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By Joseph Clark

Transcript of Magazine Advertisement - Research

We have researched into magazine advertisement, the types of magazine pages we saw were one, the narrative ones which make you think and want to see the video or hear the music, an example of this is The Pangeas page for their album turn around, this picture really made me interested in what it represents and the story behind it.

Another magazine advertisement was the abstract approach, this looked very interesting and something that could easily attract peoples attention (especially the younger market). But the problem with this type of advertisement was that the picture did effect the visibility of the writing, which is something I think is much too important to jeopardise.

This is a conventional advert for the artist Noel Gallagher. I did think this advertisement was very simple but effective, and it allowed the audience to see the artist, with him looking respected and up together (someone worth listening to). It also can provide plenty of information about him, and his album because the shot is so easy and simple that time can be put in for the information about the artist, the album, the songs etc. The problem for using this type of advert is that the artist would have to be quite well known (famous) for it to be effective, and if the artist Im representing is fictional it wouldnt be the right format to promote him/her/them. And there wouldnt be much to talk about (unlike if it was actually coming out, or real).

But to conclude, if the magazine isnt done correctly and professionally then it can be seen as a joke, and something that wouldnt be respected or looked at. Another key thing to have in a cover is the right style and mood, it must represent the music genre and the artists personality and performing persona. I didnt like the abstract posters, because I found them too unattractive and something that may get your attention (even though for me it was for the wrong reasons), but it doesnt promote the artist in the right way, I couldnt see the writing clearly and couldnt really get the style of the artist form the poster, those two things are crucial in my view. But I did like the narrative posters, because it interested and intrigued me; I wanted to know why the shot was chosen, and what it represented, and wanted to listen to and watch the video the second I saw it.