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Kiran Infertility Centre is the leading surrogacy clinic in India, providing various reproductive services like surrogacy, ivf, icsi and many more for infertile couples around the world - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kiran Infertility Center - PARENT REFERRALSThese are only a few who are generous enough to share their journey towards parenthood at our clinic, there are scores of others who wish to keep it confidential and we respect that. Please feel free to contact them by email and if they are comfortable talking on the phone with you, please go ahead and do that.Bret and Anna Parker- From UK Twins- Ben and JackBorn March2010. [email protected] & Tracy From UK Baby Girl born in December 2013http://[email protected] & Glenn- Canada. Baby Girl born 22nd June 12. [email protected]comIvonete & Pedro Bezerra, Brazil Baby girlborn 12th April 2013 [email protected]+55-6584069610 , 6635443305.Miguel & Pere- Spain. Girl & Boy born 29th April 12a - James & Matthew- From USATwin Boys April 2012.j Felix Yang- CanadaTwin Girls born ona 10th Dec2011. Single Girl born on 26th Dec 2011. [email protected] & Richard- USA Rhys born 19th January 2012. [email protected]