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  • 1. By Gabriela Maka

2. Monday Breakfast: cereal with milk Lunch: sandwich, tea Dinner: roast chicken, salad Supper: yoghurt, tea 3. Tuesday Breakfast: salad, tea Lunch: peach,burger,juice Dinner: cauliflower,baked potatoes,salad Supper: sandwich, milkshake 4. Wednesday Breakfast: boiled egg,tea,bread Lunch: water,apple juice,pizza Dinner: roast chicken,tea,baked potatoes, Supper: yoghurt,tea,burger 5. Thursday Breakfast: juice,tomato sandwich Lunch: plum,tea,yoghurt Dinner: steak,salad Supper: pizza,coke 6. Friday Breakfast: cereal with milk Lunch: juice Dinner: salad , tea Supper: boiled egg, milk 7. Saturday Breakfast: sandwich, tea, apple Lunch: jelly, juice Dinner: baked potatoes,couliflower Supper: sandwich,tea 8. Sunday Breakfast: cereal with milk Lunch: pear Dinner: roast chicken, baked potatos Supper: pizza, coke