My Dream Car

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Dream car for human.

Transcript of My Dream Car

VolkswagenVolkswagen built in Wolfsburg. Lower Saxony. Germany. From past to present. Volkswagen is very popular on all continents in the world.Volkswagen abbreviated to VW. Built in Germany since 28 May,1937. Germany law defines all vehicles must be performance, cheap price as motorcycle. The designer is Ferdinand Porsche. The same design Porsche. Volkswagen and Porsche appears in the movies and animations. For example Detactive Conan. Volkswagen is great than all sport cars. Current Volkswagen is Owner of Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini Guinea, Porsches Koda and Scania. Volkswagen means Peoples car. Slogan of Volkswagen in current is Das Auto. It means car.Volkswagen Beetle. It is a well known name. From the past to current.

Volkswagen BeetleVolkswagen Beetle produce until 1938-2003 by Ferdinand Porsche. Beetle is the need for this kind of car and its functional by Adolf Hitler, Leader of Nazi Germany. Beetle with over 21 million manufactured the Beetle is the longest and manufactured car of a single design in the world.

Austin miniNowadays you can see many drivers on the roads are mostly such as cars. Cars and vans, but there are a few that I have seen mini drive around on the street because mini or mini Austin is not produced worldwide but Mini Austin produced England by Sir Alex Lewis sin Scot Nis designers. cars of BMC (BMC: British Motor Corporation)'s largest car manufacturer in

Austin mini versions of the most popular.Morris Mini-Traveller and Austin Mini Country Man (1961-69, particularly in the United Kingdom): 2-door car with rear double doors. Minivan (1960-82): Can load ton chassis designed to be as long as the travel trailer but no door. Was popular in the 1960s in Britain as a cheaper car. It is a car that is used in trade tax minivan was renamed as the Mini 95.