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  • 1. Frank Kozik

2. Franks Background

  • Frank Kozik is an artist born in Madrid, Spain in 1962. he moved to the United States at the age of 14 and settled in Austin Texas.

3. Frank Kozik has been credited with revitalizing poster art with his unique perspective and designs. Sometimes His work can be very controversial or sometimes it can be warm and fuzzy. Kozik came to prominence during the 1980s designing concert posters in Austin, Texas. Franks Early work 4. Franks inspiration

  • Frank Kozik Draws American Pop Culture in his own way. His most obvious inspiration can be seen in his posters where he borrows from American super heroes and old cartoons. He has also been heavily influenced in part by Russian military posters.

5. Prints * 6. Figurines & Vinyl Toys 7. Achievements

  • Kozik's art is frequently featured in well known galleries and venues such as CBGBs in New York City and La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles his work has also been shown in Japan and Europe.He has made artwork for record covers and concert posters for artists such as Pearl Jam, George Clinton, Green Day, Soundgarden, Boss Hogg, Beck and many more. Kozik's art has been featured in ads for companies such as Nike and Absolut Vodka. He has even directed a music video for the band Soundgarden. He has even appeared in magazines such asEntertainment Weekly ,Rolling Stone ,JuxtapozandNewsweek.

8. 9. Where he is now.

  • Frank Kozik is currently based in San Francisco, California where he continues to produce astonishing art and oversee his music label,Man's Ruin Records.His stable of artists includes Alabama Thunder Pussy, The Bulimics, Dozer, Fu Manchu and Men of Porn.

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