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  • LETIERS TO THE EDITOR 5 GLOBAL NEWS 6 A round-up of the news you may have missed.

    PREHISTORIC MAPS 12 By Maurice Chatelain. The mediaeval Piri Reis map, based on several from prehistory, is evidence that Earth was visited by an advanced civilisation capable of observing the planet from high altitude.

    THE CAUSE AND CURE OF HIV AND AIDSL 15 By Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D. Case studies suggest HIV and AIDS can be cured if two causal factors, human intestinal flukes and benzene, can be removed from the thymus glands of sufferers.

    WATER-A NEW FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH 23 By Patrick and Gael Crystal Flanagan.. Water rich in colloidal minerals and negatively ionised hydrogen atoms may well be the key to a healthier, longer life, according to new research.

    THE NEW INQUISITION-Part 2 29 By Glenn Krawczyk. More startling revelations on how government agency-linked 'cult-busters' tamper with religious freedom, manipulate public opinion and erode the rights of the individual.

    TRADING WITH THE ENEMY 37 By The National Insecurity Council. Adolf Hitler might never have been able to wage World War /I without huge investment in Nazi Germany's rearmament by certain American industrialists.

    THE HOLLOW EARTH THEORY PATENT.. 41 By Mark Harp. In 1914, a US patent was awarded for a theory that our Earth is a hollow sphere with polar openings and an internal sun. The evidence for its validity is compelling.

    ELECTRICITY OUT OF THIN AIRL 49 By Richard A. Edwards. Can the Sun's photovoltaic effect produce abundant free electrons that could be tapped easily and cheaply? Our energy utopia may be as close by as the space around us.

    DECEMBER 1994 - JANUARY 1995

    NEW SCIENCE NEWS u _.i.:53 A selection of interesting news and titbits from the underground sCience network. This edition features a report on gravity drop tests, and experiments in extracting energy from the aether.

    PROPHETIC TRANSLATIONS 59 By Stan Deyo. The cosmic conspiracy is still very much alive. Ancient and modern prophetic texts foresee an alien battle soon to culminate, and warn us that deception can come in many guises.

    THIE TWILIGHT IONE 66 A collection of strange and bizarre stories from around (and off) the world. Here we feature some "Cosmic Top Secret" disclosures from Bob Dean.

    REVI EWS---Produlcts 71 The Hopi Ear-Torch

    REVI EWs..-Books 71 "The Cure for HIV and AIDS" by Hulda Regehr Clark, PhD., ND. "VWJen ilhe Earth Nearfy Died" by D. S. Affan & j. B. Delair "Lucky Be Damned" by john Cumming

    "Sypp~ssed Inventioos and Other Discoveries" edited by j. Eisen "Out of the Shadows" by Tany Healy and Paul Cropper "We, From Mars" by Walter Hain "Alphabet of the Heart" by Daniel Winter "Entities" by Dr Samuel Sagan "Man-Made UFOs, 1944-1994" by R. Vesco & D. H. Childress "The Altemative" by Dennis Lee and Better World Technology "More Precious Than Gold" by Ray Pendergraft "Crystal Mission" by Dr Come/ius van Dorp "The Dream and Lie of Louis Pasteur" by R. B. Pearson

    REVI EWS---Videos 76 "Extraterrestrial Archaeology" with David Hatcher Childress "A Guide to Feng Shui For Your Home" with Eric Dowselt "Palmistry-Teaching the People" "Munich Ledure 1989" with Prof. john R. R. Searl ltV & V: The Final BailIe"

    REVI EWS---Audio 78 "Of Dreams and Discoveries" by Tony O'Connor "Drum Songs" by john Orlando "This Island Earth" by Mark Nine "The Dream of the Currawong" by Wiffiam Bowden


    NEXUS 1

  • EDITORIAL Wow, what a response we receivedfrom the last issue ofNEXUS! Apartfrom

    being our best seller to date, the article on "The Cause and Cure of All Cancers" has already resulted in several people recovering from severe cases of cancer or, should we now say, from parasite infection. i'm also most encouraged at the growing number of doctors finding success with alternative treatmentsfor so-called 'incurable' diseases like cancer and AIDS. I would also like to report on the huge success of the recent NEXUS

    Conference, a oneday event held in Amsterdam in late October. An enthusiastic crowd of over 850 people completely filled the grand ballroom of Amsterdam's Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, to hear a wide range of speakers including George Wingfield (UK), David Hatcher Childress (USA), and Jdhn Searl (UK). The success of our European office's conference has prompted us Down

    Under to organise a similar but bigger event for Australasia. For more deiails, please refer to the advertisement on page 4, or contact our office direct. Speaking of conferences, there is to be a dental conference in Australia next

    February, presenting peer-reviewed information on the dangers of mercury amalgam fillings and root canal therapy. I suggest you make a copy of the advert on page 48 and send it to your local dentist, If he or she is uninterested in staying informed on matters relating to your health, change dentists immediately! Your life could be at stake. Now, I promised in the Letters to the Editor section, that I would address the

    question, "If NEXUS is publishing the truth, why hasn't it been closed down?" Well, the reason I did not answer the query in our Letters s-ection was because I do not know the answer to this question, I was hoping that by discussing it here I would buy time to come up with some convincing explanation but, alas, I still have no real answer. Of course, we continue in our quest to present you with unusual and hard-to-get information, but it's up to you to deeide for youtselves whether you believe it or not. I have had a couple ofAmericans point out what they consider to be spelling

    mistakes in NEXU5---cases where there is an "s" instead ofa "z", I would like to point out to any other illiterate Yanks out there that we use the English languagefor NEXUS, not the Amerkan. Inside this issue you will find some great information. For the 'mad scien

    tists' out there, we have several 'hands~on' items which should get you scurrying off to the lab or out into the field for experimentation. We also feature an article promised long ago, on the Hollow Earth Theory,

    This is a line of research that even the most open-minded NEXUS reader is going to have trouble digesting. What can I say, except read the article and keep an open but not hollow mind. The article by Patrick and Gael Crystal Flanagan on the remarkable proper

    ties of water (now considered a liquid crystal by many researchers) is highly recommended reading. You will be thoroughly amazed, as I was! Despite the growing number of predictions for a total stock-market crash in

    1995, I and the staff at all our NEXUS offices wish all readers everywhere a very happy festive season and a prosperous new year.


    WARRANTY AND INDEMNITY Advertisers upon and by lodging material with the IPubllsher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any materia'IINDEMNIFY the Publisher and its servants and agents against all lia'bility claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the !publication and witho.u~ limiting the generality of Ithe foregoing to indemnify each of tFiem in relation to defamation, slander of title, breacb of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names 01' publicar tion titles, unfair competiti.on or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT thattne materialcompliE$ with all relevaotlaws 'and regulations and that its publication will not give rise to any rights a~ainst lor lia.bilities un the, its servants or ag'ents and in particular that nothing therein i.s capable of being misleading or aeceptive or otherwise In breach of the Part v of t.he Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opin" ion are published on the basis that -they are not to be regardedl as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. 'Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek professiona'i help for individual problems,

    NEXUS New Times, 1994, 1995

    2 NEXUS DECEMBER 1994 - JANUARY 1995

  • e"'., "', '., 'j""'." .,r help but wonder what you are all so-called 'pulling over' us, your readers? Or maybe you are part of the cult phenomenon working in alliance with the government to brainwash the public (your readers) into 'your' way of thinking, i.e., New World Order, UFOs, etc.?? Why do you get such free access

    and freedom when the very people you write about, don't? Like others, I challenge you to print thi s. More answers, please! Anon., Burleigh Heads,

    Queensland, Australia. (Dear Anon,: Great/eller, / hope

    there are many more thinkers out there like you. Question everything, including what's in NEXUS, Above all, think for yourself For more response on this subject, see my editorial this issue, Ed.) Re: HAARP Patent Dear Mr Roads: In your April

    May 1994 issue you included a short piece on the HAARP project currently being built in Alaska by the US Government in conjunction with the ARCO Corp. lust as a lark, I pulled up the

    patent number referred to in the article. Much ,to my amazement, I found everything in the article true. The capabilities of this device are

    uu1y mind-boggling I It seems our mad scientists have finally invented the 'weather machine' and 'death ray' eluded to in so many sci-fi pulp comics. The reason for placing this device

    in Alaska is twofold: (I) to take advantage of atmospheric conditions; (2) to take advantage of huge natural gas reserves which will be needed for tile energy tllis thing will 'need. Enclosed is the complete docu

    ment on a diskette. I hope you can use it in some way. A loyal reader, Fort Worth,

    Texas, USA,

    Re: Weather Control Mr Roads: I read your magazine

    pretty regularly and I am not surprised by a lot of your articles for I