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This is a presentation of Northwestern Technologies for using Social Media

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Northwestern Techologies

Northwestern TechologiesWhy Social Media is good to have?AgendaSocial Media in the Corporate BusinessLandscape in the IT IndustryOpportunities & BenefitsConclusion Emergence of Social Media

Facebook-792,999,000 usersTwitter-167,903,000 usersLinkedIn-92,823,000 usersGoogle Plus-66,756,000 usersMyspace-61,037,000 usersOther-255,539,000 users

Social Media Landscape MagazinesInternet forumsWeblogsMicroboggingWikisSocial networksPodcastsPhotographs/picturesVideoRating & Social bookmarkingOpportunitiesIdentityConversationsSharingPresenceRelationshipsReputationGroups

BenefitsIncreasing brands recognitionImproving brandsMore opportunities to convertHigher conersion ratesHigher brand authorityInceased inbound trafficDecreased marketing costsBetter search engine rankingsRicher customer experoencesImproved customer insights

ConclusionYou can save moneyYou can build relationships with your clientsPeople will shop more