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2. DARE TO BE BARE 3. CHANNEL 4This image again goes for the minimalist technique in order to shock the audience. We can clearly see a plainbackground is used in order to prevent the focus being drawn from the main image. It also contrasts the purple 4allowing it to stand out against the rest of the advertisement. This subvert from Channel 4s usual style ofadvertising when their logo is not a main feature of the page. However this is done in order to mirror thejuxtaposing images we see on the left, the plain background against the bright purple emphasises the effect the halfbare and half make up covered face portrays.As well as this the main image that we see shows a females face sliced down the middle with two conflictingimages on either side. These two different looks to be accentuated by the use of lighting. Her left side has darkerlighting causing the lack of make up to be highlighted however the opposing side shows brighter lighting withmake up representing the debate of bare beauty vs fake beauty and creating a further interest in watching theshow.We also see a small tag line to promote the name and date of the show however by only giving us this informationwe are forced to make assumptions about the show from the images they present and therefore we are furtherintrigued.