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Transcript of Merillat Classic® P oduct Line Spec Book - Hass Wh Classic-Spec-book.pdf oduct Line Spec Book...

  • ClassicClassicTM Product Line Spec Book©2013 Masco Cabinetry LLC. Printed in the USA ( 002032134 ) R 11/13 M

    erillat Classic® Product Line Spec Book

    Fall 2013

    Fall 2013

    Our cornerstone product line.

    If it wasn’t for the support of the people in this community, we never could have achieved what we have.

    —Orville Merillat


    This consumer-facing website offers many ways to inspire organizational solutions in beautiful cabinetry options, as well as drive business to our dealers. Here are some highlights:

    • View inspirational designs and photos.

    • Download floor plan drawings from photosets to gather design ideas.

    • Visualize door styles by wood species and finish.

    • Use the “Features & Accessories for Your Lifestyle” to view organizational solutions by room type.

    • Engage consumers by directing them to the “Step-by-Step Kitchen Planner” to create a mood board to share with their designer.

    • Educate consumers about wood characteristics, installation, Merillat Cabinetry sustainability initiatives, and dos and don’ts of cabinetry care.

    If you’re not currently registered for, you could be missing important product and brand information that can assist you with your Merillat Cabinetry sales efforts. It’s quick and easy, so visit the site and register today. It will enable you to:

    • Check order status.

    • Download or order product literature, like the product brochure, specification and price books, door/style finish codes, and 20-20 Design updates. (For questions on 20-20 Design, email [email protected])

    • Download promotional materials, such as brand campaign print ads, direct mail postcards, videos and counter cards.

    • Order samples and displays, like wood chips, selection centers, and sample doors and backer cards.

    Merillat Cabinetry Customer Care Resources

    Electronic means are convenient, but sometimes you just need to talk to a person, and Merillat Cabinetry Customer Care consultants are here to help. Your consultant can help you:

    • Order product.

    • Follow up on orders or track delivery progress.

    • Discuss product situations or address invoice questions.

    Your Merillat Cabinetry Account Manager is there to help you … every step of the way. Make sure to contact them whenever you have questions, concerns or need information.

    Additional assistance is available through Customer Care: (855) 896-9803, (855) 896-9798, or [email protected] For NEW ORDERS ONLY: (866) 998-4432, or [email protected] For Quality Assurance: [email protected]

    Looking for Merillat Classic® sales support? These resources can help.

    Merillat® cabinetry carries the seal of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, meaning our cabinets exceed or meet the recommended minimum construction and performance standards outlined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI/KCMA) Specification A161.1.

    Masco Cabinetry LLC is proud to demonstrate its commitment to environmental sustainability through the certification administered by the KCMA. All Masco Cabinetry facilities have also obtained ISO 14001 certificate of approval, demonstrating our commitment to reducing the impact of operations on the environment.

    Cover: Some featured new products coming spring 2014.

  • Table of Contents

    What’s New i-v Welcome i What’s New ii Code System iii-iv Understanding Product Codes v

    Door Styles A1-A8

    Finishes B1-B4

    Construction Specifications and Options C1-C18 Cabinet Specifications C1-C5 Construction Options C6-C18

    Wall Cabinets D1-D30 Wall Cabinets D1-D15 Wall Open Cabinets D16-D18 Wall Hoods D19-D20 Wall Accessories D21-D30

    Base Cabinets E1-E36 Base Cabinets E1-E23 Base Accessories E24-E36

    Tall Cabinets F1-F12 Tall Cabinets F1-F5 Tall Accessories F6-F12

    Vanity Cabinets G1-G16 Vanity Cabinets G1-G11 Vanity Accessories G12-G16

    Office Cabinets H1-H4 Office Cabinets H1-H3 Office Accessories H4

    Universal Cabinets I1-I6

    Panels-Shelving-Trays J1-J10 Panels J1-J2 Shelving J3-J4 Trays J5-J10

    Decorative Enhancements K1-K26 Supports & Valances K1-K2 Moldings K3-K13 Molding Accents K14-K17 Decorative Hardware K18-K26

    Cabinet Care L1-L6

    Use and Care M1 -M14 Use and Care M1 Stain, Glaze and Paint Direct Ship M2 Framed Cabinet Specifications M3-M14

    Indexes N1-O4 Nomenclature Index N1-N6 Index O1-O4

    Table of Contents Fall 2013

    Table of Contents

  • W ha

    t’s N


    Welcome to your New 2013 Merillat Classic® Product Specifications Book

    We’ve made some major changes to this book that we hope will assist you in navigating products, designing, ordering and installation.

    Here are a couple of things you’ll notice:

    Format The new format arranges product information in rows instead of columns. This design is consistant with Merillat Masterpiece® product line specifications book.. The goal was to create a spec book that is cleaner, easier to understand and faster to navigate.

    Order Code System defined We’ve created an Order Code System map that explains how it works and what it all means. In addition, we’ve integrated the code examples and provided code segment references throughout the entire book.

    Door Style section The Door Style section has been refreshed! We moved the Finish and Construction information it contained and made new Finish and Construction Option sections. Separating the sections provide more in-depth detail for Door Styles, Finishes, and Construction Options.

    Options We’ve redefined how options work in our book by designing a system that directly communicates option availability. Options are now shown to the right of each product with an icon that corresponds to its availability. This will allow you to quickly recognize the option availability for each cabinet.

    We hope you love our new format as much as we do! We genuinely feel that this specification book goes beyond the normal listing of part numbers by providing you with the tools needed to get the job done.

    Whether your feedback is a question, suggestion or a compliment we would love to hear from you. Please share with us at [email protected]

    Thanks for choosing Merillat Classic® , our cornerstone product line!

    Welcome Fall 2013i

  • W hat’s N


    What’s Changed August 2013

    • Matching Interior now available on non-plywood glass door cabinets (MG, PR, GD) • Plywood Ends now available with Chiffon and Cotton • Arched door styles no longer available on Vanities; this includes VB, VSB, VCD, VD, VHB, VL, VLC, MVEP, VW or VWB cabinets

    What’s Discontinued August 2013


    Toffee with Pearl Glaze TFPLZ

    Wall Cabinets

    Wall Double Door W2712 Wall Double Door W2715 Wall Double Door W2718 Wall Double Door W2724 Wall Double Door W2730 Wall Double Door W2736 Wall Double Door W2742

    Base Cabinets

    Base Double Door–Half Depth Shelf B27 HDS Base Double Door–Full Depth Shelf B27 FDS Base Double Door–2 Standard Trays B27 2ST Base Double Door–4 Standard Trays B27 4ST Base Double Door–4 Deluxe Trays B27 4DT Base Double Door Full Height–Half Depth Shelf B27FH HDS Base Double Door Full Height–Full Depth Shelf B27FH FDS Base Double Door Full Height–12” Deep B2712FH Base Double Door Full Height –2 Standard Trays B27FH 2ST Base Double Door Full Height–4 Standard Trays B27FH 4ST Base Double Door Full Height–4 Deluxe Trays B27FH 4DT Peninsula Base Double Door–Full Depth Shelf PB27 FDS Peninsula Base Double Door–2 Standard Trays PB27 2ST Peninsula Base Double Door–4 Standard Trays PB27 4ST Peninsula Base Double Door–4 Deluxe Trays PB27 4DT Sink Base Double Door SB27 Sink Base Double Door SB2727 Sink Base Double Door with Utility Tray SB27UT Sink Base Double Door with Utility Tray SB2727UT Sink Base Double Door Full Height SB27FH Standard Base Tray Kit–Double Faced BTK27DF

    Tall Cabinets

    Oven Cabinet Single OCS2784 Oven Cabinet Single OCS2790 Oven Cabinet Single OCS2796 Oven Cabinet Universal OCU2784 Oven Cabinet Universal OCU2790 Oven Cabinet Universal OCU2796

    Vanity Cabinets

    Arched Vanities All Vanity Base Double Door Full Height VB2718FH Vanity Base Double Door Full Height VB27FH Vanity Base Double Door Full Height VB273518FH Vanity Base Double Door Full Height VB2735FH

    What’s New for the Merillat Classic®product line in 2013

    Gray color coding indicates new product, size or code.

    Watch for this icon highlighting new items:

    Watch for gray codes and this note highlighting new models or codes: ROT1518

    New Product

    Door Styles (November 2013) Page #

    Bayville in Cherry and Maple A2 Cannonsburg in Cherry and Maple A2 Cannonsburg w/5-piece drawer front option in Cherry and Maple A2 Fox Harbor in Cherry and Maple A3 Glen Arbor in Cherry, Maple and Red Oak A3 Ralston in Cherry and Maple A4-5 Ralston w/5-piece drawer front option in Cherry and Maple A4-5 Tolani in Red Oak A7 Tolani w/3-piece drawer front option in Red Oak A7

    Finishes (December 2013) Page #

    Amaretto on