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Transcript of Marketing's New Metrics - Pardot Users Conference

  • 1.
  • 2. Background on DGR/DCS
    • Launched in April 2007 to track best practices in lead generation, lead management
    • Newsletter has grown to more than 24,000 readers
    • We also offer a menu of research and best practices reports
  • 3. Launched in 2009 to help BtoB marketers map content to different phases of buying cycle Content That Connects Buyers & Sellers Converts Leads To Opportunities Leads To Closed Business www. DemandCreationSpecialists .com
  • 4.
  • 5. Measurement = Visibility Where my dashboard may have been opportunity to close in the past, now it has backed up to the earlier stages of the prospect cycle. Now Im analyzing everything from a prospect: Whats the right message ? What tactics can I use to get them in into my pipeline?
  • 6. Scientific Approach to Demand Were seeing scientific, mathematical equations being applied to determine how to match sales capacity with market demand . Prior to the recession, there wasnt a lot of science placed on this area. Since demand was strong, the thinking was lets throw bodies at it and well get our fair share. Thats not happening now. --Greg Alexander, CEO, Sales Benchmark Index (SBI)
  • 7.
    • Quantitatively track marketing and sales funnel (shared)
    • Understand bottlenecks
    • Understand costs that drive leads to each stage
    • Reduce cost per sale by prioritizing marketing and sales resources
    • Engage with prospects digitally and gain intelligence about message effectiveness, market opportunities
    New Priorities for the Pipeline
  • 8. 2 Views of Engagement
    • The Buyers View
    • Only 10% of recent buyers said they were contacted cold by the solution provider they chose
    • Marketers Reality
    • 35% were attributed to cold call from sales was the initial engagement in recent customer wins
    • 50% responded to marketing campaign or website visit
  • 9. Fumbling The Handoff Recent research from the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) found 58% of BtoB marketers do not qualify inquiries prior to lead distribution.
  • 10. Develop a Simple Scoring System
    • Need to Prioritize Leads
    • Focus on In Profile leads
    • Incorporate both activity and demographic factors
  • 11. Moving Beyond Activity-Based Measures
  • 12. Defining The Funnel or Waterfall
  • 13. Next Gen Demand Gen
    • Marketings role evolving beyond the top of the funnel
    • Greater need for and emphasis on lead nurturing and lead acceleration
  • 14. Migrating From Lead Generation To Revenue Generation
  • 15. Which Measures Matter?
  • 16. Which Measures Matter?
    • Inquiry to MQL: 5%
    • MQL to SAL: 60%
    • SAL to SQL: 55%
    • Opportunity to Deal: 25%
  • 17. Marketings New Metrics
  • 18. Pipeline Contribution?
  • 19.
    • Marketing Sourced Leads
      • Engaged through marketing, qualified by marketing, accelerated to close by marketing
    • Marketing Influenced Leads
      • Nurture campaigns help to re-engage
      • Maintain content during buying cycle
    Categories of Contribution
  • 20. Last Touch Attribution
    • Implement a lead tracking system .
    • Track leads not only based on their source but also disposition.
    • Conduct win/loss analysis
    • Questions to ask:
    • Did leads convert to sales?
    • What was the conversion percentage ?
    • What was the conversion timeframe?
  • 21. Freshness Dates for Your Leads
    • Consider the age of the leads in your database
    • Put emphasis on net new leads
    • Plan append or refresh programs for your contact database
  • 22. Need for Nurturing
    • Less than 10% of leads convert to closed business
    • Typically means that 90% of leads leak out of your funnel
    • Marketing should be engaged at all phases of funnel
  • 23. Thank You The Scorecard for Sales & Marketing Automation Content that Connects Buyers & Sellers