NGCB_2013 Paul Armitage

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Effectief spelers binden door inzet van golfprofessionals

Transcript of NGCB_2013 Paul Armitage

  • 1. Effective coorporation of golfprofessionals for todays golfersSport at the heart of our values!

2. The CompanyFrances Premier Golf Operator 3. 37GOLF CLUBS Operated with our brands Contributing for over 30 years to thedevelopment of Golf in FranceGreater Paris31 Golf clubs owned by NGFGolf France6 Golf Clubs are under NGFConseilsFranchise in France3 different brands110 Golf Club partners in our LeClubnetwork in France and Spain350 in 14 countries is the total numberof clubs within our loyalty scheme 4. Contributing for over 30 years to thedevelopment of Golf in France600 employees in our 30 subsidiaries90 full time teaching pros on our payroll2 training centres for fully qualifiedteaching professionalsA modern organisation 37 golf courses8 regionsHeadoffice support 5. Develop, progress : means adaptingTaking inspiration from other industries and markets 6. 1900 The Coca Cola ExampleCustomer tastes are changing and SAME KNOW-HOWso does the market Hotel industry1980 Banking and Insurance2012 7. And what about Golf?What do we need to adapt to ? 8. different ways of playing golfDifferent ways of life,1900Golfer : who are ya?Diversifying our offer to meet marketdemands :Demanding clients in comfortableenvironmentsCombining sport, nature and afriendly atmosphere1980Easily accessible and basic golf+ COMPETITIVENESS+ ADAPTED SERVICES2012 9. Adapting the OfferOver 700 golf courses* in France, alldifferent, all unique..all similarWhich clubs for which golfers???Beginners :where?how?when?what??The price argument but thatdeflates the market ?CLARIFY OUR OFFERTO BE MORE ATTRACTIVE * Mtropole and overseas 10. Our way forwardRecreating the Golf Business ? Yes, we do ! 11. Strength is in the Network1- Synergie(s)Size does matterMarketing,Owning & purchasing & loyaltyOperatingalliance 2007132007 50 CLUBS CLUBS 2012372012300CLUBSCLUBS 12. 2- Segmentation(s)Les chemins de lexcellence Golf by excellence Les parcours naturellement sportifs Sport and leisure Le golf en 1 heurePart of the time, all the pleasure 13. Some ResultsProgression of turnover compared to the increase inNational Federation Licence card holders. Constantcriteria 2008 - 201114,00%12,00%13%10,00% 8,00% 6,00% 4,00%5,40% 2,00% 0,00%License FFG Turnover NGFGolf Creation of golf players Licensed golf players 80,00%95,00%20,00%NGFGolfOthers 5,00% France 2012 14. Some more results turnover +10% 20102012+12% 20102012+23% 20102012 15. Thank YouCome and Meet us in the networking area!