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co . MUST ARD AND #eat boldly georgetown, seattle sauce 734 904 9877 650 S. Orcas St, Seattle, WA 98108
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Mustard and Co. current collection of mustards. #eatboldly

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  • co.MUSTARD AND#eatboldlygeorgetown, seattlesauce

    734 904 9877 650 S. Orcas St, Seattle, WA 98108

  • Mustard and Co. was launched on the basis that goodfood should be enjoyed in the company of boldcondiments. Bold condiments have bold flavors and boldflavor means quality. To achieve superior quality, we stickto a minimum number of ingredients, all of which arerecognizable and have great flavor. That means balsamicvinegar in place of distilled white vinegar, extra virgin oliveoil in place of a more ordinary one, local raw honey, andsalt from here in the Northwest.

    And since we eat with our eyes first, bold means strikingpackaging that grabs the eye, begs for attention and getsthe conversation going. Let's dig in!

  • Our original variety and the mustard that earned our street-cred. This is Justin's first creation as inspired by the twoingredients that would distinguish our mustard from therest: balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Beyondthese two core ingredients, Justin tossed in two of hisfavorite pantry items, raw honey and curry, and out came abold mustard sauce that is slightly sweet, full of flavor, andpacks a punch. Don't let the curry intimidate you. You'll besurprised how well these seven ingredients cometogether, especially when rubbed on salmon.

  • After our original coupling of honey and curry met greatsuccess, we figured we'd expand into additional flavorpairings. So, when a local chef encouraged we experimentwith a garlic and dill combination, it was a no-brainer. LikePB&J and salt & caramel, garlic & dill were just meant tobe together. Alone they're fine and dandy. Together theyare unstoppable. This one is sure to perform exceptionallywell in your grandma's famous egg salad.

  • Even before Mustard and Co. came to light, we've beenhuge fans of Jacobsen Salt Co. So when we teamed upto bring you the best of the Northwest in the form of aclassic brown style mustard, it was a dream come true.These guys make the world's greatest salt and it's just theright touch to complete this five ingredient mustard. Anddon't let the spice fool you, horseradish is not one of thefive. Use as it as your favorite brown mustard onsandwiches and grilled brats, but don't forget its place inbarbecued ribs or a simple salad dressing.

  • Inspired by mustard based BBQ sauces, we flipped thesouthern classic on its head and crafted a BBQ basedmustard sauce. It has all the great smokiness and just atad of sweetness that any good BBQ sauce should have,along with the refreshing kick of the mighty mustard seed.Kick your baked beans up a notch with this one or fire upthe grill and use it as a marinade with pork or chicken.

  • Another popular request by avid mustard fans looking for amustard that's just a bit fancier than the others. Wesearched far and wide for the best true infused olive oilwe could get our hands on, mixed it in with our core set ofingredients and magic ensued. The flavor of true up frontwith the kick of the mustard seed on the tail end is aperfect combination when used in deviled eggs toppedwith pickled mushrooms.

  • Obviously we're all about eating boldly and we want tomake that as easy as possible. Here's how we do that:Guaranteed SalesWe'll guarantee the sale of all of our mustards.Free shipping or deliveryOn minimum orders of 3 cases or more, we'll cover whatever it takes toget it to you.Tasting SamplesWe know folks love to try before they buy. If you're able to hand outsamples, we're more than happy to provide extras on us.BulkWe do have our mustard available in bulk containers. We also have aspecial arrangement for shops that have a use for retail and bulk.Lead TimeThough we're typically much faster, we ask that you factor in 7 daysbefore we send your package on its way.Payment TermsWe ask that you send a check back our way within 14 days of receivingyour mustard. It'll help us make more!