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Mythical Creatures Test How well do you know mythical creatures? Click anywhere to continue


Mythical Creatures Test. How well do you know mythical creatures?. Click anywhere to continue. Main Menu. Start the test How to play Credits. The regenerating Bird. Phoenix. questions. 1) What element is the phoenix associated with?. Air Water Fire Earth. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mythical Creatures Test

How well do you know mythical creatures?

Click anywhere to continue

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The regenerating Bird


Page 4: Mythical Creatures Test

1) What element is the phoenix associated with?

a) Air

b) Water

c) Fire

d) Earth

Page 5: Mythical Creatures Test

2) A phoenix’s life-cycle (all lives together) is ____ - ____ years.

a) 50 – 100

b) 100 – 150

c) 11,000 – 12,000

d) 500 – 1,000

Page 6: Mythical Creatures Test

3) What is so special about phoenix tears?

a) They heal sick people

b) They heal wounds

c) When drunk, they will make you not hungry

d) They are not salty like human tears

Page 7: Mythical Creatures Test

4) Where did the story of the phoenix originate?

a) Mexico and Russia

b) Egypt and Greece

c) Philippians and Australia

d) Rome and Venice

Page 8: Mythical Creatures Test

5) When a phoenix starts it’s life cycle again, it...a) It burns in mid-flight and when it’s as

hes hit the ground a new phoenix comes from the ashes.

b) It burns up, only in the presents of it’s master and a new phoenix appears in the charred body.

c) It shrinks and disappears, then reappears as a new, young bird.

d) It build a nest and burns in it and a new bird appears in the ashes.

Page 9: Mythical Creatures Test

Children of the moon


Page 10: Mythical Creatures Test

1) Do werewolves have a choice of when they can transform?

a) Yes

b) No

c) They have the choice when there is a full moon.

d) Only if there is an enemy within a 500 mile radius.

Page 11: Mythical Creatures Test

2) Werewolves can be identified in human form by...

a) Bristles under their tongue.

b) Constant movement of their eyes.

c) Yellow nail buds.

d) All of the above.

Page 12: Mythical Creatures Test

3) What is the most efficient way for humans turn into werewolves?a) Sleeping with a full moon shining on yo

ur face.

b) Drinking a water out of a werewolf’s foot print.

c) Being bitten by a werewolf.

d) Any of the above.

Page 13: Mythical Creatures Test

4) Which plants can ward off werewolves?

a) Wolfsbane, Garlic and Holly.

b) Mistletoe, Kosher Salt and Holly.

c) Wolfsbane, Kosher Salt and Jasmine Rice.

d) Rye, Mistletoe and Wolfsbane.

Page 14: Mythical Creatures Test

5) Christians believed that to cure a werewolf, you had to...

a) Say it’s Christian name 3 times.

b) Piercing it’s hands with nails to represent Christ forgiving it’s sins.

c) Writing it’s Christian name on it’s forehead in Holy Water.

d) Baptising it with a white hot metal stick instead of water.

Page 15: Mythical Creatures Test

Half man, half horse


Page 16: Mythical Creatures Test

1) Centaurs are the offspring of...

a) The Gods Ares and Cronos

b) Other Centaurs.

c) Cronitel and Pentaus

d) Ares and a cloud

Page 17: Mythical Creatures Test

2) Centaurs live...

a) On mountains.

b) In Forests.

c) In Royal Cities.

d) Any of the above.

Page 18: Mythical Creatures Test

3) Centaurs have wings and horns.

a) True

b) False

c) Only in some stories

d) Only if they have fought in a battle

Page 19: Mythical Creatures Test

Blood drinkers of the night

Vampires(original) questions

Page 20: Mythical Creatures Test

1) Vampires sleep...

a) In a coffin.

b) Hanging upside-down.

c) They don’t.

d) Any of the above.

Page 21: Mythical Creatures Test

2) Vampires can be killed...

a) By a wooden stake

b) By a silver bullet

c) By a wooden bullet

d) By being splashed with liquid sun

Page 22: Mythical Creatures Test

3) To enter a person’s house, a Vampire...

a) Must have tasted the persons blood.

b) Must have carved their mark somewhere on the house.

c) Must be invited in.

d) Must have a hair from the person’s head in their hand.

Page 23: Mythical Creatures Test

4) Romans believed that this day was the best to kill a vampire because on this day they lay weak and human in their graves.

a) Saturday

b) Sunday

c) Wednesday

d) Trick Question

Page 24: Mythical Creatures Test

5) Which one of these characteristics is not from a vampire legend from somewhere in the world.a) Purple face.

b) One nostril

c) Unpleasant smelling breath

d) Green nails

Page 25: Mythical Creatures Test

FINAL QUESTIONClick on the sentence that is incorrect. Phoenix tears heal wounds. Vampires can be killed by a wooden

stake. Centaurs are the offspring of Ares an

d a cloud. Werewolves have bristles under thei

r tongues. To enter a house, werewolves have t

o be asked to come in. To start it’s life again, a phoenix buil

ds a nest and burns.


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You have been eaten but you have the power of resurrection, go towards the light or restart your category....

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You have defeated the creatures of imaginations from all over the world. But are they only products of the imagination.....?

Play again Main Menu

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Truthfully pick which creature you were on...





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CreditsAuthor and creator: Nicky Duncan

Pictures: Free Google images and MPP Clip Art

Tech Support: Mr. Banack and Kyle Monda

Information: Multiple websites including Wikipedia and

Creation Program: Microsoft PowerPoint

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How to Play Click Start Game You will be given 4 possible answers. Pick the one you think is right If it is right, you will automatically continue to the next question. If you are wrong, you will be eaten and given the choice of resurrection (restarts the game) or go towards the light (back to main menu) There are 4 creatures; Phoenix (5 questions), Werewolves (5 questions), Centaurs (3 questions) and Vampires (5 questions) + a final question!!!!

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