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Presented at the international symposium on CSR in India, this step through presentation showed the audience how to measure social impact - important given the changes announced to the legislation where it is now mandated in India for business and industry. The video of my presentation will be on YouTube soon!

Transcript of Measuring social impact

  • 1. Measuring Impact International Symposium on CSR, Bangalore, India December 11th 13th 2013Matthew Tukaki, Chairman of Sustain Group Chairman of ISo Post 2015 Agenda

2. What are we going to do today?I am going to show you how to measure social impact! 3. About Sustain Sustain Group is a social investment and social impact consulting company domiciled in Australia with the management of projects and initiatives in Australia, Asia, Africa and the subcontinent. Founded in 2010 Based in Australia We are essentially an international development company 4. Definition: Social Investment Social investment is where an organisation either funds directly or indirectly a community based initiative, CSR activity or social development activity whereby the investment has a clearly defined return. The Sustain Group 2012 - 13 5. The Social Impact Evaluation FrameworkThe back-end evaluation enables us, with some certainty, to determine the end social impact 6. Touch Points for Measurement Breadth of Impact (a measurement of how many people the project has impacted both directly and indirectly); Changing Behaviours (The depth to which the project or commitment has changed behaviour or encouraged a change in a mindset / approach); Organisational Wellbeing (The degree to which an organisation has further developed or improved as a result of the engagement); Empowerment (The degree to which a person or a community has been empowered towards change or development); Depth of Impacts (The degree to which a project provides lasting, positive changes in an organisation or individual); and Quality of management and project implementation (a baseline measure of how well the project was implemented). 7. Mapping against the Millennium Development Goals Definition The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are eight international development goals that were established following the Millennium Summit of the United Nations in 2000, following the adoption of the United Nations Millennium Declaration. Operating Guidance Does the company state in any of its reports that it is aligned / planning to align with the MDGs targets set for the country of domicile if located in a developing nation? Are social investments aligned with an MDG Category and if so which one (s) Is this a contribution that can be made in terms of the national goals and priorities? Does the investment meet the descriptive criteria or can a % contribution be assessed or evaluated against? 8. Right lets be strategic Now Im going to show you how we split your CSR projects and undertakings into portfolios! 9. The Portfolios 10. Now its time to set our KPIs! Without KPIs and timelines for delivery youre doomed to fail 11. Focus Area: Education e.g.Region 1 12. Portfolio Key Indicators: Education e.g.Each portfolio or targeted investment will need to have clear KPIs including timelines for delivery. Without them you will not be able to effectively measure the social and economic impact of the investment because you start with an intangible series of aspirations as opposed to outcomes. These KPIs and timeline will be agreed to by the investors ahead of the project implementation. This is also to ensure the investment budget is being adhered to. By way of example an education investment could begin with the building of a school in a developing country. Y1 is equal to the initial development phase where is years 2-5 are focussed on specific social outcomes such as (being equal to): A +P = Attendance + Participation / A+P + L + N = A + P + Literacy + Numeracy and A + P + L + N + T = A + P + L + N + Transition (the movement of the student to employment or further study. 13. Why is measuring impact important? Its commercial stupidity not to Throwing money down a deep dark hole Failing to succeed in the very endeavour you originally set your heart or mind to 14. Get in