Nonlinear Optical Materials

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NLO materials for light conversion

Transcript of Nonlinear Optical Materials

  • 1. Nonlinear opticsProf. V. KrishnakumarProfessor and HeadDepartment of PhysicsPeriyar UniversitySalem 636 011, India

2. TOPICS Linear optics vs. Non-linear optics Importance of Non-linear optics Linear & Non-linear polarization. Phenomenon associated with NLO Materials applied in NLO Applications Future 3. Linear Optics vs Non Linear Optics Linear optics- Optics of weak light:Light is deflected or delayed but its frequency isunchanged. Non-Linear optics-Optics of intense light:We are concerned with the effects that light itself inducesas it propagates through the medium. 4. Non-Linear optics produces manyexotic eventsNonlinear optics allows us tochange the color of a light beam,to change its shape in space andtime, to switch telecommunica-tionssystems, and to create theshortest events ever made byManEx: Sending infrared light into acrystal yielded this display ofgreen light 5. Introduction What does the index of refractionmean? Linear Region : Efield nwnwqField normal to c-axiskc-axisn2wqkc-axisnwn2w qkc-axisField partiallyparallel to c-axisIf 2w light hascomponent // c-axis phase matching possible 17. Phase matching condition Only when 2k1 = k2 will SHG be efficient n(1) = n(2)2k1 = k22k1 k2~ 100% SHG conversionefficiency is possible byoptimizing phase matching! General rule for parametric processes SHG, SFG/DFG, THG, FWM momentum conservation 18. Applications: Optical phase conjugation Optical parametric oscillators Optical computing Optical switching Optical data storage