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Learn how to connect people with Angel Food Ministries and stretch their food dollar. If you are a case manager, social worker or otherwise help fragile populations who need to increase their nutritional intake. View this brief video to learn how.

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  • 1. Referring Clients to Angel FoodStretching the Nutrition DollarAngel Food Virginia David MillsCopyright Angel Food Ministries 2010 1

2. About Angel Food Ministries Provides Charitable Food Relief on a monthly basis Offers a menu and shared cost approach Offered at over 200 sites in Virginia Provides about 1 week of main meals for family of 4, or 10 senior meals Operates as a food cooperative 2 3. The Angel Food Model Is uniquely suited to help your clients: Available in community locations Has a substantial impact that stretches the available food dollar Improves nutritional purchasing using SNAP Connects clients to healthy local social networks 3 4. The Angel Food Model The Food: Is based on a variable monthly menu Is not surplus, and contains both proteins and vegetables Offers an approximate 2X value Is dignity based because it operates as a cooperative, volunteers do the work, participants can volunteer and purchase4 5. The Angel FoodModelSample Menu:Signature Box QuickTime and adecompressorare needed to see this picture.5 6. Making Referrals to Angel Food $101 Individual$227 FamilyHow Angel Food (2008 Average, USDA)Stretches the Food DollarOrderSignature Box $30 (aprox. value $60)Special Box $20 (aprox. value $40)With EBT= $50 (aprox. value $100) $101 Benefit now hasIndividual: 50%$151 buying power; SNAP Benefit Impact $227 Benefit now hasFamily: $22% SNAP$277 buying power Benefit Impact 6 7. How to Make Referrals What kind of clients might benefit? SNAP, WIC, TANF Unemployed Seniors Families Recovery and Re-entry 7 8. How to Make Referrals What are the qualifications? Angel Food has no pre-qualifications or income test. It operates as a food cooperative and advance payment is required (about 5-7 days in VA. Referrals simply require your assistance in helping your client learn about and connect with a local Angel Food host site.8 9. How to Make Referrals Angel Food is a simple referral It is housed in local churches and non profits Does not discriminate Does not require any religious activity Accepts SNAP EBT cards Orders occur once per month, food is delivered about 7 days later9 10. How to make referrals QuickTime and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. 10 11. How to make referrals:QuickTime and adecompressorare needed to see this picture. http://www.angelfoodministries.comFind a Local SiteQuickTime and adecompressorare needed to see this picture.11 12. Find a site that is close to your client:QuickTime and adecompressorare needed to see this picture.12 13. Provide the basic information, and connect the client by phone: QuickTime and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. 13 14. Referral Form This form is not required But may assist you Located at under Become a Host or Refer Monthly Menu is also available at Online orders can also be made 14 15. Case Worker Information about Angel Food Ministries Dawn Mills888-652-0119 www.angelfoodva.orgwww.angelfoodministries.com15