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Our team at Complete Physio got together to bring you all the information you might need ahead of running a marathon in 2014. From the best way to train through to injury prevention, there is useful information for first times and experienced heads.

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  • 1. The Ultimate Marathon Evening Complete Health & Wellbeing Clinic City Point Club

2. 42, 000 + 20% DONT MAKE IT HERE! 3. Plan Injury Prevention Training Programmes Nutrition Motivation Questions to the panel 4. Injury Prevention Chris Myers Sports Physiotherapist, Registered Osteopath & MSK Sonographer Clinical Director, Complete Physio 5. Topics Warm up Stretches Rollers and Balls Strength training Shoe shopping Technique Injury prevention tips When to seek help 6. Warm up No static stretching just before run Needs to be a dynamic warm up Why? 1. Elevate HR & core temperature 2. Maximize active ROM 3. Improve movement patterns & body awareness 4. Neural activation - get everything firing 5. Physically & mentally ready for the session 7. Warm up drills - progressive build up in intensity 1. General Locomotion (3-5 mins) Jogging, easy strides, side shuffle, backwards running 2. Joint Motion (60 secs) Leg swings (forwards, sideways and backwards) 3. Dynamic Flexibility (3-5 mins) 4. Running Posture Drills (3 x 10 metres each drill) 8. 3. Dynamic Flexibility Glut Knee Hugs Toes up Hold stable in extension 9. Ladder hammy walks Core strong Legs straight as walk in Walk hands out 10. Rotating Squats Sit back Head and chest up 11. Calf Walk heels into floor 12. Hammy Sweeps 13. Dynamic hip flexor stretch Hips forward & bum tucked under Arms Overhead & rotate Gently pulse 14. 4. Running Posture Drills Straight leg runs / Pop ups 1. Stand tall, with good posture on balls of feet 2. Maintain dorsi-flexed foot foot pulled up 3. Maintain upright posture its not the Can Can! 4. Dynamically pull the foot back so contact is under the hips 5. Continue to extend hip during contact to push you forwards 1. Stand tall, with good posture on balls of feet 2. Pull Toe to shin 3. Drive knee up and block thigh parallel to ground (hold for 2s) 4. Ensure stance leg is fully extended 5. Toe up, heel up, knee up A March/Skips 15. Stretches Every day/other day 5 mins Not during warm up Should be painfree Stretches - 30 s x 3 16. Balls and Rollers Buy a foam roller! 17. Recovery After your long run! Gentle CV low impact aqua swimming, cycling (easy spin) 20 min Replace lost fluids - rehydrate gradually over the next 24- 48 hours Compression garments Ice baths Hot/cold baths You must have days off! 18. I must stretch..... You must strengthen! Impact forces are typically 2 to 4 times your own body weight on every stride Male 60kg 6.30 mile pace (1072 strides) Impact forces at least 2 x body weight 120kg x 563 = 64320/64.32 tonners per foot per mile Muscles are the best shock absorbers Shoes help a bit So, how strong are you? 19. Strength Test One legged hamstring/glut bridge Below Acceptable Level < 20 reps Benchmark Level 30 reps Elite Level > 35 reps Meaningful Change in Score (training effect not testing variance) 3 reps 1. Keep other hip at 90 degree flexion 2. Dont arch back 3. Keep toes up 4. 1-2 secs up and down 20. Strength Test Calf raise Below Acceptable Level < 20 reps Benchmark Level 25-30 reps Elite Level > 35 reps Meaningful Change in Score 3 reps 1. Touch wall only with one finger 2. Slowly up and down 1-2 secs 3. No bouncing 4. Knee comfortable 5. Must go through full range 21. Plank/side plank Test Prone Plank Side Plank Below Acceptable Level < 100 s < 1 min Benchmark Level 150 s 80-100 s Elite Level > 180 s > 2 min Meaningful Change in Score 15 s 10 s 22. Trainers Do I need new trainers? Mid foot not the exterior Size - Thumb nails width at the end need some movement Need to be comfortable - go for a run before you buy! Take in your old shoes if it aint broke! Trainers last approx 500 miles - need two pairs Go to a specialist running shop (2nd pair off the internet!) Orthotics neutral shoes Off the shelf orthotics can be very useful get advice 23. Running Technique Barefoot running heel strike V mid-foot strike forefoot Evidence inconclusive as to whether this reduces injury rates ? Can increase them ? Avoid overstriding most common mistake Heavy heel strike Long foot placement and increased ground reaction forces Breaking effect (going backwards!) How do I avoid it? > 160 steps per minute (cadence) 45 one foot per 30 secs 24. Technique tips: Run tall shoulders back head on top of neck Shorter strides (increase cadence) 10% increase Light (soft landing under hips) - will automatically shorten your stride and land on mid-foot Emphasis hip movement pulling action (dont reach with feet!) Arms forward, not across body, elbows 90 Relax shoulders and hands Run faster every now and then 25. Injury Prevention Tips Vary your training routes, side of road, running surface, pace and distance Avoid jumps in milage, dont run if ill Be visible, dont run in the dark, face on coming traffic Keep hydrated (urine test - pale straw colour) Strength test yourself tomorrow - Beware 2-3 days of soreness 1-2 x strength session a week at the beginning get stronger now! Regular sports massage CHW/Complete Physio 26. When to seek help? Pain that has stopped you from completing a run Sharp pain or pins and needles or numbness Pain that is getting worse each run Pain or discomfort you feel when walking Pain that has been present for two runs or more Pain when you push the bone ?stress reaction (can lead to stress fractures) DONT DELAY! 27. Marathon training Supertraining Ben Leach BSc 28. Putting it all together The periodised Plan Increasing mileage and intensity. How many weeks of preparation? Aiming for completion or a specific time goal. 29. Common mistakes Undertraining. Overtraining. Neglecting injuries. Forgetting to stretch. Omitting Sports massage. 30. The minimum requirements A very common question! Completion of 50% of your training plan should get you a finish. The key session: The long endurance run on sat/sunday. Fitting in with your work/family commitments Ie. Running home from work/running to a weekend lunch/etc. 31. Nutrition Nutrition whilst running Hydration requirements. Vitamins and minerals. Protein/CHO/Fat- balance. The glycogen supercompensation trick. 32. The essential sessions A. VO2 max training- High intensity and short duration intervals (5 x 3 mins at max. 6 min pace; 3 min recoveries) B. Lactate threshold training- 85% of max HR 20 minute duration. (2 x 20 min with 5 min recovery) C. Long endurance training- Marathon paced runs 1-3 hours. 33. Example week 34. Supertraining 10 session marathon package, includes: Training plan Specific strength training Injury prevention Nutritional advice Coaching 35. Ultimate Marathon Education BrainWorkshops Phil Dobson 36. Mental Rehearsals BEHAVIOURS EMOTIONS LEARNING 37. The benefits? Improved skill Enhanced performance Improved focus and concentration Improved confidence, motivation, endurance Experiential insight Gymnastics Swimming Basketball Athletics 38. How to do a mental rehearsal 'STATE' REHEARSAL+ 39. How to do a mental rehearsal STATE: Relaxation Focused attention (eliminate distractions) 'Self-Hypnosis' 40. How to do a mental rehearsals STATE Relaxation Focused attention (eliminate distractions) 'Self-Hypnosis' REHEARSAL Rehearse desired behaviour and emotions Use associated (first person) perspective Rehearse entire race Incorporate all of your senses 41. Visual Auditory Kinaesthetic Olfactory Gustatory 42. V 43. V A K G O 44. How to do a mental rehearsals 'STATE' REHEARSAL+ 45. Need Help? OFFER! 1 session of hypnotherapy Redeemed for marathon session 20 discount = 100 for 60 minute session 46. 47. Complete Health & Wellbeing Clinic Private GP Services Physiotherapy on site diagnostic ultrasound Sports Massage Nutrition Osteopathy Acupuncture Hypnotherapy Personal Trainers Registered with all health insurance companies 48. Running Club Every Wednesday 6 7pm from the Complete Health & Wellbeing Clinic in The CityPoint Club, Moorgate Sports Injury Assessment Clinic Run fit club 45 min runs or interval training Please sign up with Kate 49. Contacts Clinic number 020 7482 3875 or visit our reception 50. Questions?