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HR FUNCTIONS OF COLOGONE PVT.LTD. Project reported submitted to University of Pune, Pune In partial fulfillment of Requirements for the award the Degree of BACHELOR IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION By SIDDHANT KUMAR B.B.A. Under the guidance of Prof. Salil Khan MARATHWADA MITRA MANDAL’S COLLEGE OF COMMERCE

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Project reported submitted to University of Pune, Pune

In partial fulfillment of Requirements for the award the Degree of




Under the guidance of

Prof. Salil Khan



2010 - 2011

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The field visit to COLOGONE Pvt Ltd., Pune was a very enriching experience. The various inputs received on the functioning of the Human Resource Development enabled streaming of the theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge.

Such opportunities to learn on, how to manage the most important resource of company, the HUMAN RESOURCE, so as to achieve organizational goals with maximum effectiveness.

“Culture drives the organizational and its actions. It is somewhat like “the operating system” of the organization. It guides how employees think, act and feel. It is dynamic and fluid, and it is never static.” – quote.

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I wish to take this opportunity to express my heart felt gratitude to Mr. Ashutosh Pathak, Director of Covelix Technologies Pvt Ltd. Pune; Ms. Deepali Singh & Mr. Nikhil Bhosale Manager of HR department, for giving me their valuable time and patiently explaining various aspect of personnel department in the company.

I would like to convey my special thanks to Prof. Salil Khan for giving me an opportunity to go beyond the class room and have the glimpse of the corporate world.

My sincere thanks are also to Prof. Salil Khan, for his valuable guidance and inputs without which this report would have been impossible.

Last, but not least would like to place my sincere gratitude to all my friends, who some way or other has helped me in successful completion of this report.

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Executive Summary

Business organizations today are facing great competitions and challenges as the economy is growing. To increase productivity, it is important that the organization should have right kind of people at the right time for right kind of job. Therefore, to acquire the best from among the best, the effectiveness of the recruitment process of the company plays important role.

Recruitment is not an easy task. To recruit people of the organization has to find out certain sources, in which the company can get the right kind of people to apply for the job offered. To get the right kind of people with special abilities and proper knowledge, organization has to adopt certain policies and procedures, which the selectors can follow during the selection process. The process adopted should be less time consuming and at a reasonable cost with effective results.

The Cologone organization is equally aware of various effective recruiting techniques and sources for all types of job applicants. This company has steadily progressed over the years from strength to strength.

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Sr No. Content Page No.

1. Introduction

2. Profile of the organization

3. H/R Personnel Department Manpower Planning Recruitment Selection Training Exit Interview Salary & Bonus Working Hours & Office Time Grievance Handling Leave Account Employee Welfare






9. Conclusion

10. Other Information


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Objective of the study

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The objective of the study was to get a perspective of functioning of HR/ Personnel Department of the Co Inc. To get a view on operational aspects of business management.

Objective if the research part was to study the process of HR functions of the company. Another objective was to learn the true meaning of Human Resource Management by applying theory concepts to practical work situations. This project has helped to fill up a gap by practicing a unique blend of theory & practice.

To find on how the organization hires people through the recruitment process.

To understand the recruitment process and generate a database for the same.

To suggest the measures to overcome shortcomings, if any.

Scope of the study

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The “overview of Human Resource Department” at the Cologone Inc has a wide scope but the period of 2 months was not so sufficient for vast portion.

The study help to understand the HR functions of the Company.

The study gave an insight of the Human Resource Department & a glance to all the functions of Human Resource Department.

It also help me to understand the aspects of co-operation & co-ordination in a better way.

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Chapter II

Profile of the organization

History of the company

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Cologone Inc is a US based technology development company that helps enterprises build and manage top notch dedicated virtual engineering teams at a significant cost advantage. Our extensive industry experience, our unique combination of creativity and rigor and our distinctive objectivity enable us to consistently transcend the high levels of quality, timeliness and costs that our clients expected from us. Our offices are located in Kirkland, Washington, and Pune, India.

Cologone provides a wide range of services to its clients, including custom software development, software testing, offshore development and turnkey project services. Commercial models include fixed bid, time and material, SLA based, cost plus and financed development.

Cologone intensive recruiting, a creative and rigorous working culture in a learning environment and disciplined approach to project planning and implementation enable us to continuously delight our customers.

Chart of the Company

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ChairmanCEO (Chief Executive Officer) = CTO (Chief Technical Officer)

Director of Engineer

Project Technical Quality AssuranceManager Lead Manager

Senior Engineer Engineer Junior Engineer


HR Manager

Accounts DepartmentHR Executive

Business Development Department AdministrationDevelopment

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Mission & VisionPassion for customers,Passion for technology

Corporate Philosophy

All people, regardless of race, religion or culture, working together harmoniously for a brighter future for all. True global companies must foster relationships not only with their customers and the local communities in which they operate, but also with their environment and nations.

Corporate Missions

For our customers:To provide new value to our customers through high-quality products and superior services.

For our employees:To provide our employees with opportunities for self-development in a challenging and fun environment.

For our shareholders:To provide our shareholders with dependable and trustworthy management who provides strong and sustainable return on investments.

For our community:To act as a responsible corporate citizen to build a long-lasting, beneficial partnership with the local communities in which we do business.

ValuesOur values are our guiding principles that define what we stand for and how we strive to achieve our mission.Customer focus:

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Our customers determine our actions. Our top priority is to produce outstanding value to our customers, since ultimately our success depends on their satisfaction. We provide solutions that enable our customers to achieve their objectives faster, easier and more efficiently. Our desire to delight our customers has no limits.

People first:We respect our people, their diversity and their individuality. We encourage them to grow personally as well as professionally while working as a cohesive team. We always strive to surpass ourselves. If we don’t, others will. We demonstrate courage and conviction when introducing necessary changes. Our leaders have a clear vision and the will to achieve our goals. We set aggressive goals for ourselves and for our industry. We are zealous about our hiring.

Learning priority:In a dynamic industry, we continuously strive to learn, innovate and improve our knowledge, our processes and our relationships.

Success is the goal:We play to win. We benchmark ourselves internationally. We aim to have the best people in the industry, the best technology solutions and the best business results.

Integrity always:We aim to create a better world through our better knowledge and our hard work. We aspire to influence our community wherever we operate by creating jobs, by helping the community and by protecting our environment. We believe in impeccable personal and corporate integrity. This is the cornerstone of our every cornerstone.

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“Culture drives the organization and its actions. It is somewhat like “the operating system” of the organization. It guides how employees think, act and feel. It is dynamic and fluid, and it is never static.” – quote.

The Covelix culture is built from its leaders and its people who share a passion for technology and a passion to use it to solve real world customer problems. We have a can-do attitude about our work. Our teams constantly take up challenges that others would deem unthinkable. Self motivation and team work allow us to be constantly on the learning curve. We work hard and play hard. Everybody does whatever it takes to get the job done in a place where wearing multiple-hats on the job is often the requirement. We play to win and take no prisoners. Spirited and healthy competition is encouraged and every is celebrated with zest. Some terms that describes our leaders and our corporate culture.

Passion Self motivated Play to win Celebrate success

Can do-attitude Team work Fun loving Integrity

Straight shooting Goal oriented Humor! Community

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Department in the company

Administration Department:

1. To handle reception counter.2. To keep cleanliness in the company.3. Handle each and every inventory in the company.4. Operate all telephone in office.5. Welfare activity.

Account Department:

1. To calculate salary of employee in the company.2. To calculate all taxes.3. Making client invoicing.

Business Development Department:

1. To maintain/manage all kind of client relationship.2. Getting new contract of the project is the major function of this


HR/Personnel Department:

1. Manpower planning2. Recruitment & Selection3. Training 4. Inductions5. Grievance Handling

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USA Covelix, Inc218, Main StreetKirkland, WA 98033


INDIACovelix Technologies Pvt. Ltd4th floor, Gopal House, Above Mcdonalds, Karve Road, Kothrud, Pune 411029 India.

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If you are interested in translating your passion for technology into everyday solutions that change the world, join our spirited team.

If you are interested in being part of a creative team that redefines the box and then thinks outside it, contact us.

If you like to solve problems with laser focus and live for the delighted look on your customers face, we have a place for you.

If you can challenge us, compete with us, outsmart us, lead us or teach us, we want you.

If you are looking for a career, not just a job, come ride the roller-coaster with us.

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HR/Personnel Department

In company or any organization, HR Department likes other departments in an organization.

To help to achieve the goals of organization. To employ the skills & abilities of the workforce efficiency. To provide the organization with well-trained and motivated, etc.

Other functions of HR Department are as follows:

Manpower Planning

To consider the current manpower resources depending upon manpower inventory & future requirement of manpower, to formulate the plan for recruitment, promotion, training & development of manpower.

A manpower plan means “Sum total of range of objectives to be met, standards of performance required to reach those objectives & a determination of skills to sustain the performance.”

The company practices family relationship as they care their employee. COVELIX owes their success to their highly motivated & talented staff members.

Manpower planning is concerned with the Recruitment, Selection, Training, and HR Department & Business Developing Department. The HR/Personnel Department performs various functions, few are them are as follows:

1. One of the most important functions is of maintaining personnel files of all the employees in the company. A personnel file consists of all the relevant details of the person.

2. Issue of identity cards, salary certificate, etc.3. Performance appraisals of employees.4. Conducts Exit Interview.

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Fresher Candidates:Fresh candidate are picked up by conducting the campus interview

through the colleges & institutes.Campus interview is conducted once in year during the period of

April to June.Major source of the manpower planning in this company is through

references of employee.Another source of manpower is:

The advertisement in newspaper. Through the consultancy agencies. Through the job portals. Through the contractors, etc.

Experience Candidates:

For the senior post or the experience candidates which kind of knowledge they having depends on the client requirements.


They conduct the three types of Interview:

Fresher: Written test – i.e. objective type Three technical round Last HR round

Those candidates are passing above test then that goes to the final round/interview called HR Interview. After the HR Interview finally candidate will be selected. HR of project manager will inform to candidate before three days of joining.

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Experience Candidates:For the senior post or the experience candidate which kind of knowledge they have is depends on the client requirements.

For the experienced candidates they conduct three types of interview process: Telephonic interview round. Three technical tests round. HR round.


Induction is method of orientation of employee called fresher for familiarization, for awareness of the company.

The employee is given information by HR Department about: History of the company. Various policies, rules & regulations of the company. Various administrative major. Various privileges & benefits. Does & Don’ts.

The employee has given information About the work. Job Inventory information. Guidance.

- By the project manager of the company.

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A “planned process” to modify attitude, knowledge or skill behavior through learning experience to achieve effective performance.

Training needs of assessment is must be a constant program for assessing the training needs in the company.Training needs to employee:

To increase periodically. To improve quality. To help a company fulfill his future personnel needs. To improve company climate. To improve health & safety. Obsdescene prevention. Personnel growth.

Training Methods/ Techniques

Employee must having the specific training the knowledge of new applications, features, improved versions, application programming interfaces & upgrades for their existing business applications.They having the key strengths that are required to client enterprises do maintain work on its current product making.

Software Development process expertise. High quality talent pool. Rigor and discipline Communication processes Flexibility to meet changing business needs. Dedicated virtual research and development. Software testing. Application maintains and upgrades.

For e. g. – from C/C ++ to NET, moving an Informix Database implementation to SQL, or supporting an application on LINUX as well as AIX, etc.

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Exit Interview

The provision of exit interview is all employees working in the company. If a person is leaving the job, they are asked about the reason for leaving the company. A from is being given to them, which has to be duly filled and it is kept truly confidential, no name is disclosed if the job is being left because of any particular person.

For e.g. if a employee ill-treated in the company efforts are made to improve the person because the person because of whom the employees has left the job, and it is tried to retain the employee.

Salary and Bonus

The mode of payments of the salary is monthly basis employee having salary account in ICICI Bank.

Staff members are paid on the last working day of the every month.

In other payment mode, employee having yearly performance based Incentive (bonus), but bonus depends on the employee performance. It also depends on the performance appraisal of the employee.

Working Hours and Office Time

COVELIX Inc Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Pune believes in working 8 hrs in a day.

During the working hours, there is a break of one hour our lunch, between 1pm to 2pm.

Office Time

All employees have flexible work timing. Office generally timings is 10am to 7pm. Time office maintains attendance register of the employee and Electronic Swipe Card system is used for that purpose. This swipe card allotted to the all employee of the company. When this attendance comes-cum-gate pass is swiped the machine automatically records attendance of the respective employee. This provides more accuracy and no malfunctioning in attendance and most important a lot of time saved.

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Grievance Handling

“Broadly speaking grievance is any dissatisfaction that adversely affects productivity.”

Dale Yoder:“A complaint field by an employee and claiming Unfair Treatment.”

“It is a complaint expressed in writing or orally on a company-related matter.”

All grievances/ queries all department & company handling by HR Department.

Leave Account

Paid LeaveThe HR policy makes a provision of 18 days of paid leave per

annum for its every employee. And there is a provision also of giving all the Government holidays as paid leave of the employees like Ganesh Chaturthi, Dushera, Diwali, etc.

Covelix source has a weekly off on every Saturday & Sunday including National holidays.

Employee Welfare

Company conducts the weekly fun activity for their employees. They keep records of employee Date of Birth, celebrates Birthday of each an every employee. They arrange the picnics in each after three months to maintain freshness in regular work.

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Thus, we can conclude that the HR Department of COVELIX Inc Technology Pvt. Ltd., Pune, has real wide scope to provide amenities and facilities to provide a favorable working environment for its employees. After such a long period, still the company is following the principles and rules of the company.

We hope that COVELIX Inc Technology Pvt. Ltd., will act an inspiration to other companies and they will attach more importance and value to its most valuable resource that is human resource with the help of one of the most important department of the organization.

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Glenn Halstead named of CEO of CovelixCompany Founders will continue in Key Management PossitionsKirkland, WA. – August 22, 2006.

Covelix Inc. today announced that Glenn P. Halstead, 50, has been named Chief Executive Officer. Halstead succeeds Deepak Amin, 40, Covelix’ founding Chief Executive Officer. Amin will continue as Chairman and work closely with Halstead to help with the growth of the company from the company’s technology centre located in Pune, India.

A recognized business leader in the Northwest, Halstead brings more than 20 years of software industry experience to Covelix including Sales, Marketing, Operations and Outsourced Technology Services. Halstead, like Amin and Dhupdale, is a veteran of Microsoft where he spent 11 years in a number of key management roles including the founding of the Microsoft Western Region Corporate Sales Organization. Prior to joining Covelix, Halstead was a Managing Director for VMC, a Volt Information Sciences, Inc. (NYSC: VOL) company, where he was a member of the Executive Leadership Team and had a hands-on role in stabilizing and then expanding VMC’s role as a competitive outsource provider of software support and technology. Halstead was also a key contributor to VMC’s corporate strategy and led the company’s investment in state of the art workforce management technologies and the founding of VMC’s 80, 000 sq. ft. technical center of excellence in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“Glenn joins Covelix at exactly the right time in its growth.” said Amin. “His extensive background in the software industry and his global vision for outsourced software development will complement the capabilities of Covelix and allow the company to provide additional value to its current set of customers.” Covelix is dedicated to providing software companies and enterprise clients with strong development, test and quality assurance solutions and will continue to grow its presence here in the United States and in other markets around the world. “Glenn’s strong management experience will help shape Covelix as the company matures and we continue our growth and expansion,” said Dhupdale.

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News Room Covelix CEO invited to speak at the TIE – Microsoft organized event on “Windows Vista: Roadmap and Entrepreneurship Opportunities” Mar 16, 2006

Covelix Co-Founder Deepak Amin moderated a panel discussion organized by the Indus Entrepreneur and Microsoft on “Windows Vista: Roadmap and Entrepreneurship Opportunities.” The event showcase the upcoming release of Windows Vista and described new directions and opportunities that will be created in the industry because of the introduction of the new operating system by Microsoft. Speakers included Sanjay Parthasarathy, Vice President, Microsoft; Carter Maslan, Microsoft; Bill Baxter co-founder of B-square; Carey Butler, Vice President, B-square and Rajeev Agarwal, CEO of MAQ software.

Covelix co-founder speaks at Invited Lecture Series, University of Washington Business School, “Technology Management: Innovation and Entrepreneurship” Feb 25, 2006

Covelix CEO Deepak Amin delivers talk at University of Washington Business School in Seattle on Technology Management: Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Amin spoke about entrepreneurs and the various degrees of entrepreneurs fund themselves, especially in the early stages, the differences between venture funded startups and bootstrapped startups.

Covelix CEO invited to address World Bank Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Asia on “Entrepreneurship and the Role of Government” and “What VC’s look for in a Startup.” Feb 20th to 22nd 2006

Covelix co-founder and CEO Deepak Amin spoke at World Bank conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Asia held in Manila, Philippines. Participants from 16 countries representing industry, governments and civil society attended the conference. Amin spoke on entrepreneurship and the critical role of government in promoting new businesses and industries. His second presentation on “What Venture Capitalists look for in a Startup” explained to the audience what the world of venture capital looks like, how a venture capital fund is structured, what their success metrics are the mind of a venture capitalist. How to approach them and what they look for in companies before making investments.

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Covelix co-founder Deepak Amin speaks at NWEN Entrepreneurship Conference, “Outsourcing: India and China” Nov 10, 2005

Covelix was invited to speak at the Northwest Entrepreneur Conference held at the University of Washington in Seattle. Covelix CEO Deepak Amin spoke about IT Outsourcing. The trends in global outsourcing over the next 10 years, what to consider while taking a company down the path of offshoring, and what makes offshoring succeed. The various business models for setting up offshore operations, cost savings, selecting the right offshore partners and finally a comparison between India and China with respect to offshore maturity and capabilities.

Leading Northwest Entrepreneurs Discuss the Excitement of Startups: “I have a Terrific Idea, Now What?” Oct 20, 2005

Covelix co-founder and TIE character member Deepak Amin moderated a panel discussion about the exciting world of startups, what happens from idea to execution, how to do it, the pros and cons of venture capital, the focus on sales, hiring and team building, putting together boards and advisors, etc. Panelists included Ben Straughan partner at Perkins Coie, Chuck Hirsh partner at Madrona Ventures, Dennis Weston partner at Fluke Venture Partners, Hank Skorny CEO at Thumbspeed, Navin Jain CEO of Intelius and Shirish Nadkarni CEO and Founder of TeamOn Systems (acquired by Research in Motion.)

Covelix CEO Deepak Amin interviewed by leading German Business Magazine Brand Elins Oct, 2005

Brand Elins, a leading German Business monthly interviewed Covelix co-founder and IIT Bombay alumnus Deepak Amin about his education. His experience at Microsoft, his drive to do business between India and the US, to create jobs, to invest in new businesses, his views on India and its aspirations to become a developed country. The article talks about the role of educated Indians in setting up companies in India. Investing in India to create jobs and the use of micro-credit in alleviating poverty.

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Covelix CEO addresses Software CEO Forum, “How I sold my software company and what I’d do different next time.” June 9, 2005

Covelix Co-founder and CEO Deepak Amin shares his experiences with CEO’s of technology companies in the US about getting his previous software company vJungle acquired by Streamserve, lessons learned, what went right and what he would do differently the next time around. Other speakers at the Software CEO Forum included BOB Glovitz, whose firms ADS was acquired by Electronics for Imaging in 2004, Charles Mills, CEO of Firesign Computer, which sold to Allen Systems Group in 1998 and Devis Weiss, COO of Blue Ocean Software purchased by intuit in 2002.

Covelix Co-founder and CEO, Deepak Amin speaks at Perkins Coie seminar on “Doing the Deal: Mergers and Acquisitions in 2004 and Beyond” in Seattle, USA Oct 14, 2004.

Covelix Co-founder and CEO, Deepak Amin spoke at the Perkins Coie seminar on “Doing the Deal: Mergers and Acquisitions in 2004 and beyond.” Held at the prestigious Rainier Club in downtown Seattle, the event was attended by Seattle’s leading entrepreneurs and business leaders. The panelists included other local IT industry leaders Pradeep Singh CEO of Aditi, Samir Bodas CEO of Disha Technologies, Sanjay Kumar CEO of vCustomer, Richard Chapman Vice President, Economic Development Council of Seattle and King County. The panel discussed the issues of competitive advantages of doing offshore for companies. The success metrics of outsourcing, human capital requirements, regional competitive advantages, etc.