economy, NRF continues

to use the Retail Means Jobs platform for policy

pushes on the sales tax fairness, labor relations

and other debates.

“Retailers Pump Up Lobby – Trade Group To Spend More In Washington; Push Policies It Says Will Create Jobs”

one of the most heralded functions on the website is its “tweet Your senators” function, which allows industry supporters to tell their senators how retail impacts their state.

How does your state stack up as a retail powerhouse? Find out here:

Retail Supports 1 in 4 American Jobs | 42 Million Strong | RetailMeans Jobs:

Retail supports 1,046,203 jobs in Virginia. @MarkWarner, Sen. Jim Webb, will you support us?

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NatioNal Retail FedeRatioN 2011 aNNual RepoRt4

As the voice of retail on Capitol Hill, NRF leveraged its

political strength in 2011 with wins in several national

debates. With the economic and employment figures

to back a resolute pro-jobs and pro-growth agenda,

NRF’s public policy efforts found success on issues

such as sales tax fairness, swipe fee reform, free trade

agreements, visa reform, corporate tax reform and

health care.

sales tax FairnessAfter years on the back burner, legislation to level the

playing field between online and Main Street merchants

on sales tax collection rapidly gained momentum in

2011. Action began in July with reintroduction of the

Main Street Fairness Act. October saw introduction of

the Marketplace Equity Act, a similar measure but with

simpler conditions for participation. And November

brought the Marketplace Fairness Act, a compromise

most likely to be the vehicle to move forward.

NRF, which has led the retail industry’s efforts on the

issue for more than a decade, launched a major push

within its Retail Means Jobs campaign to build on

the momentum. Among other action, NRF asked the

congressional supercommittee to consider the issue,

conducted polling that found 83 percent of voters

want something done, launched an effort to generate

grassroots activity on the issue, and authored an

op-ed calling sales tax fairness “a down payment

on fundamental tax reform.” With state budget

deficits growing and uncollected sales taxes totaling

$24 billion a year, NRF believes that the time for

sales tax fairness has come.

nRF increases influence through strengthened advocacy effortsRetail and Capitol Hill

Main Street Fairness Act. October saw introduction of

the Marketplace Equity Act, a similar measure but with

Today’s retail industry is rapidly changing, but America’s outdated sales tax policy is stuck in the past –

picking winners and losers and hurting local merchants.

We need a 21st century system that ensures a simpler, more uniform collection of sales tax – to protect

small business jobs, provide states with much-needed revenue for vital services, and keep our communities

economically healthy.It’s time for Congress to help Main Street businesses keep their doors open.

Please act now to pass a sales tax fairness bill.

“Oursales tax system is older than I am.”

Visit to learn more.

Page 7: NRF Annual Report

5RetaiL and CaPitoL HiLL

swipe Fee ReformIt took half a dozen years of intense lobbying by NRF

and other groups, but landmark debit card swipe fee

reform worth billions of dollars to merchants and their

customers finally became a reality in 2011. Banks

launched a massive, multi-million-dollar misinformation

campaign to try to delay reform at the last minute,

but NRF shot back with an intense 60-day campaign

of lobbying, PR, social media and grassroots that kept

the new law intact. Regulations capping debit swipe

fees at about half their previous levels took effect just

before Halloween.

Analysts estimate the new regulations will save

retailers nearly $7 billion a year, and merchants are

looking at a wide variety of innovative options to pass

the savings along to their consumers through discounts

and other increased value.

the win over the powerful card industry was so

significant that it was ranked number one on The

Hill newspaper’s list of the Top 10 Lobbying Victories

of 2011, beating out issues ranging from defense

spending to free trade agreements. As big a battle as

it was, debit card swipe fee reform was just a warm up

for NRF’s next target – the $30 billion a year banks

collect from credit card swipe fees.

Free trade agreements and Visa Reformlong-awaited legislation to implement Free trade

Agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea

became law in 2011 at the urging of NRF and other

groups representing importers. Restrictions on apparel

will limit the usefulness of the FtAs to retailers in

importing clothing. But by helping increase u.S.

exports, the agreements will increase employment

and put more spending money into the pockets of

retailers’ customers. NRF is working closely with a

bipartisan group of lawmakers to ensure that a new

FtA currently under negotiation – the trans-Pacific

Partnership – does not include apparel restrictions.

“The numbers suggest there is a large block of visitors not making it into the U.S. because of visa waits. They are choosing to take their business elsewhere.” David French, Senior Vice President of Government Relations, NRF, Women’s Wear Daily

in the midst of the national swipe fee debate, nRF President and Ceo Matthew shay joined CNBC’s Closing Bell to highlight the industry’s stance.

Page 8: NRF Annual Report

NatioNal Retail FedeRatioN 2011 aNNual RepoRt6

legislation is only part of NRF’s global approach to

international trade. President and CEO Matthew Shay

spent nearly a week in China in 2011, meeting with

Chinese officials, retail counterparts and diplomats at

the u.S. Embassy. Among other issues, he urged the

State department to eliminate visa delays that have

limited the number of newly–affluent Chinese shoppers

seeking to visit u.S. stores. While China has a long

history as a supplier to u.S. merchants, its rapidly

growing economy represents a huge new market where

u.S. retailers hope to expand. NRF is working hard to

tear down trade barriers in both directions in order to

help retailers import goods while opening up foreign

markets to create jobs here at home.

Corporate tax ReformFor some industries, huge tax credits and deductions

that greatly benefit their bottom lines are a way of life.

But retailers receive few tax breaks, and consequently

pay one of the highest effective tax rates of any segment

of the u.S. economy.

NRF has long argued for corporate tax reform that would

eliminate tax code provisions that benefit only a few

industries in return for lowering the tax rate for everyone.

that concept gained considerable traction in 2011, with

President Obama calling on Congress to “get rid of the

loopholes,” Congress holding extensive hearings, and

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman dave Camp

proposing a 25 percent corporate tax rate – down from 35

percent – as part of a comprehensive reform package.

NRF presented retail’s arguments on tax reform in

written testimony to Ways and Means early in the year,

accompanied the top tax expert from Sears Holdings

“We think the most economically efficient type of tax reform would allow businesses to make decisions based on what makes business sense, instead of what the tax code incentivizes.”

Rachelle Bernstein, Vice President and Tax Counsel, NRF, The Hill

Retail and Capitol Hill• CONTINUED •

nRF general Counsel Mallory duncan explained the industry’s position on swipe fee reform to Fox News’ neil Cavuto.

Page 9: NRF Annual Report

7RetaiL and CaPitoL HiLL

Corp. to appear before Congress over the summer, and

asked the deficit-cutting supercommittee to examine the

issue. NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay appeared

live with Neil Cavuto to discuss the need for corporate tax

reform, calling the current system “badly broken.”

Most experts agree tax reform is unlikely to be enacted until

sometime in 2012 or even 2013. But groundwork laid by NRF

in 2011 was intended to ensure that whatever eventually

comes out of Congress will be a victory for retailers.

Health Care ReformControversial health care reform that will dramatically

drive up costs for employers continues to be phased in, but

NRF has worked steadily to stop the most onerous parts

of the new law before they can take effect and to ease

implementation of other portions.

legislation to repeal the law’s employer mandate – which

could force some retailers to eliminate jobs to cope with

higher labor costs – was introduced in 2011, and NRF

testified in favor of passage before a House committee. NRF

continued to work on provisions that threaten to eliminate

“mini-med” plans a number of retailers use to provide low-

premium health care to millions of workers. And NRF saw

a clear victory when the influential Institute of Medicine

agreed with its position that the department of Health and

Human Services should specifically consider costs when

considering what health benefits will be mandated under

the new law.

NRF also formed the Essential Health Benefits Coalition in

2011 and organized the Employers’ Clearinghouse on Health

Care Reform to coordinate common concerns across multiple

health care coalitions.

neil trautwein, Vice President and employee benefits Counsel for nRF, testifies before the House education and Workforce Committee in Washington, d.C., during a hearing on health care reform.

Members of the nRF executive Committee, including terry Lundgren, President and Ceo, Macy’s, inc. (pictured), met with senator John thune, (R-s.d.) in november.

Page 10: NRF Annual Report


As the most sought–after retail group, NRF experts

routinely provide perspective on a variety of industry

and consumer trends. In 2011, three specific themes

emerged as issues to watch, and NRF played a key

role in driving the discussion.

nRF Provides industry thought Leadership, Perspective on important issues

Retail and the Consumer

“Once shoppers realize the benefits of a ‘mobile wallet,’ just like online shopping, there will be even more demand for it.”Richard Mader, ARtS Executive director, NRF, on Retail’s BIG Blog

“Yes, Virginia, there is an app for that.” Ellen Davis, Vice President, NRF, to Multichannel Merchant on the growing trend of smartphones and tablets influencing holiday shopping

omni-Channel Retailingtoday’s consumer is educated, discerning and wants

the shopping experience to be as convenient as

possible. In 2011, NRF and its divisions released

a variety of research on mobile shopping trends,

highlighting how smartphone and tablet owners

used the devices for shopping, outlining retailers’

investment in mobile apps, and offering best practices

for retailers as they embark on mobile applications.

NRF was also constantly communicating to reporters

and analysts that retailers don’t view websites or

mobile retail as competition with their stores – that,

instead, the companies strive to leverage all available

channels to create a synergy that raises sales across

the board.

Page 11: NRF Annual Report


Retail and the Consumer

the new Consumer2011 marked the tenth year of NRF’s partnership

with BIGresearch. through regular surveys,

NRF offered a variety of consumer trend

data on shoppers’ mindsets, expectations

and preferences. In addition to conducting

research on spending for the winter holidays,

information was released highlighting the

“extreme couponing” trend, how Americans use

smartphones and tablets, and how the economy

is continuing to impact shopping habits.

nRF’s annual list of top holiday trends was the most visited blog post of the year on Retail’s big blog, bringing over 10,000 page views in the first two weeks of its release.

“Knowing their customers are more focused than ever on value, retailers will entice shoppers with promotions that go beyond discounts, whether they’re touting free gifts with purchase, an extended warranty, or stellar customer service.” Matthew shay, President and CEO, NRF, to CNBC on what to expect from retailers during the 2011 holiday season

Page 12: NRF Annual Report

NatioNal Retail FedeRatioN 2011 aNNual RepoRt10
























“With retailers leading the charge, the economic recovery appears to be gaining some steam.”Matthew Shay, NRF President and CEO to Reuters

Retail and the Consumer• CONTINUED •

RETaIl INDUsTRY salEs GROWThsource: national Retail Federation

nRF’s ellen davis joined CNBC’s Power Lunch, along with industry expert and analyst dana telsey, on Cyber Monday to discuss the growth in popularity of online and mobile shopping during the 2011 holiday season.

Holiday Growth Annual Growth















ge o

f gro


Page 13: NRF Annual Report


























the Recovering economyAs the economy continued to – slowly – bounce

back from the recession, NRF provided guidance and

analysis to retailers attempting to understand the

current landscape. through quarterly Retail Sales

Outlooks and monthly reporting of retail sales, NRF

communicated frequently about the “slow and steady”

pace of economic growth.

NRF released its holiday forecast in October 2011,

projecting 2.8 percent growth and $466 billion in

sales. After a strong Black Friday weekend and a 4.5

percent year-over-year increase in sales for November,

NRF upgraded its holiday forecast in december to 3.8

percent. the announcement, which the Associated

Press recently referred to as “a widely-watched

holiday forecast,” is NRF’s most significant industry

announcement of the year and generates buzz from

Wall Street to Main Street.

“Retailers…know a substantial number of consumers will pick out Christmas tree ornaments even as they’re picking out Halloween pumpkins.” Mike Gatti, Senior Vice President, NRF, to USA Today on the trend of holiday shopping before Halloween

Retail and the Consumerthe day after thanksgiving, nRF President and Ceo Matthew shay discussed black Friday expectations with Bloomberg’s Margaret brennan.

Page 14: NRF Annual Report

Record-breaking attendance, expanded programming, exhibit sales growth, and the 100-year anniversary of the NRF Annual Convention & EXPO made 2011 a landmark year for National Retail Federation events.

100 Years of exceptional eventsRetail and education




NRF 100th Annual Convention & EXPO

Page 15: NRF Annual Report

nRF 100th annual Convention & eXPoNRF rang in the New Year with the 100-year

celebration of Retail’s BIG Show, welcoming a record

22,000 attendees from 82 countries to New York City.

the EXPO Hall was sold out, offering more than 500

solution providers across 150,000 square feet. With

more than 250 speakers, 120 sessions and five EXPO

Hall pavilions with educational programming, 2011

proved that Retail’s BIG Show is aptly named.

Retail and education

innoVate: the Retail innovation & Marketing Conferencetogether with the 2011 Racie Awards, INNOVAtE

brought the RAMA and communities to San

Francisco for an interactive, high-energy event designed

to challenge and inspire senior executives in retail

marketing, ecommerce and technology. top Racie

Award winners included Polo Ralph lauren and Kohl’s.



Page 16: NRF Annual Report

100 Years of exceptional eventsRetail and education

Loss Prevention Conference & eXPo the lP Conference brought in the industry’s top

experts in loss prevention and some of retail’s

biggest names to dallas, including eight of the

top 10 retailers in the country. More than 2,700

people registered for the June 2011 lP Conference,

reflecting a 20 percent increase in retail

attendance over the prior year.

Washington Leadership ConferenceHailed as the most successful event in its 76–year

history, NRF’s 2011 Washington leadership Conference

saw record attendance and nationwide retail

representation. Attendees made more than 100 lobby

visits to discuss critical issues like corporate tax reform,

privacy and visa reform. Prominent speakers including

Senator dick durbin and White House Chief of Staff

Bill daley reinforced the importance of the retail

industry in moving our economy forward.

attendance over the prior year.Senator dick durbin and White House Chief of Staff

Bill daley reinforced the importance of the retail

industry in moving our economy forward.



Washington Leadership Conference

Page 17: NRF Annual Report

Retail and education annual summitthe 2011 Annual Summit was the most

successful yet, attracting more than 4,000 attendees

to Boston to focus on the future of digital retail. For

the first time, offered a mobile app, allowing

this tech-savvy audience to create tailored agendas and

provide feedback throughout the show from their mobile

devices. live streaming of Columbia Sportswear Company’s

Mick McCormick’s keynote pushed the message of

omnichannel integration to a wider audience.

devices. live streaming of Columbia Sportswear Company’s

Mick McCormick’s keynote pushed the message of

omnichannel integration to a wider audience.

oCtobeR noVeMbeRsePteMbeR deCeMbeR


In November 2011, NRF’s Annual Convention & EXPO was named one of the top 40 Fastest–Growing trade Shows by Trade Show News Network.

Page 18: NRF Annual Report


2011 was a record-breaking year for NRF globally. With

more than 20 percent of Retail’s BIG Show audience

traveling from outside of the u.S. to attend, it’s no

surprise the “voice of retail worldwide” is taking on

a whole new meaning.

throughout the year, NRF executives traveled to China,

Germany, Great Britain, turkey and Canada. As part of

the launch of NRF’s Retail Means Jobs campaign, NRF

took the message of “retail powering the economic

recovery” to a global audience, with visits to China

and Berlin providing an international stage for the

campaign to illustrate the importance of retail to

economic growth and job creation.

Executives from NRF, including President & CEO

Matthew Shay and Senior Vice President of

Membership Mike Gatti, visited Berlin in September

for the World Retail Congress where Gatti participated

in a panel discussion on challenges and opportunities

in global retailing with executives from the German

Retail Federation, MasterCard Europe and deloitte.

nRF takes the ‘Voice of Retail’ WorldwideRetailing across the globe

bob thacker, Former sVP of Marketing & advertising for officeMax, addresses the audience at Retail days in istanbul, turkey. thacker was part of a group of U.s. retail marketing executives travelling on behalf of nRF’s RaMa division.

Working collaboratively

with retail executives from

across the world, NRF’s Forum for International

Retail Association Executives (FIRAE) has

produced a new strategic plan which serves as a

roadmap for strengthened ties to international

research and education, and the free exchange

of information.

during the October trip to China, NRF executives met

with representatives from China’s Chain Store & Franchise

Association, the China Commerce Association for General

Merchandise as well as the u.S. Embassy in Beijing to

discuss NRF’s support of increased travel visas for Chinese

tourists – a key policy priority for u.S. retailers.

the global education and certification of retail employees

is an area of work that NRF’s Foundation was also

exploring in 2011. Working with colleagues in Egypt

and turkey, staff from the NRF Foundation identified

key competencies and accreditation schemes that

retailers can use to drive up skills across the retail

industry in their country.

Mike Gatti also attended turkey’s foremost retail

convention this year at the lütfi Kırdar Convention

and Exhibition Center in Istanbul. Sharing top retail

trends and industry insight was top of the agenda, as

well as gaining a better understanding of the policy

environment for retailers in turkey.

Page 19: NRF Annual Report

RetaiLing aCRoss tHe gLobe 17

Retailing across the globeRetail executives traveled from around the world to attend Retail’s big show

20%of Retail’s big show

2011 audience traveled from outside of the

U.s. to attend

top 10 global Retailers, 2010

Rank Company Country oforigin

group revenue2009* (Us $mil)

1 Wal-Mart stores, inc. Us $408,214

2 Carrefour s.a. France $121,861

3 Metro ag germany $91,389

4 tesco plc UK $90,435

5 schwarz Unternehmens Treuhand KG

germany $77,221

6 The Kroger Co. Us $76,733

7 Costco Wholesale Corp. Us $71,422

8 aldi einkauf gmbH & Co. oHg

germany $67,709

9 the Home depot, inc. Us $66,176

10 target Corp. Us $65,357

“We brought made-in-China to the U.S. market a long time ago. Now we hope U.S. retail companies can flourish in the Chinese market.”

Matthew Shay, President and CEO, NRF to Xinhua News

* Group revenue may include results from non-retail operations

Argentina • Australia • Austria Bahamas • Bermuda • Barbados Belarus • Belgium • Brazil Bulgaria • Canada • Chile • China Colombia • Costa Rica • Croatia Czech Republic • Denmark Dominican Republic • Ecuador Egypt • El Salvador • England Estonia • Finland • France Georgia • Germany • Greece Greenland • Guatemala • Honduras Hong Kong • Hungary • Iceland India • Ireland • Israel • Italy Jamaica • Japan • Kuwait Lebanon • Malaysia • Martinique Mexico • Netherlands • New Zealand Nigeria • North Korea • Norway Panama • Peru • Philippines Poland • Portugal • Quatar Russia • San Marino • Saudi Arabia • Senegal • Serbia & Montenegro • Sierra Leone • Singapore • Slovakia • Slovenia South Africa • South Korea • Spain Sri Lanka • Suriname • Sweden Switzerland • Taiwan • Thailand Trinidad & Tobago • Tunisia • Turkey Ukraine • United Arab Emirates United Kingdom • Uruguay

Page 20: NRF Annual Report

NatioNal Retail FedeRatioN 2011 aNNual RepoRt18

nRF’s digital division focused heavily in 2011 on emerging

retail trends and taking digital retail leadership to

the next level.

Producing events and new research for the

community are critical responsibilities of the

team and a key benefit of membership. In

September 2011, hosted digital retail’s most

influential event, as over 4,000 attendees gathered

over 4,000 2011 annual summit attendees enjoyed inspiring and thought provoking keynote presentations from executive leadership from Columbia sportswear, Charming shoppes, Rue La La, google and Forrester Research.

in Boston – home to a number of online retail

businesses – for the 2011 Annual Summit.

With over 100 speakers, 16 breakout sessions, and

50+ roundtable discussions, the Summit covered a

huge range of online retail issues such as mobile,

flash sales, new online marketing techniques and

the impact of social shopping.

In 2011, the team also organized an Online

Merchandising Workshop, free regional dinners for

retailers to network and discuss online retail trends

in cities around the u.S. and Canada, and produced

new research papers including the 2011 State of

Retailing Online (SORO) reports with Forrester

Research, the 2011 Holiday Planning Guide, and the

2011 Social Commerce Study with Social Shopping

labs and comScore.

Retail advertising and Marketing association in 2011, released two instrumental industry reports in conjunction with Forrester Research covering the state of Retailing online (soRo).

In late October, NRF

announced that Vicki

Cantrell, a 25-year retail

industry veteran, would be

joining the organization to

serve as Executive director

of, while also overseeing the CIO

Council, ARtS and loss Prevention. Cantrell

has a distinguished career in the retail industry,

having served as COO/CIO at tory Burch

and CIO at Giorgio Armani Corp., as well as

a number of other senior positions at leading

retail companies.

ummit attendees enjoyed

Page 21: NRF Annual Report

19shOp.ORG • Rama

nRF’s advertising and Marketing divisionRetail advertising and Marketing association

through international partnerships, RAMA reached over

3,600 in the retail community worldwide in 2011. the

RAMA community participated in Retail london in April,

where more than 400 attendees enjoyed retail stories

from around the globe; the Retail leaders Conference in

Barcelona, which hosted over 100 top retail leaders; and

Retail days in Istanbul, turkey, where more than 3,000

professionals from the retail community participated.

these international efforts continue to build the NRF

and RAMA brands around the globe.

In September 2011, the RAMA CMO Summit brought

together senior retail marketing executives to discuss

and debate a variety of marketing and branding topics,

network with peers and get ideas to put into practice

back at the office.

the Retail Award for Creativity, Innovation and

Excellence (Racie) Awards continue to be a coveted

award for the retail advertising and marketing

community. Highlights from the 2011 Racie Awards


• Best of the Best was awarded to Polo Ralph lauren for

its 4-d light show which seamlessly fused together art,

fashion, music and fragrance and was projected onto

the façade of their flagship store in NY.

• Kohl’s won the Peter Glen Award for Cause Marketing

for its 2010 Back to School philanthropic engagement

program. the program put the power of Kohl’s Cares

dollars into the people’s hands to make a difference in

their schools.

• the 2010 inductee to the Retail Advertising Hall of

Fame was awarded to tim White, SVP Marketing,

Fashion Bug.

“Advertising must entertain, enlighten, inspire, provoke thought, and be memorable in the most respectful way.”bob thackerOfficeMax, Blog

RaMa executive director and nRF senior Vice President Mike gatti highlighted retailers’ black Friday deals with dC’s Fox 5.

Page 22: NRF Annual Report

NatioNal Retail FedeRatioN 2011 aNNual RepoRt20

After years of educating the retail community,

NRF’s effort to highlight the dangers and realities of

organized retail crime came to the forefront in 2011.

through a series of high-level interviews, wide-ranging

original research, and events, NRF played a lead role

in shaping dialogue around this important issue. NRF

raised the profile of organized retail crime with cover

stories in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal,

BusinessWeek and USA Today. NRF Senior Asset

Protection Advisor Joe laRocca also took part in an

hour-long episode of a new CNBC series called ‘Crime

Inc.’, which focused on organized retail crime and

included interviews with retailers and law enforcement

and footage of organized retail crime raids.

A wide range of original research from NRF was well

received by the loss prevention community in 2011.

New reports on multiple offender crimes, background

screening, personal safety and return fraud were

utilized by retailers nationwide to evaluate and review

their policies. And with criminal ‘flash mobs’ gaining

national media coverage, laRocca spoke with media

outlets across the country to explain how retailers are

planning, preparing and reacting to these events.

From how to deal with an active shooter to best

practices for recruiting and retaining women in loss

prevention, the content at the 2011 loss Prevention

Conference and EXPO in dallas was as exhilarating as

it was relevant. Attendees took part in presentations

and workshops on the ever-evolving role of technology

in loss prevention – from data security, e-receipts and

mobile POS to asset protection for in-store devices.

the conference attracted over 2,700 attendees and

succeeded once again in raising the profile of loss

prevention and underlining its integral role in the

retail industry.

nRF’s Loss Prevention CommunityLoss Prevention

nRF taps retail veteran Richard Mellor to lead loss prevention teamIn November, NRF

announced that

Richard Mellor, a retail security and loss

prevention expert with more than 30 years

of industry experience, would be joining

NRF as Vice President of loss Prevention.

Mellor previously served as an executive

with companies such as Helzberg diamonds,

Macy’s and Woodward & lothrop.

Live on CNBC, nRF senior asset Protection advisor, Joe LaRocca, discussed the dangers and realities of organized retail crime.

Page 23: NRF Annual Report


nRF’s association for Retail technology standards and Cio Council

aRts and Cio Council

aRtsIn 2011, the ARtS community increased its profile

with the development of several strategic reports. NRF

issued the second version of its Mobile Blueprint to

help retailers identify and implement mobile-related

business opportunities for marketing, commerce and

operational efficiencies which included retailer case

studies, tips for success and the global standards

required to support adoption of mobile in retail.

the latest addition to the library of Standard Requests

for Proposal (RFPs), Version 2.0 of the Standard RFP for

Cloud Computing, offers retailers practical guidance in

selecting cloud computing services. these elements will

help support current and future business models and

furnish retailers with a comprehensive list of questions

to mitigate risks related to security, availability,

reliability and interoperability of cloud services.

Other updated standards of interest included

the Operational data Model and the data

Warehouse Model.

Cio Councilduring the past year, NRF’s CIO Council was a major

player in continuing efforts to bring down the cost and

complexity of the PCI compliance programs. through

meetings, conferences and agency outreach, NRF

turned attention to the flaws in this system.

On Capitol Hill and elsewhere, NRF’s CIO Council

turned a spotlight on the efforts of payment networks

to shift their fraud costs from themselves and their

banks onto the retail community.

the CIO Council, with its legendary collaboration

and thought leadership on best practices, sponsored

surveys and provided information on timely topics

such as employee–owned devices, mobile POS and It

spending in an uncertain economy.

Page 24: NRF Annual Report

NatioNal Retail FedeRatioN 2011 aNNual RepoRt22

In 2011, the SRC generated

sustainability education for

conferences and sponsored

webinars on a broad range of

topics from recycling, supply

chain, and ROI, among others – all free to the retail

community to encourage growth in sustainability

programs at retail companies. In addition, the

updated NRF Sustainability Scorecard – a self-scoring

assessment tool – has been accessed by over 300

retail companies to support assessment and dialogue

within their company on sustainability efforts.

sustainable Retailing Consortium

“When it comes to sustainable retailing, the industry will change in the next 10 years more than it has in the previous 100.”paco Underhill, Founder and CEO of Envirosell, at NRF’s 2011 Annual Convention and EXPO

NRF has created and evolved its web resource,, as a key resource for

retailers and associate member companies that are

developing sustainability efforts.

Leading the industry in green thinking

Page 25: NRF Annual Report

sRC • RETaIl sUpplY ChaIN 23

sustainable Retailing Consortium Retail supply Chain

Continuing concerns about the economic recovery

along with new and proposed regulatory requirements

could significantly impact the operation of today’s

retail supply chains. As such, the NRF Strategic Supply

Chain Council continued its work on implementation

of key regulations including conflict minerals,

the lacey Act and driver’s hours of service. the

Council addressed these issues during two in-person

meetings and numerous conference calls as well as

benchmarking surveys.

While continuing to promote free trade by

supporting the Korea, Panama and Columbia Free

trade Agreements and opposing China currency

legislation, the real progress for NRF members on

trade was achieved through NRF’s work on simplifying

and liberalizing the rules of origin on textiles and

apparel within the transpacific Partnership Program.

NRF continued its work on this issue by educating

both Congress and the Administration about the

importance of the retail sector to the economy and the

number of jobs related to the retail supply chain.

NRF also held its inaugural Global Supply Chain Summit in April 2011. the event was a great success in bringing together top supply chain leaders and their transportation partners to discuss key issues surrounding people, compliance and sustainability. NRF is planning its second Global Supply Chain Summit for

May 2012 in Atlanta, GA.

Representing the needs of the global Logistics Community

Page 26: NRF Annual Report

Retail Finance and audit


In 2011, members of NRF’s Financial Executives

Council partnered with NRF lobbyists to bring

critical business issues to the Hill. Areas that

topped their list of concerns included tax policy,

privacy and economic growth. Additionally, NRF

filed comments on regulatory proposals impacting

retailers, including two letters to the Public

Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB). the

first related to proposed expansion of the auditor’s

reporting on company financial statements and the

audit of such financial statements, the second to

proposed audit firm rotation requirements.

the Council also developed in-depth education

on financial reporting implications and practical

implementation aspects of the proposed

Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)

lease accounting standards. this included a

unique roundtable discussion with retailers and

representatives from both lease accounting software

providers and accounting firms.

Council meetings also offered over 75 hours of CPE

credits to retail financial, audit and It audit executives

in 2011, with highlights including a visit to Whole

Foods Market headquarters for the It Audit Council’s

October meeting. the agenda focused on It trends,

service organization controls reporting, data analytics,

and auditing a virtualized environment. Members of

the finance councils often cite the opportunity for

benchmarking and peer exchange as one of

the greatest benefits of involvement.

“the Financial Executives

Council Meetings are an

invaluable resource for me. the

agendas and presentations are

always topical, the roundtable

discussions with my retail

colleagues informative and

thought-provoking.”Judy glynn, Controller, H&M

enabling Peer exchange within Retail Finance

Page 27: NRF Annual Report

Retail Finance and audit Retail Legal Community

General Counsel executives from NRF member

companies gathered at two NRF General Counsels

Forum meetings, which serve as an opportunity for

chief legal officers to receive briefings from legal

experts and share professional experiences and

practical tips with their peers. Agenda items covered

a range of topics such as SEC conflict minerals

disclosures, privacy and data security legislation,

executive compensation, and credit and gift card



Participating General Counsels have access to, and

have made extensive use of, NRF’s online resource, the

GC Forum listserv – which allows members to solicit

and share opinions, experiences and recommendations

with their peers. Issues discussed on the GC

Forum listserv in 2011 included AdA compliance,

ethics, arbitration with employees, classification

of employees, data breach, Prop 65 notices, risk

management policies and procedures.

As part of the General Counsels Forum, the

NRF lawyer’s Committee also convened for two

teleconferences this year to survey state laws, such

as California’s transparency in Supply Chains Act,

and to share information on pressing issues such as

management of intellectual property and interchange.

sharing best Practices in Retail Law

Page 28: NRF Annual Report


nRF’s Publishing groupstoRes Media

Mobile commerce has rapidly emerged as a force that puts the best aspects of each sales channel in the hands of consumers and store associates. stoRes was on this trend since its inception, writing about it with regularity and publishing its second Mobile in Retail special section in november.

Retail is a highly competitive industry. the players tally the points – and stoRes keeps the scorecard. stoRes’ annual top 100 Retailers and Hot 100 Retailers special sections remain among the most anticipated and disseminated features. a relative newcomer, e-Commerce elite, is gaining popularity as well.

From merchandising to it, stoRes readers work in every area of retail. the one thing they all have in common is a drive to optimize operations. stoRes supports those efforts by reporting on the latest and greatest advancements in business intelligence and analytics.


Page 29: NRF Annual Report

27sTOREs mEDIa • NCCR 27

national Council of Chain RestaurantsnRF’s Chain Restaurant division

In 2011, NCCR created and led a chain restaurant

industry coalition on the issue of federal menu

labeling. As the issue moved from the legislative to

the regulatory stage, NCCR forged consensus with

industry participants around a common position on

federal menu labeling and engaged with government

stakeholders to convey the industry’s views. NCCR will

continue to work to ensure that menu labeling rules

apply broadly to similarly-situated foodservice retailers.

NCCR continued its longstanding restaurant trade

association leadership role on commodity price issues

as the industry conveyed its unique perspective and

concerns to federal policymakers. NCCR’s restructured

and revitalized Food Supply Chain Committee,

comprised of the top supply chain, purchasing and

government relations executives from the leading

chain companies, served as the industry’s primary hub

for discussion and action on public policy relating to

commodity price issues. NCCR continued to lead the

way on advocacy efforts targeted at ending federal

government subsidies for the corn ethanol industry,

which raises the price of food commodities.

For the third year in a row, NCCR produced and

hosted the annual invitation-only Chain Restaurant

CEO Policy Summit in October 2011. the 2011

Summit enjoyed the largest CEO turnout to date

and participants heard from lawmakers from the u.S.

House and Senate, President Obama’s deputy Chief of

Staff, and policy experts. the CEO Summit, conceived

by NCCR, provides a venue for industry CEOs to

network and to discuss the industry’s top public policy

issues with key policymakers in our nation’s capital.

“From policy to advocacy, nCCR is the restaurant industry leader on food commodity concerns and is an invaluable resource for chain restaurant executives on strategic thinking about supply chain issues.” Mary schell Senior Vice President the Wendy’s Company

In March 2011, NRF

announced that Capitol

Hill veteran and long-time

restaurant industry advocate

Rob Green had been

appointed to serve as the

new Executive director of NCCR. Green was

previously Vice President of Government and

Political Affairs for NRF, and came to NRF from

the National Restaurant Association, where he

was Vice President for Federal Relations. Green’s

experience also includes service in a variety of

senior staff positions in the u.S. Congress.

Page 30: NRF Annual Report


nRF’s Research and education division

In July 2011, NRF Foundation Chairman Kip tindell,

Chairman and CEO, the Container Store, launched a

campaign to engage retail companies to spread the

word about the many unknown benefits of careers in

retailing – as well as the work of NRFF in promoting

retailing as a high-energy, exciting and innovative

industry with a diverse array of career opportunities.

tindell encouraged industry colleagues to “join me

and the Container Store along with many other world-

class retailers, in making sure that many, many, many

more of the best and brightest students coming out of

school choose retail for their career.”

Earlier in the year, the Foundation held its first “speed-

networking” event at Retail’s BIG Show. Ninety students

from 11 universities and recruiters from 13 retail

companies came together to make connections that

led to a number of internship opportunities and job

offers. this inaugural event will be repeated at future

conferences using face-to-face and virtual avenues to

connect today’s retailers with tomorrow’s stars.

In October, the Foundation launched the NRF Student

Association (NRFSA), the only retail association

for students and its thousands of retail company

members. Students studying retailing and related

disciplines at u.S. four-year colleges and universities

have joined in large numbers. unique educational

programs and special events will provide students ways

to connect with retailers and keep abreast of industry

news that will enhance their educational experience.

NRFSA students are eligible to attend Retail’s BIG

Show to take advantage of opportunities to network

with retailers. As the program grows, the Foundation is

committed to recruiting industry partners to support an

increasing number of educational, social, research and

scholarship activities for active students.

nRF Foundation

Recruiters from 11 retail companies and students from 13 universities met during nRFF’s first annual “speed-networking” event at Retail’s big show.

With the July launch of Chairman Kip Tindell’s initiative to actively engage retailers in supporting nRFF’s initiatives to ensure “the best and brightest students coming out of school choose retail for their careers,” the number of retail and educator partners continues to grow.


new Foundation Partners July-December 2011

Retailers UniversitiesKiehl’s/l’Oréal university of Michigan

PEtCO texas A&M

HSN Santa Clara university

Brooks Brothers

Foot locker

Pier 1 Imports

tractor Supply Co.

Recruiters from 11 retail companies and students

Page 31: NRF Annual Report


business PartnersA special thanks to our business partners who support NRF and its divisions throughout the year and around the globe.



PMS 1860/100/81/4#e51937

PMS 433 / 60%19.8/1.8/0/57



PMS 1860/100/81/4#e51937

PMS 433 / 60%19.8/1.8/0/57



PMS 1860/100/81/4#e51937

PMS 433 / 60%19.8/1.8/0/57


Page 32: NRF Annual Report


NRF membership continued its upward climb in 2011

with retailers of all sizes and formats participating

through NRF divisions and affiliate programs.

In 2011, NRF enhanced its member outreach efforts

which included member headquarters visits in Arkansas,

Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Ohio,

Pennsylvania, tennessee, texas and Ontario. Recurring

themes throughout these meetings included discussing

the challenges retail companies face in today’s economy,

priority policy issues, and how NRF can assist each

company to achieve greater success.

the membership team also conducted more than

20 welcome orientations to acquaint new members

with the various NRF resources at their fingertips,

including access to industry data and networking

opportunities. A new and improved membership

area on also launched in 2011.

Supporting its core mission of representing the

partner community of NRF, the Associate Member

Advisory Council (AMAC) embarked on a program

to better connect the retail industry partner

community with NRF. the Council launched new

initiatives to increase access and knowledge

sharing, including an improved website, more

frequent surveys of the membership, and expansion

of NRF’s Retail Reference Center.

A new membership committee comprised of NRF

Board of directors members was also formed

in 2011. the committee is taking an active role

in engaging the industry and getting retailers

involved in NRF activities.

nRF Membership

everything nRF serves as an onsite membership portal each year at Retail’s big show.

new members who joined during 2011 include:

1-800 Contacts Inc. • AFC Enterprises, Inc. • Auntie Anne’s, Inc. • BI-lO, llC • Church’s Chicken • Claire’s Stores, Inc.

Costco Wholesale Corp. • Kellwood Company • luxottica Group • Michael Kors (uSA) Inc.

Newegg Inc. • OSI Restaurant Partners, llC. • Ruby tuesday, Inc. • Sleepy’s, Inc.

the Sports Authority, Inc. • Steve Madden ltd. • the Art of Shaving

2011 Global Retail Membership by Annual Sales

Over $5 billion10%

Up to $1 million5%

$1 to $10 million21%

$10 to $50 million14%

$50 - $100 million8%

$100 - $500 million17%

$500 million to $1 billion9%

$1 to $5 billion17%

2011 global Retail Membership by annual sales

Page 33: NRF Annual Report


Financial overview In 2011, NRF’s Board of directors

approved a 3-year plan to use NRF’s

balance sheet strength in further

support of its strategic initiatives while

also preserving its financial flexibility to

react to future investment opportunities

or uncertain market conditions.

In 2011, NRF made substantial

investments in key initiatives that

support NRF’s advocacy agenda

including heightened awareness of

burdensome swipe fees and the role

retail plays in job creation and the

economy. We also invested in the

content and attendee experience at

Retail’s BIG Show in order to maintain

its position as a must-attend retail event

for thought leadership and peer-to-peer

information exchange.

looking to the future, NRF’s financial

strength and engaged leadership ensure

high-caliber efforts in support of our

industry and high quality programs and

services in support of our membership.

nRF Financial statementFinancial Year march 1, 2010 - February 28, 2011


Cash and Cash Equivalents $5,407,113

Investments $19,212,615

Accounts Receivable $1,589,204

Prepaid Expenses and Other Assets $990,799

Furniture and Equipment, net $681,384

total Assets $27,881,115


Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses $1,425,150

deferred Revenue $9,126,306

Other liabilities $1,297,325

Pension liability $4,048,752

total liabilities $15,897,533

Net Assets unrestricted $11,983,582

total liabilities and Net Assets $27,881,115

Page 34: NRF Annual Report


Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Executive Committeeterry J. Lundgren Chairman, President and CEOMacy’s, Inc.

Second Vice ChairmanKip Tindell Chairman and CEOThe Container Store


Corporate SecretaryRobert M. benham President and CEOBalliet’s LLC

First Vice Chairmanstephen i. sadove Chairman and CEOSaks Incorporated

President and CEOMatthew R. shay President and CEONational Retail Federation

Chairman of the NRF Finance CommitteeRoger n. Farah President and COOPolo Ralph Lauren Corporation

Page 35: NRF Annual Report


Marty P. albertsonChairmanGuitar Center, Inc.

thomas g. bata Jr.ChairmanBataCorp SA

H. James baum CEOBGH “Here’s Hallmark” Shops

Robert M. beall iiChairmanBeall’s, Inc.

artem a. bektemirov CEOPharmacy Chain 36.6

byron L. bergren President and CEOThe Bon-Ton Stores, Inc.

Cem boyner Vice Chairman and CEOBoyner Holding A.S.

Claudio del Vecchio Chairman and CEORetail Brand Alliance, Inc.

Brian K. Devine ChairmanPETCO Animal Supplies, Inc.

William dombrowski PresidentCalifornia Retailers Association

Joe Flannery PresidentWeaver’s, Inc.

Philip L. Francis Executive ChairmanPetSmart, Inc.

bill gonzalezGM, WW Distribution and ServicesMicrosoft Corporation

Kim GoodmanPresident, Merchant Services AmericasAmerican Express Company

Mindy F. grossman President and CEOHSN Inc.

Philippe Houzé Chairman of the Executive BoardGaleries Lafayette

elliot s. Jaffe Chairman and FounderThe Dress Barn, Inc.

m. Farooq Kathwari Chairman, President and CEOEthan Allen Interiors Inc.

Karen W. KatzPresident and CEOThe Neiman Marcus Group, Inc.

Daniel s.C. Koo ChairmanShui Hing (HK) Limited

Kay lawther Krill President and CEOAnn Taylor Stores Corporation

Keith lipert PresidentKeith Lipert Gallery

Lovro Mandac CEOKaufhof Warenhaus AG

William L. McComb CEOLiz Claiborne Inc.

Chris McCormick President and CEOL. L. Bean, Inc.

Mitchell b. Modell CEOModell’s Sporting Goods

bob MyersCEOSheplers, Incorporated

Jorge Pont Assistant to the Chairman, Sr. Director, International AffairsEl Corte Inglés, S.A.

daryl Routzahn President and CEORoutzahn’s

Ron sacino President and CEOSacino’s

gordon i. segal FounderCrate and Barrel

edward W. stack Chairman and CEODick’s Sporting Goods, Inc.

trudy F. sullivan President & CEOThe Talbots, Inc.

James F. Wright Chairman & CEOTractor Supply Company

arnold b. Zetcher Chairman and CEO, Retired, The Talbots, Inc.Ex Officio

boaRd oF diReCtoRs

Page 36: NRF Annual Report

technologyCio CouncilAn invitation-only committee of prominent chief information officers that educates and advises on current technology and policy issues affecting the industry. Contact:

Vicki Cantrell


[email protected]

european Retail technology CouncilRetail It directors and CIOs from Europe, coordinating NRF and ARtS activities.


Vicki Cantrell


[email protected]

association for Retail technology standards (aRts) ARtS data Model CommitteeARtS Standard RFPs CommitteeARtS unified Point of Service (POS) Committee ARtS XMl Committee

For all ARTS groups, contact:

Richard Mader


[email protected]


Karen Shunk


[email protected]

nRF’s advisory boards, Councils and Committees

Legalgeneral Counsels ForumInvitation-only council for the most senior legal officers among NRF’s retail membership. Contact: Mallory Duncan202-783-7971

[email protected]

Privacy CommitteeSenior retail representatives with responsibility for aspects of company operations that affect customer and employee privacy.


Mallory Duncan


[email protected]


Beth Provenzano


[email protected]

Payment systems task Forcethis task Force meets as needed to discuss matters pertaining to card acceptance and issues pertaining to retailer relationships with the credit and debit card associations and card acceptance networks.Contact:

Mallory Duncan


[email protected]

sustainable Retailing ConsortiumA network of retailers and associate members engaged in sustainable retailing efforts.Contact: Dan [email protected]

strategic supply Chain CouncilProvides guidance and technical expertise on issues affecting retailers’ management and security of their international supply chains, with a focus on public policy, supply chain management and best practices.


Jonathan Gold


[email protected] - digital Content Events Marketing Attribution Special Interest Group (SIG) Member Services Policy Action Group (PAG) Research Committee

For all groups, contact:

[email protected]

For the most up to date list of Committees, please visit


Page 37: NRF Annual Report

Loss PreventionAdvisory CouncilAwards and Recognition CommitteeConference Planning Committeediversity CommitteeEducation and Research CommitteeHomeland Security CommitteeJoint Organized Retail Crime task Forcelegislative CommitteeNRF-Investigator’s NetworkOnline Marketplace CommitteeWomen in loss Prevention Caucus

For all Loss Prevention groups, contact:

Angélica Rodríguez


[email protected]


Rich Mellor


[email protected]

Retail advertising and Marketing association (RaMa)Awards CommitteeCreative Advisory CommitteeNetworking CommitteeProgramming Committee for the RAMA ConferenceResearch CommitteeFor all RAMA groups, contact: Kelly Gilmore 217-546-7110 [email protected]

national Council Chain Restaurants (nCCR)Food Supply Chain Committee Food Safety task Force

For all NCCR groups, contact:

Shawna Purvis


[email protected]

nRF Foundation - education and advancement CommitteeAdvises NRFF on activities involving skill standards, assessment and certification, curriculum and training materials, development of career tracks for distance learning programs and career/industry awareness activities.


Angela Elder


[email protected]

nRF Membershipassociate Member advisory Council (aMaC)Comprised of individuals from associate members of NRF. the council ensures the needs of associate members are met and provides feedback to NRF. Contact: Mike [email protected]

Forum for international Retail association executives (FiRae)Promotes networking, collaboration, and information exchange among retail trade association executives around the world.


Steven Glover


[email protected]

FinanceFinancial executives Council (FeC)Comprised of senior financial executives of NRF members who work with NRF to develop industry financial benchmarks and serve as advisors for industry advocacy efforts with the FASB, SEC, etc.


Carleen Kohut


[email protected]

internal audit and Compliance CouncilSenior internal auditors from NRF member companies.


Dan Butler


[email protected]

it audit CouncilComprised of senior It Auditors of NRF retail member companies.


Dan Butler


[email protected]


Page 38: NRF Annual Report

government Relationsgovernment affairs Policy CouncilNRF’s principal policy making body on federal legislative and regulatory issues.


David French


[email protected]

Credit executives CommitteeProvides strategic and operational advice on consumer credit issues, including federal legislative and regulatory policy, the standardized credit bureau reporting format, as well as file integrity among retail credit grantors.


Mallory Duncan


[email protected]

americans with disabilities act task ForceNRF retail members interested in the Americans with disabilities Act and any resulting or pending federal regulations or litigation.


Mallory Duncan


[email protected]

Committee on employment LawServes as NRF’s technical committee on labor law and employee relations matters.Contact:

Kelly Knott


[email protected]

state association CouncilComprised of state retail associations that are most active in protecting their members’ interests in both the state and national public policy arena.


David French


[email protected]

state Leadership groupJoint membership opportunity allowing small retail businesses to become members through their state retail association.

Contact: David French, 202-783-7971,

[email protected]

gift Card Working groupAddresses the rapidly spreading restrictions on the highly popular gift cards offered by many retailers.


David French


[email protected]

Health & employee benefits CommitteeRetail and restaurant benefits managers and directors provide strategic and technical input on a wide range of health, pension and other benefit issues. Implications and implementation of the Affordable Care Act are a priority focus heading into 2012.


Neil Trautwein


[email protected]

Postal Working groupProvides guidance to NRF in representing retailers on matters before Capitol Hill, the Postal Rate Commission and the united States Postal Service.


Jonathan Gold


[email protected]

Product safety CommitteeCommunicates existing and potential product safety problems within the retail industry and addresses emerging product safety issues by providing substantive and strategic input into the development of industry public policy.


Jonathan Gold


[email protected]

taxation CommitteeSenior tax executives from NRF retail member companies examine tax legislative and regulatory policies that affect retailers and recommends policy positions for NRF.Streamlined Sales tax Working Grouptax Reform Working GroupFor all taxation groups, contact: Rachelle [email protected]

international trade advisory Committee (itaC)ItAC plays a key role in representing the industry’s interests to eliminate u.S. and foreign trade barriers and facilitating trade. ItAC subcommittees:Customs Hardgoods SoftgoodsSupplier Compliance trade RemediesFor all ITAC groups, contact:Erik [email protected]


• CONTINUED •nRF and divisional Committees, Councils and task Forces

Page 39: NRF Annual Report

What’s Ahead for 2012...

NRF 101st Annual Convention & EXPOJanuary 15 - 18, New York, NY

NRF General Counsels ForumJanuary 18, New York, NY

May is Marketing MonthMay, Online

NRF Global Supply Chain SummitMay 6 - 8, Atlanta, GA

NRF 77th Washington Leadership ConferenceMay 15 - 17, National Harbor, MD

NRF Loss Prevention Conference & EXPOJune 20 - 22, New Orleans, LA Online Merchandising WorkshopJuly 16 - 18, San Diego, CA

NRFtech 2012: IT Leadership SummitAugust 12 - 14, San Diego, CA Annual SummitSeptember 10 - 12, Denver, CO

ARTS Users’ ConferenceTBD

Chain Restaurant CEO Policy SummitOctober, Washington, DC


NRF Human Resources Executives SummitOctober, Location TBD

NRF 77th Washington Leadership Conference

NRF’s mission is to advance the

interests of the retail industry through

advocacy, communications and


As the world’s largest retail trade

association and the voice of retail

worldwide, NRF represents retailers

of all types and sizes from the United

States and more than 45 countries

abroad including department stores,

specialty, apparel, discount, online,

independent, grocery and chain

restaurants, among others. Retailers

operate more than 3.6 million U.S.

establishments that support one

in four U.S. jobs – 42 million

working Americans.

Mission Statement

Joint Message

Retail Means Jobs

Retail and Capitol Hill

Retail and the Consumer

Retail and Education

Retailing Across the Globe

Retail Advertising and Marketing Association

Loss Prevention

ARTS and CIO Council

Sustainable Retailing Consortium

Retail Supply Chain

Retail Finance and Audit

Retail Legal Community


National Council of Chain Restaurants

NRF Foundation

NRF Business Partners

NRF Membership

NRF Financial Statement

Officers and Board of Directors

Advisory Boards, Councils & Committees
























Page 40: NRF Annual Report

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