Natco 2k16 international applicants booklet

National Conference 2016 International Applicant’s Booklet AIESEC in Austria


Check out the booklet for a quick summer of the conference, plus information for coming to Austria.

Transcript of Natco 2k16 international applicants booklet

National Conference 2016International Applicant’s Booklet

AIESEC in Austria

NATCO 2k16 ………………………....About Austria ………………………...About the conference …………….Conference Fee ……………………...Visa requirements …………………..How to apply / Important dates Contact us ………………………………



For the first time ever, AIESEC in Linz has theprivilege of organising the annual NationalConference of AIESEC in Austria, NATCO.

In NATCO you have the chance to broadenyour network by meeting over 100 AIESECersfrom all 8 LCs of AIESEC in Austria.

Four days of sessions and workshops aredesigned to help you learn how you can

implement your skills and leadership qualitiesinside AIESEC by understanding AIESEC’sfunctional and strategic composition.

But that's not all. After the evening plenariesand reflecting on your learnings of the day, youhead back to your rooms, and get ready for the

awesome parties we have planned for you!

So, four days of work and play. What are youwaiting for?

Austria is a landlocked country of over 8.66million people in Central Europe. Theterritory of Austria covers 83,879 squarekilometres. Austria's terrain is highlymountainous, lying within the Alps, itshighest point is 3,798 metres). With Viennaas its capital, the majority of the populationspeak local Bavarian dialects of German astheir native language.

Geographically, politically, artistically andculinarily, all roads have led to Vienna forcenturies. Imperial grandeur. Cutting-edgeculture. Stunning natural beauty. Austriadoesn't just embody the great European

traditions -- it's the essence of Europeitself.

28.04. – 01.05.

Göstling/Ybbs, Lower Austria

For the past few years, NATCO has beenhappening in JUFA Hochkar. You can expectcozy rooms, nice food, a great view and maybeeven snow from this place. You can check thevenue’s website here.

The conference fee for international delegates is

€120. You will be invoiced after yourapplication is accepted, and your application isonly finalized after we confirm the payment isdone.

This fee includes:

4 days of workshops and sessions Room and board for 4 days and 3 nights Official NATCO attendance certificate

This fee does not include:

Transportation TO and FROM the the venueof the conference.

Potential visa-costs in the home country Lunch on the first day and dinner on the last

day Accommodation before or after the

conference Potential damage-fee in case of damage

caused to the venue

You can check here for the latestinformation about visa requirementsfor Austria.

If needed, we can provide you witha invitation letter to the conferencefor the given dates. However, weWILL NOT issue a ElectronicGuarantee letter.

In order to get more information, and to find the linkto the application form please visit our website

Keep in mind that the applications for the first roundare only open until April 10th 23:59. If you need aninvitation letter to apply for a visa, make sure yousign-up as soon as you make your mind, so everythinggoes smoothly.

April 1st – Cancellation deadlineThe deadline to CANCEL your application is April 1st.If you cancel your application after this day, you aresubjected to up to 100% of the conference fee ascancellation fee. (€120)

April 15th – Deadline for last changes in theregistrationApril 15th is the last day you can CHANGE somethingabout your application, such as arrival date or theamount of nights you would stay at the hostel.Changes after this date is subjected to up to 50% ofthe conference fee as charges. (€60)

We appreciate your feedback, and we want to hear fromyou! To give us feedback, or to ask any questions, just go toour Facebook page and message us there, and we will getback to you (almost) instantly. Alternatively, you can contactus via [email protected]

Andrea HametnerOCP

Zyanya Mendoza

Helene Weber

Amir Mirlohi

Good LuckAnd hope to see you at NATCO