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Transcript of MicroSave-Africa’s Focus Groups and PRA Tools A MicroSave presentation distributed on

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  • MicroSave-Africas Focus Groups and PRA Tools A MicroSave presentation distributed on www.ideasnet.org
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  • MicroSave-Africa Market Research for MicroFinance How the Tools were Developed Developed with 9 MFIs in Bangladesh Philippines Kenya/Tanzania/Uganda Pilot-tested as a toolkit in Kenya/Tanzania/Uganda Training underway/planned for: International Networks MFIs in East/South/West Africa African TA Consultants
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  • MicroSave-Africa Market Research for MicroFinance Focus Group Discussion Participatory Rapid Appraisal Tools (14) Seasonality Analyses Lifecycle Analysis Product Attribute Ranking Wealth Ranking Cash Mobility Mapping Financial Sector Trend Analysis Handout: A Quick Introduction to Market Research for MicroFinance
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  • What Is A Focus Group Discussion ? Relatively new technique for data collection. Used to collect qualitative data - provides descriptive information not numbers and figures. 6-8 homogeneous participants discuss a particular issue lead by a moderator probing (not prompting) and helping the group explore the issues in depth. The discussion is recorded. The Focus in Focus Group Discussion describes the importance of focusing on a few key (generally related) issues.
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  • When Is A Focus Group Discussion Useful/Applicable ? To collect a large amount of complex data in a relatively short period of time. More in-depth examination of issues through the dynamics of a peer-group discussion. It is useful for qualitative/descriptive data collection and/or when detailed information is required in a short period of time.
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  • Focus Group Discussion Process Get to know the sector Get to know the clients et al Arrange Logistics and Select Interviewees Prepare and Pre-Test Discussion Guide Run Focus Group Discussion Analyse Data and Prepare Report and Presentation
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  • Market Research & Prototype Development Process Overview Qualitative Research: FGD/PRA Concept Development Qualitative Research Plan Refine the Concept into a Prototype Problem Definition Quantitative Research: Prototype Testing Product Ready for Pilot-test Understanding clients needs Testing the product prototype
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  • Focus Groups depend on the Moderator
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  • Focusing on the Issues
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  • and is fun too!!!
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  • Exercise Break into four groups 1. Seasonality Analysis 2. Life Cycle Analysis 3. Financial Sector Trend Analysis 4. Product Attribute Ranking Review the outputs of these PRA tools and answer the three questions. Handout: PRA Tools (and on completion of the exercise PRA Tools Resolved)
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  • Seasonality Analysis
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  • Life-Cycle Analysis
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  • Product Attribute Ranking
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  • Uses and Options for the MicroSave-Africa Market Research for MicroFinance Market Research - for product development or refinement Analysis of vulnerability/risk/opportunities and how clients use financial services Analysis of financial landscape - informal/formal Analysis of drop-outs and delinquency problems Impact assessment Analysis of relative depth of outreach Fraud/rent-seeking identification Implementation cost
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  • FGD & PRA: Many Uses in Many Settings
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  • MicroSave-Africa A CGAP/DFID/UNDP Initiative Promoting high-quality financial services for poor people Shelter Afrique Building, Mamlaka Road, P.O. Box 76436, Nairobi, Kenya Tel: 254 (0)2 724801/724806/726397 Fax: 254 (0)2 720133 Email: [email protected]@MicroSave-Africa.com Website: http://www.MicroSave-Africa.comMicroSave-Africa.com