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Brochure of our top selling Magic Range of Cleaning products. These products are available nationally in leading supermarkets and independant retailers.

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  • 1. Cooktop Magic Metal Magic Cleans & Polishes: Removes oil, Cleans & Polishes: Removes water marks, food, calcium and tarnish, corrosion, oxidation, stubborn rust stains from all cooktops. stains and marks, whilst at the same Polishes the surface leaving it time polishing your metallic items to a shining like new. high shine Seals & Protects: Cooktop Protects: Leaves an invisible Magic has a non-scratch protective coating which ensures a formulation that will not damage longer lasting nish. the surface of your appliance. On Multi-Surface Usage: Suitable for application it leaves an invisible use on almost all metals including protective coating that prevents brass, silver, gold, copper, aluminium, spills from burning on. Regular use bronze, chrome and stainless steel. will prevent staining, scratching, Metal Magic is superb for use on pitting and erosion. hotplate rims, sinks and taps, stainless Saves Time & Money: Cooktop steel cooktops, pots and pans, door Magics 2 in 1 formula means you handles, balustrades, antiques, golf only have to buy 1 product that clubs, chrome wheels and jewelry. both cleans and seals your ceramic Saves You Money: You only need 1 cooktop. product to clean almost any metal Easy To Use: The sponge pad item in your home. makes cleaning easier and quicker with no risk of scratching. Available in: 200ml or 4L. Available in: 150ml tube / bottle. & r ble ada s Washing Machine Magic Descale Magic deg hate Bio fe osp Cleans: Breaks down and Cleans: Removes built up lime er Sa N o Ph ushes out the unseen build-up of scale, calcium deposits and wat detergent scum, calcium deposits detergent remnants from rey Sodium and lint, commonly found behind appliances thereby restoring them &G the bowl and inside the pipes of like new. ptic ic No Se ox your washing machine, thereby preventing clothing discolouration Prolongs Appliance Life: Scale slowly eats into the elements and -T Non and the need for costly repairs as a causes your appliance to short out. result of clogged parts. Using Appliances need to be descaled Washing Machine Magic regularly regularly. will prolong the life of your Improves Operating E ciency: machine. Heavily scaled appliances use more Improves E ciency: A clean energy to heat the water. Regular washing machine performs descaling improves appliance necessary tasks more e ciently e ciency. and uses less energy. Multi-Appliance Usage: Suitable for use in kettles, jugs, Available in: 100g or 2 sachet box. urns, co ee machines, dishwashers, steam ovens, steam irons, baby bottle sterilisers and shower heads. Available in: 40g or 1kg. Please visit or email
  • 2. Stainless Steel Magic Washing Machine Magic Iron Magic (Industrial Strength) Cleans: Removes ngerprints, water Cleans: E ectively loosens and Cleans: Breaks down and ushes out dissolves baseplate deposits with ease. spots,smears and casual grime from all the unseen build-up of detergent scum, Suitable for all irons, including te on your stainless steel appliances and calcium deposits and lint, commonly and stainless steel irons. brings them back to a shiny nish. found behind the bowl and inside the Protects: Leaves a protective lm Makes Ironing Easier: A clean pipes of your washing machine. that repels new marks and is baseplate stops your iron from sticking guaranteed not to scratch your Prevents clothing discolouration & to and staining your clothes. This means appliance. Improves E ciency: Clogged parts that your iron once again glides like Suitable For All Stainless Steel: cause black/brown marks to appear on new. Perfect for use on any stainless steel your washing. A clean washing machine Easy To Use: The non-scratch, including your fridge, cooktop, performs necessary tasks more heat-resistant spongepad makes for an rangehood, dishwasher, microwave, e ciently using less energy. easier, mess free application. barbeque and balustrades. Prevents Washing Machine Breakdowns: Dirty washing machines Available in: 25g or 1kg. Available in: 200ml, 4L, 10L or 20L. are the biggest cause of breakdowns. Using Washing Machine Magic will avoid these breakdowns and thereby prolong the life of your washing machine. Available in: 500g. Rangehood Magic Hotplate Magic Spa Bath Magic Cleans & Degreases: Removes Restores: Removes that tainted Cleans: breaks down and dislodges build-up of tough, heat-set grease and appearance of your old hotplates and body fats, hair, organic matter and grime from Rangehood lters and other restores their original lustrous black biological waste from the pipes, jets, lters. If not cleaned regularly these nish. and pump systems. grease traps become a breeding ground Protects: Prevents pitting and rusting Anti-Bacterial: Eliminates the for germs and bacteria. when used regularly. harmful bacterial PSEUDOMONAS Non-Caustic and No Nasty Fumes: Food Safe and Non- ammable: AERUGINOSA which is a major cause of Rangehood Magic is non-hazardous, Hotplate Magic does not contain any infection from DIRTY spa baths. non-toxic and biodegradable. Its safe to harmful chemicals. Safe: Its chlorine free, non use without gloves, masks, goggles, Multi-Applian