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Transcript of Module 15 view2017-07-17... (K/L/T) Visibility. Brand exposure. ... Fear (bigger than fear of...

Module 15 Writing Your Signature Talk; Profiting from Speaking Networking & Trade Shows

Sold Out Coaching Programs

With Business Mentor and Best Selling Author Marcia Bench

Checking In

How did your week go?

This Weeks Topics

Why speaking? Where and how to find speaking gigs How to prepare your signature talk How to deliver your signature talk, especially speak-to-sell How to profit from trade show exhibiting

Money & Mindset Focus: Embracing Vulnerability

Increasingly, the most valuable currency you have as a coach is your story and your willingness to be vulnerable and share it

Every time you go live on Facebook or other video, do a speech or webinar, you have the opportunity to connect authentically

Embrace this opportunity dont shy away from it! Its a key part of your spiritual growth AND wealth creation!

Finding speaking opportunities

Why Speaking?

Best way to connect with prospective clients (K/L/T) Visibility Brand exposure Credibility Leads to other opportunities

Important Guidelines!

1. Set a goal to speak 1-2 times per month, some local and a few national during the year

2. Develop a couple of talks around your signature system to offer

3. Always plan to help the sponsor with marketing

4. Schedule date first, THEN prepare your specific content so you can tailor it

Biggest Barrier

Fear (bigger than fear of death)

Best way to conquer: gain knowledge + practice bring speaking into your comfort zone by preparing, practicing, and getting critique before you speak for real



Have an organization sponsor or host you dont try to host yourself!

Adds credibility + instant audience

Where to Find Sponsors

Where does your tribe congregate?

Example: health coach tribe congregates at yoga studio, health food store, acupuncture clinic etc.

Be creative too!

Make a List Now

How to Approach

1. Email plus follow-up call to Program Manager or Events Organizer

a) Share your qualificationsb) Ask if they accept speakers, when they are currently schedulingc) Give talk title would this add value?d) State any references or other talkse) Tell them you will follow up

How to Approach

Attend trade association meeting of your tribe, meet program chair there. (May take multiple contacts.)

Walk into the business and see if they do workshops for their customers, leave flyer with your info, get contact to follow up with

When networking (or speaking!), ask people for names of other organizations or meetings that use outside speakers in your specialty/area.



Content for Your Talk

Draw on your Signature System

What are the 3 biggest problems your tribe faces?

Develop your talk around those (use webinar template) and create a compelling title (refer to Power Words in resources section)


Weight loss coach clients biggest problem is sticking to diet when traveling

Your talk: 3 Tips to Eating Healthy and Losing Weight Even When Traveling

Try it Now!

Promoting Your Talk or Event

Amount of promotion depends on whether the place you are speaking is public or closed

When speaking or exhibiting or networking at one venue, share flyers about your next speaking gig or event

Use flyer (one- or two-sided) or postcard

Optional QR code for instant registration

Have a One-Sheet that overviews you, your topics and references


Your One-Sheet or Flyer


Your topic Title Short talk description with 3-4 bullets Your bio Contact info

(Research Speaker One-Sheet Templates online)

Add for event flyer:

Talk location, date and time Registration link or process

Delivering your speech

Its Happened!

You have gotten a speaking gig!

It might be in a yoga studio, at church, at a professional group meeting or as one speaker among many at a larger event.


But Wait

What the *#&% do I say??

Planning Your Talk

Though you will need to know your GENERAL topic to book the gig, you can create your SPECIFIC talk and title to fit each audience

That is your starting point!


You are a life coach speaking generally on how to have more satisfying relationships

When you are speaking to the Parents Without Partners group, your title might be How to Co-Parent with Ease, Stay on Good Terms with Your Ex and Still Have a Life

You Already Know the Structure!

Review our training on the 7 parts to your webinar and use them here

ONLY difference: you make your offer only ONCE, at the end not in the middle

3 Types of Speaking Gigs

1. Speak for fee

2. Speak to sell

3. Pay to play aka sponsorship model

Where to Focus?

In the beginning, Speak to Sell is best as you hone your skills and because you can leave the room with either money in hand OR solid leads


3 Parts to a Live Presentation:

1. Introduction

2. Body

3. Offer (assuming you are doing Speak to Sell)

We will go into each in detail.

Preparing Before Your Event

Write an OUTLINE or loose script (not to read word for word) of your talk

PRACTICE the talk several times and tweak timings, placement of stories etc.

MEMORIZE your first 2 minutes of the talk to minimize stage fright, also memorize as much as you can of the offer

If you can even if shes a volunteer have an ASSISTANT on site for moral support and help with signups at end of your talk

If giving a RAFFLE GIFT to get business cards, be sure you bring it!

At the Event, Before You Start

1. Check room setup; make (or have hotel make) any needed changes

2. You should have FEWER seats than you think you need so its Standing Room Only (for energy)

3. Request display table where your assistant can sit AND your products (if any) be displayed

4. Check sound levels and projector to ensure all works well

As People Start to Arrive

Be enthusiastic and welcoming

Greet each person as they walk in, have some initial conversation

If you are not getting the sign-in sheet or doing a drawing, pass one around as they arrive. Always fill in the first line with fake info to get them started!BREAKING IT DOWN

Your Introduction 5 Parts

NOTE: This is 20-30% of your talk

1. Get their attention question, statistic or activity

2. Tell your story show credibility as well as vulnerability include where you started, the problem you faced, turning point, how you solved it and how you help others now

3. Your topic and why you chose it

4. Position your audience:

This talk is for you if you:

Have tried getting the job search info you need online, but its not working Are 3 months into the job search without an interview Are restless and discontented in your job and dont know how to get started finding a new one

5. Set the intention (Youll give your all but also a chance to go deeper at the end)

Body of Talk 4 Parts

NOTE: This is 50% of your talk1. Reveal the problem2. Give 1-3 solutions to the problem3. Back up evidence for the solutions (testimonials, case studies, stats)4. State why you are the better/best person/system to solve the problem

Offer 9 Parts for Free Sessions

NOTE: This is 20-30% of your talk1. Transition to offer (Remember how I said Id tell you how to go deeper?)2. Inspiration (what would be possible with a solution?)3. Education (a stat about your topic)4. Introduction of free session [or product in longer version5. Benefits of the program or free session6. Features of the program or free session (logistics, how many sessions, start date etc.)7. Investment aka price including why you chose it8. Call to action (how to sign up or buy?)9. Limiters (number, time, bonuses)

Offer 13 Parts to Offer Paid Program

[First 9 are same as above; then:]10. Objections talk through a couple of the common ones11. Summarize the program, benefits, features, investment and limiters12. Close by creating a new possibility13. Repeat call to action and remind them what they need to do to get started

Offer Formats

See Offer Sheet Examples in Resource Area for ways to set up your offer on paper

ONLY hand this out when you are ready to start making the offer (last 10 minutes of your talk) NOT ahead of time and separately from any handout you provide!

Dont Forget to Follow Up!

Get testimonial from group host AND from attendees

Book all interested leads within 48 hours

Invite all whose names you got to get your free opt-in gift/lead magnet and get them in your nurture sequence or ezine list



Trade Show Exhibiting

Should you exhibit at your local chamber or business expo? Be sure its a targeted audience with a high % of your ideal customers See if theres an opportunity to do a short presentation speaking + exhibiting is ALWAYS a better and more successful combo

Recommendation: get a speaking gig at a state or national conference first, THEN book your exhibit there and cross promote

Success Tips for Your Exhibit

#1 have something to draw them in a basket or other giveaway and bowl for cards

Have a theme; tablecloth?