Masters of Marketing: Effective Blogging

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Masters of Marketing Effective Blogging
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Presentation slides from the May 10th Masters of Marketing webinar from Insurance Technologies Corporation on Effective Blogging,

Transcript of Masters of Marketing: Effective Blogging

  • 1. Masters of Marketing Effective Blogging

2. What is a Blog?Originally from Web log, a blog is a collection of posts ordered inchronological order with the most recent post at the top of thepage, so it is viewed first.A blog can be written by one individual or a group of people, can bewritten around a single topic.Examples: 3. Why post Blogs? Helps SEO Keeps your customers updated Shows expertise Shows your personality Has a potentially wide reach Exercises your mind Its fun! 4. Lets Talk Stats The two major traffic sources for blogs are Search Engines (48%) andSocial Media (28%) 25% of Bloggers are using mobile devices for Blogging(Source: Companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages Companies that blog have 55% more website visitors (Source: Hubspot) 5. What to Blog about Your products and services Your agency Industry news and events Community news Holidays or seasonal events Enlist the help of a guest blogger 6. When to Blog Mornings Wednesdays Often, at least once a week. 7. Blogging: Step-by-step1. Create a catchy title2. Create good content3. Add anchor text4. Add pictures5. Add a call to action6. Ask questions7. Add tags8. Tell people about it 8. Benchmarking Pageviews Comments Shares Backlinks Leads 9. In ConclusionBottom line: Blog early and often.Get more blogging tips at our blog http://iwbseotips.blogspot.comThank YouDarmini [email protected]