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  • 1. Newspaper Advertisement Production

2. Chosen Image 3. Production Process Initially we added the image that we was going to use as the focal point of our advertisement, but we flipped the image because we anticipated that wed need to have the Channel 4 logo on the right hand side of the advertisement.Secondly, to make the image seem more professional, and like a Channel 4 advert, we put a filter on the image in order to make it brighter and sharper. 4. Production Process We then went on to add the text boxes and laid them out on the advertisement similar to the way Channel 4 do. We also made them white and not transparent to conform to Channel 4s method of advertising.After adding the text boxes, we put the text into them. We included the tag line, title of the documentary itself and the information regarding when its on and where. We used the Trebuchet MS font because its the font that was the closest to the font that C4 use. 5. Production Process Finally, to complete the documentary we added the Channel 4 logo to the right hand side of the advertisement in the middle in order to conform to the way that they commonly use it themselves. 6. Changes We made the decision to change the tag line to Do you Really Want Fries With That? because we felt that it was more relevant to the topic of our documentary than our previous tag line. We thought about emphasising the really by putting it in italics, bold or a larger font but decided against this as we wanted our advertisement to be as realistic as possible by using the same conventions as the other Channel 4 adverts we had studied in which there were not any changes in font to make certain words stand out. 7. Final Production