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The lively FREE magazine for Waltham Abbey Waltham Abbey Issue 6 Autumn 2014 National sporting champs Karting & baseball wins for Abbeys finest Local author book launch Rolfe unleashes fourth outing for White Witch of Spiton Suffragettes: Idealists or terrorists? Controversial new book uncovers air-brushed history


The lively free magazine for Waltham Abbey

Transcript of Magascene Waltham Abbey Autumn 2014

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The lively FREE magazine for Waltham Abbey

Waltham Abbey

Issue 6 Autumn 2014

National sporting champs Karting & baseball wins for Abbey’s finest

Local author book launch Rolfe unleashes fourth outing for White Witch of Spiton

Suffragettes: Idealists or terrorists? Controversial new book uncovers air-brushed history

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In this issue

4 Sue de Nime—She’s living in a box, living in a cardboard box?

6 Waltham Abbey’s Essex Arrows win National Baseball Championship

8 Author Tracey Rolfe launches fourth White Witch of Spiton children’s book

11 Stage One opens new school in Wal-tham Abbey

12 Suffragette Bombers? Local author brings out controversial book about the suffragette movement

18 Heather Waring’s 7 business tips for communication

20 Exercise & Pregnancy by Nick Doughty

22 YES Partnership ‘Investors in Young People’ Awards launch

24 Waltham Abbey teen takes national karting title

26 Best Business EXPO reaches Waltham Abbey

29-31 Listings: Events, Club & Societies and Handy Numbers

Issue 7: Christmas & New Year (Dec-Jan-Feb)

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It has been a triumphant summer for Waltham Abbey. The town’s very own Essex Arrows baseball team became British champions on the last weekend in August by beating the London Mets. Well done to all the team and the Arrows general manager, David Shaer and their new manager, Steve Simmons. They have fought hard each year for the national title and should be very proud of their achievement, bringing the title to their home town.

16 year-old Ben Green from Waltham Abbey also became a national champion, along with his school karting team-mates. Debden Park High School’s Super Green team were victorious in July, following a series of knock-out heats which originally saw 1,000 budding racers at the start of the champion-ships.

Tracey Rolfe, Waltham Abbey local and author of the popular children’s The White Witch of Spiton series launched the fourth book in the series locally at the end of August., where she signed copies and chatted to readers.

We hope you enjoy reading about such home-grown sporting and literary talent!

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Welcome to our Autumn edition

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And another

Thing… Cardboard boxes

Sue de Nime

I n my head, I am always serene. I glide through life, deftly stepping over any obstacles that lie in my way with an understated charm and an infinite amount of patience, not forgetting the winsome

smile that plays occasionally on my lips. And then, back in reality, there I am, stomping across life's landscape, crossly kicking anything that has the audacity to get in my way, grinding my teeth and swearing like a drunken sailor but with fewer tattoos (and less rum, more's the pity). But it's not my fault, really it's not. It's the stuff around me that is to blame. (By stuff, I am not referring to my kids, just to clarify).

By stuff, I mean things that seem inconsequential. Things that you should barely expend more than two seconds and three brain cells dealing with, but end up irritating you. And when I say irritate, I mean infuriate so roundly that my teeth nearly drop out with frustration.

Take, for instance, the cardboard box. I get a lot of cardboard boxes, as I do a lot of online shopping. (If my husband is reading this, that is purely an exaggeration for dramatic effect, I barely shop at all, really). These cardboard boxes are a curious affair. Barely do I receive one that has not either let a small tsunami of rain water in through one of the crumpled corners, or has been subjected to what can only be described as a frenzied attack with a blunt implement. It seems the Royal Mail rents out a large proportion of its parcels to apprentice knife attackers for practise. But come to recycle it, being the good citizen that I am, and it transpires that it has been stuck together with NASA-grade adhesive. After three broken nails and a cut on my hand, I am so infuriated that I stamp on it. Which seems to do the trick.

But trying to flatten the thing is child's play compared to actually accessing your goods. Recently, I have had several boxes with an 'easy-open' feature, where you

pull the tab and a strip of cardboard that has been per-forated pulls away and your box pops open obediently. Or at least that is probably what the idiot who invented this device said to Amazon in the pitch, shortly before he plied them all with drink and made them sign the contract before they passed out. Because IT NEVER WORKS. I have more two-inch long, snapped off tags littering my floor than I've had hot dinners (even dis-counting warm sandwich fillings). So, I resort to good old fashioned scissor work to get

into my parcel. I create a slit, but because trying to cut the ends of the tape holding the flaps shut is a pain, I use brute force to pull the box open. And a moment too late, when I have committed every last ounce of strength to my task, I realise that some moron has packed my box full of white polysty-rene chips. And before I can take evasive action, the box flings open and I find myself standing in the middle of an explosion in an Albino

Wotsit factory. I would be spitting feathers by this point, only there is now no room left on the floor for flipping feathers.

And of course, let's not forget to shoot the messenger. Knowing that my parcel will arrive at some unspecified time in the afternoon, I am essentially placed under house arrest by DHL. I pop out quickly for emergency milk rations and run home, only to find a note saying that they tried to deliver but I had the audacity to be out and they didn't fancy the cut of my neighbour's jib so please can I drive 30 miles to collect it from them. At which point, I lay down in a handily discarded near-by cardboard box, close the flaps and hum loudly to myself until it's wine 'o' clock. Sue de Nime, aka Jodie Newman, also writes a blog at or follow on Twitter for non-parenting advice @MotheringFright

“Knowing that my parcel will arrive at some unspecified

time... I am essentially placed under house

arrest by DHL.”

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I t was a triumphant final weekend in August for Waltham Abbey’s Essex Arrows baseball team, as they sealed the National Baseball Championships by defeating the London Mets. This is the first national NBC title for the Arrows, who

reached the top of the League after a tough two-game sweep against the Mets, win-ning 5-1 on the Saturday and 5-4 on the Sunday at Farnham Park in Slough.

The Essex Arrows have fought hard year after year for the national title, which now finally belongs to the club and to its home town Waltham Abbey. The club was founded in Townmead Waltham Abbey in 1984 and entered into the National League, which is the top division in the UK, in 2010. This year the club celebrated 30 years of affiliation to the British Base-ball Federation (BBF). During the 2014 season, the Arrows club hosted international teams for several tournaments, including the Collegiate Baseball League of Europe.

The club has a long list of achievements including forming the youth team, Essex Atoms and a ‘little league’ for under 14s as well as a women’s softball team. This is in part due to the support of the club’s local sponsors, CSS Motors, Thirteen, Tesco and Townmead Sports and Social Club in Waltham Ab-bey. Further afield, sponsorship comes from News-

printers in Broxbourne, Eat Natural in Halstead and Tuner FM in Glasgow.

Arrow general manager David Shaer says, “I am ex-tremely proud of what this club has achieved. Our new Arrows manager, Steve Simmons, has won the title in his second year of management and we have ambitions for further success in the years to come. Our youth system is growing with 8-11 year-olds cur-rently taking to the field every Thursday evening in preparation for the tournament on the 20th Septem-ber in Hertfordshire and the Arrows will travel to Holland in October for an end of tournament season in Nuenen. The club welcomes players and volun-teers of all ages and abilities so please like our FACE-BOOK page and stay up to date with all the club news.” To contact the club directory through their secretary Sue Barnes, email [email protected]


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CHILDREN’S BOOK LAUNCH Fourth outing for White Witch of Spiton

W altham Abbey author, Tracey Rolfe, launched her highly-anticipated fourth book in the children’s White Witch of

Spiton series at the Epping Bookshop on August 30th. Rolfe was happy to sign copies of The White Witch of Spiton and the Goddess of the Moon during the special author event at the independent book shop. Tracey became a full-time writer after giving up her career in the care industry nearly twenty years ago. She is passionate about researching the historical elements of her books and is asked to comment and lecture on her novel’s subject matter. She was initially inspired to write the series after visiting a witches’ shop in Waltham Abbey. Tracey is also a co-founder of the Waltham Abbey Writers group, a writing group to support and inspire anyone with a passion for writing. The group meets on the first Monday of the month at the Good Intent pub in Upshire, between 7.30 and 10pm.

The White Witch of Spiton and the Goddess of the Moon The story...

During the 18th century, buried deep within the Earth’s soil, the Gundestrup Cauldron was discovered. The Iron Age artefact was thought to have been part of sacrificial rituals during a time when Druids were feared throughout the land. But when it was discov-ered, the solid silver vessel was incomplete. More than two centuries later, in the Great Halls of Annwn, an emergency meeting is called. Three Goddesses gather in secret; Branwen Goddess of Love; Aradia, the Supreme Goddess of Magic and Fricca, Goddess of Fate and Des-tiny. Aradia, Queen of the Witches, chooses to elect one of Earth’s mortals to hunt for the missing piece, for without it the Cauldron is deemed powerless. The magically gifted mortal is none other than the white witch, Isobel Ashwell. But if she fails to complete the appointed task, mankind and the inhabitants of the entire Universe will be under great threat, for the rightful owners of the Cauldron are destined to return.

The series is published by Jake Boy Publishing. Photo courtesy of Peter J Morgan

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Stage One is opening a new school in Waltham Abbey from January for budding singers, dancers and actors in Waltham Abbey at the DNA Studios. The theatre school and agency is always on the look out for new, young talent, and classes and workshops are designed for children as young as 3. Their popular and exciting clas-ses cover dance (urban, hip hop, ballet) and drama (singing, musical theatre and LAMDA) as well as exam work / west end productions.

Run by principal Caroline Airs, Stage One started out as a dance production group for youngsters, first opening its doors to the community with classes in street jazz. In fact, it was the first school in the area to provide street dance classes with the sole aim of producing a dance show.

Essex-born stage, TV and film actor Daniel Mays, is the school’s patron and former student. He says, "Stage One was the place it all started for me. A truly fantastic dance and stage group which allows kids to express their talents, hone their technique and gain confidence in a friendly, fun and inspiring atmosphere.

Caroline and all her team gave me the opportunity and platform to develop as a performer and supported me every step of the way. For that I will be eternal-ly grateful. It is such an honour and privi-lege to be their Patron".

2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the school, which will be marked by a special anniversary show at the Millfield Theatre in Enfield between October 29th and November 1st. For tickets please call 020 8807 6680.

For more information about Stage One, please visit the website at or call 01992 651222 / 07912 760504.

Theatre school opens in Waltham Abbey Stage One coming to DNA Studios in January 2015

Patron Daniel May

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No. 4 Manor Croft Parade, College Road, Cheshunt, Herts

ORDER BY PHONE Call 01992 788072 or 01992 621221

We offer independence and freedom. Speak to our caring and experienced staff, who are happy to advise. We also provide servicing and maintenance.

FREE DELIVERY in Waltham Abbey on

orders over £50.

Able and Active Mobility Centre

Tel. 01992 788072 or 01992 621221

Email: [email protected]

The Suffragette Bombers: Britain’s Forgotten Terrorists

Heroic activists or subverted terrorists? A local author has written a controversial new book that examines history’s distorted view of the Suffra-gette movement. The Suffragette Bombers: Britain’s Forgotten Terrorists is written by Simon Webb from Loughton, a non-fiction education and popular history writer and broadsheet newspaper contributor. His book claims that the present-day view of Suffragettes, as heroic political activists driven to sacrifice their own lives and liberty for a greater cause, is nothing more than an air-brushed account of what really happened. In the years leading up to the First World War, Britain was subjected to a wave of violence, including several assassination attempts and terrorist bombings, culminating in June 2014 with an explosion at Westminster Abbey. Published to coincide with the centenary of this militant activity, the book reveals how the ferocious campaign of bombing and arson has been air-brushed from history. Could the militant activities have actually delayed, rather than hastened, the granting of the parliamentary vote to British women? Published by Pen & Swords Books Ltd. Hardback RRP £19.99

Page 13: Magascene Waltham Abbey Autumn 2014


£35 includes 3 Course Meal, Tribute Act & DJ until 1am!

Call 0208 500 2549

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U sually in the first 18 months of a new relation-ship we are discovering things in common or intriguing differences in background and val-

ues and the chemistry with our new partner. Maybe we still have our illusions that there is a perfect person for us and may be this is the one. Preparing for a date, the build up and the excitement stay in the mind from one date to another. On the day the anticipation mounts and we are often in a heightened state before that first kiss. What is more natural than to make love under these circumstances? Roll the clock forward and it was the right person, and you have set up home together, maybe married, but…you haven’t been sexual with one another for a while, in fact maybe for a long while. There never seems to be the right time and there are things that have become awkward and you cannot talk about them, you avoid situations where you might be close. You may feel exhausted by work and chores. One or other of you snores. You feel resentful or turned off by some behav-iour, or anxious, or none of these reasons you just don’t feel the way you think you should. This is much more common than you would think. In fact I would say epidemic, but then I am a Sexual and Relationship Counsellor and more likely to hear about this issue from people. Compare the first paragraph with the inglorious events of an ordinary day. Maybe bad breathed after a garlicky supper, both preoccupied with what has to be done today. Shouting at the chil-dren, rushing to get ready and out of the house. A swift goodbye, if that. Coming home and doing the evening chores just in time for an hour of television and then bed. All that is in your mind is blissful sleep. How much nurturing or anticipation of sex has had a look in?

And it isn’t just busy people with children. Many young couples don’t make love. It occurs with couples in all types of relationship and age groups. If this bothers you then what’s to be done? For a start there is a brilliant book called “Rekindling Desire. A Step by Step Program to Help Low-sex and No Sex Marriages” by Barry and Emily McCarthy published by Routledge. The book is in three parts, starting with “Why do Cou-ples Experience a Dead End to Desire?” with chapters like “Turnoffs: Poisons for Sexual Desire”. Moving on to Part 2 “Changing” with chapters including “Nurturing Anticipation – Bridges to Sexual Desire” and “Making it Special – Creating Erotic Scenarios,” to the final Part 3 “Preventing Relapse” including “Keeping it Vital” and “Lusting for Life – The Erotic Marriage”. There are case studies throughout the book. The authors recommend that you read it together be-cause it gets the discussion going as you find descrip-tions that put in to words what you’ve been feeling. They also recommend that you find a counsellor to help you to progress. This might not be necessary but if you hit a glitch then it is practical to find someone to help you understand yourselves and to keep you on course. Sex Therapists may be accessed through the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapy (COSRT) website

T 020 8505 8328 / M 07943 335954

RELATIONSHIP COUNSELLING: Whatever has happened to sex? Brenda Clowes MBACP COSRT

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7 Tips to ensure that your communication is for the benefit of all

1 Be a great listener. Two ears, one mouth so that we listen twice as much as we speak. It’s a good point to remember in communication as too

often we jump in sure that we can do what’s needed. If we’re not listening carefully, we may have heard a key work but perhaps not as we expected, and by quickly moving on we can get it wrong. We need to question our clients about what they want. In this way they feel listened to and their connection to you will strength-ened. It’s as important to listen for what is not being said as what is. To be aware of all aspects of speech so we notice change of tone, pauses in their sentences and intonation. All of this gives you information that you can then use as you recommend the right service or product for them or tailor something more bespoke that meets their needs exactly.

2 Know what you do. Surprisingly many business owners are not clear on this. When asked, they waffle or seem unsure and that can lose

you clients. Be able to state concisely what it is that you do and think of that in terms of benefit to your potential client/customer. Know what response you want. Do you want them to ask more ques-tions? Do you want them to say ‘Wow, you are just who I need’? By knowing the outcome you desire you can test out if what you say communicates that. Be able to expand and share more when asked and let this position your in the best light.

3 Keep clients informed. Often people need to hear information about your business over and over again, the figure quoted in terms of

marketing is often 7-12 times so don’t fear repeat-ing yourself. Regularly communicate with your past and present clients through a newsletter, video tip, blog or blog radio or TV show? Regularity is key and you then put yourself, and keep yourself, front of mind. Invite new or potential clients to join your mailing list and give value in terms of information, occasional discounts and offers. By providing infor-mation you are establishing yourself as an expert and also being a great resource for your clients making you the person they go to.

4 Be there. When people want to talk to you, they want to have the phone

answered or they want a response on email or social media. Many hate leaving voice mail messages so if you cannot be there get an answering service to do it for you. Set guidelines to inform enquir-ers when you will get back to them. Have some system for dealing with your social media. Do all that you can to be there for your clients.

5 Smile. This is so easy to do and it’s effect is imme-diate and uplifting. It’s very hard not to respond when someone smiles at you so make sure you

put that smile on even when you’re not feeling 100% - it will make you feel better too. A smile can be effective over the phone too so use it and stand up as well. It gives you better presence and confidence.

6 Ask Your Clients to Speak Up. As the owner can tell them what you do and how you do it on your website and through other marketing but a testi-

monial speaks volumes. Don’t just leave it to chance. Ask your clients to tell people what you have done for them. Ask them to give you testimonials, written and on video and use them. Educate them to listen to what people say and to be able to respond with information about you and your skills and service.

7 Be You. You are unique, no-one can do what you do in the way that you do it so remember that as you move forward and believe it. Don’t try to be

someone else, to write like someone else or act like someone else. Have faith in you and your abilities. Be aware of when you function best, how you function best and design your business around that. Communi-cate in the way that best demonstrates your strengths. Yes, you need to be aware on which platforms your clients are and you need to be there too but if newslet-ters aren’t your thing (as mentioned earlier) find an alternative that suits you better. People buy people and people they know, like and trust and this is you!!

Heather Waring

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Dressmaking Soft Furnishings


We offer small, informal classes located in the beautiful

renovated Georgian wing of Warlies Park House, Upshire

Ideal for absolute beginners and improvers alike...

Fully qualified tutor, experienced in dressmaking and soft furnishings

Small, friendly classes

Individual teaching—make what you want to make

Work at your own pace

Up-to-date machines and overlockers available for your use

Come with a friend, or make new ones here

Ample, free parking

Come and join us Please call Chris on 07944 768262 or visit our website at

Warlies Park House, Horseshoe Hill, Upshire, Essex EN9 3SL

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Only £3 per session!

Exercise and Pregnancy By Nick Doughty

P hysical and emotional changes await every new mother’s body as they prepare for parenthood. Physical and mental changes that occur will

mean the body has to manage external factors such as diet and exercise regimes to prevent unnecessary weight gain or a loss of fitness. Women who actively exercise before falling pregnant should continue their regime ensuring a healthy body and good fitness levels remain. However the types of exercises that should be undertaken will change as the pregnancy progresses through various stages.

The following tips will prepare and direct you during your journey into parenthood.

1st trimester (0-13 weeks) Aerobic and

resistance training continues like normal as long as you feel comfortable in the activity. Flexibility remains as part of your exercise programme and care should be taken when standing or getting up due to lower than normal blood pressure which can cause light headiness.

A poor nutrient count in the body and poor dietary regimes can aggravate the severity of a lowered blood pressure in pregnancy, therefore proper supplementa-tion of essential minerals and nutrients is important. Vitamins B, C and E, must all be present in the diet in sufficient amounts in order to reduce risks at this time. It’s also a good idea to eat more foods containing folic acid, such as green leafy vegetables, wholemeal bread and brown rice. Some breakfast cereals, breads and margarines have had folic acid added to them, so it’s worth looking at the labels. Taking extra folic acid before you become pregnant and in the first three months can help prevent birth defects, such as spina bifida (a neural tube defect).

2nd Trimester (14-27 weeks) All impact

aerobic work should be avoided and replaced by mini-malist activities such as bike, x trainer, walking (no incline), swimming or aqua classes. Changes to the body size means avoid anything that requires you to lay on your stomach because of the direct pressure. Mod-erate free weights and plenty of stretching is encour-aged. Make sure that stretching and flexibility work is gentle due to the increased levels of the hormone relax-in as it softens ligament joints. If you are not already consuming Vitamin D then now is important time as it is important for the body as it helps absorb calcium from foods and build bones and is needed in the immune system. Vitamin D is naturally found in only a few foods

including oily fish and eggs, Most of our vitamin D is made in the skin when we’re out in the sunshine.

3rd Trimester (28-40 weeks) Everything

should now be extremely low pressure and no extra pressure should be placed on joints. A good choice being swimming. Avoid weights above the head and ensure you have correct breathing technique through-out.

During the third trimester, your infant’s rapid brain development will benefit from eating foods that con-tain Omega-3 fatty acids and choline, Rapid bone growth in the 3rd trimester makes calcium a vital nutri-ent at this time. Include Fish as they are good sources of iron and Omega-3 fats. Low-fat milk, cottage cheese and yogurt provide additional calcium.

After Birth All physical loading after having the

baby should be avoided and full daily physical activity slowly incorporated for initial 6 weeks. Women that have had a c section are told not to exercise for 12 weeks to allow healing.

Iron is a mineral you need to replenish after delivery, as the loss of blood during the birth process likely deplet-ed your stores. Vitamin C aids in iron absorption, so you should take this vitamin at the same time as you eat foods high in iron. Iron is best found in meat, fish and poultry, versus plant-based sources. Pair it with foods such as citrus, strawberries, bell peppers, kale or broc-coli. Getting back into exercise is beneficial to posture and revitalise energy levels but remember your ab-dominal muscles and hormones have suffered, your core has been weakened and a selection of free weight exercises should be considered in order to aid recovery. Work alongside a good personal trainer with pre/post natal knowledge who can tailor a programme specific to your needs.

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Call Richard on tel. 07836 765004 [email protected]

Develop your computer skills Keep in touch with family & friends Organise your photos and music Help with Windows, Mac or iPad Get back in control Make the most of your devices Manage files and folders Learn how to change settings

Affordable rates per session. CRB/DBS verified and ap-

keyboard confidence one-to-one home coaching

computer skills for casual users

Computer coaching for 50+ and senior surfers

Are you just getting started with a computer, or perhaps a senior surfer, or merely a beginner want-ing to get the most from your device? keyboard confidence offers 1-to-1 coaching in your own home, or residence. Learn at your own speed, tak-ing things one step at a time, we specialise in help-ing beginners and seniors increase their confidence.

Epping Forest Community Transport

Epping Forest Community Transport, a long established local scheme based in the Epping

Forest District, is experiencing an ever growing demand for its services and is hoping to recruit

volunteers to help in many areas of the organisation. Epping Forest Community Transport sup-

plies transport across the district to the elderly, the disabled or those who are rurally isolated

and unable to access public transport.

Volunteer Roles Needed MINIBUS DRIVERS




If you have a few hours you could spare to help with this rewarding work and would like to

learn more, please call our friendly staff for more information. Training and support will be giv-

en for all positions.

01992 565115 Epping Forest Community Transport, Social Care Building. 2nd Floor, St Johns Road, Epping, CM16 5EB

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YES Partnership

“Investors in Young People” Business Awards

Nominations now open

As part of their commitment to improving the employment opportunities for young people in the Epping Forest district, YES (Epping Forest Youth Employment Strategy) is holding a business awards event in November at the Marriott Hotel, Waltham Abbey, to recognise the contribution business has made. YES strives to recognise and reduce youth unem-ployment by creating new jobs, apprenticeships, work experience and training opportunities. Eleanor Laing MP is patron of this event and will be one of the presenters during the awards presentation. Nominations are now open. Please visit for more details. Businesses and young people are invited to make award nominations in the following six categories: Epping Forest Employer of the Year Epping Forest Apprentice of the Year Young Epping Forest Entrepreneur of the Year

YES Awards Epping Forest Contributor towards Raising Employment Opportunities of the Year Student Champion of the Year Epping Forest Mentor of the Year The awards presentation will take place at the Marriott Hotel, Waltham Abbey on Thursday November 13th, 2014.

LEAFLETS Delivered with Magascene

£40 per 1,000 homes

No VAT to pay


Theydon Bois


Buckhurst Hill

Waltham Abbey

Call 01992 814621 or email

[email protected] for details

SmartNet Essex

Net some business the smart way

SmartNet Essex business networking lunches provide lively debate and support to business owners in their first few years of business. What’s more, the meetings are Pay As You Go, so there are no nasty membership fees to pay.

FIND OUT MORE NOW Call Julie on 07843 260186 or email

[email protected].

We meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month at the Blue Boar, Abridge

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Green light for 6th form consortium

SUPER GREEN WINNING TEAM Local team scoops national schools karting championship

W altham Abbey’s Ben Green (16), a former student of Debden Park

High School, left on a high in July when he and his two fellow karting team-mates finished first in this year’s British Schools Karting Cham-pionship at Whilton Mill, Northamp-tonshire. The ‘Super Green’ racers were also the first champs to win their regional and local heats.

A thousand students signed up at the beginning of the challenge before the knockout style series of heats finally whittled down to the triumphant team of three.

The final saw 29 teams go head to head, including one other team from Debden Park High School, and on one of the most challenging courses in the UK.

Their success is even more impressive given the boys had a busy year studying for their GCSEs and so were unable to dedicate as much practice time as they would have liked. It was not just the stu-dents efforts that were recognised

at the end of the school year. The schools’ PE teacher Graham Tongate and karting trainer, who introduced the championship to the school (initially as a reward incentive), was presented with a framed photo memento at the leavers’ prom.

Ben and his fellow racers Oliver Longshaw (16) and Jaiden Fenton (16) will no longer be able to race together as a team, as the require-

ment from the British Automobile Racing Club who organise the championship, is for team members aged between 13 and 18 to attend the same school. Karting instils confidence and improves self-esteem in students, and although the championship is inclusive of girls, parent Sue Longshaw, along with sponsor Howard Green, plans to mentor an all girls’ karting team to give female students extra encouragement.

Although the winning team’s stu-dents are now moving on to pas-tures new, the school will continue to foster the talents of tomorrow’s Jenson Buttons and Lewis Hamiltons. Roll on 2015 registration. It looks like Debden Park is coming to get you.

PE teacher Graham Tongate (centre) is flanked by the winning Super Green team of Oliver Longshaw, Waltham Abbey’s Ben Green and Jaiden Fenton

Following a two year proposal process put forward by Essex County Council and the Education Funding Agency, local teachers and students rejoiced as the Department of Education announced in July that a joint bid to bring sixth form education to four secondary schools in the district has been successful. The Epping Forest District Sixth Form Consortium comprises King Harold Business and Enterprise Academy in Waltham

Abbey along with Roding Valley High School in Lough-ton, Epping St John’s School and Debden Park High School.

The consortium will extend teaching to 16 to 18 year olds, offering nearly 600 places by September 2016. All schools, with the exception of King Harold, will expand to accommodate additional classrooms.

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020 8504 4334

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Coming to Waltham Abbey November 20th, 2014

A ‘Best British Expo’ will take place at the Marriott Hotel in Waltham Abbey on Thursday 20th November, focusing on a theme of ‘Sales Generation & Business Motivation”. The event’s sponsor is the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). With over 5,000 members in Essex alone, they have a major influence both locally as well as nationally. The Expo’s event partner is the Epping Forest Chamber of Commerce, who will be hosing a pre-exhibition Breakfast Networking meeting from 8.30am to 10am in the hotel’s restaurant. Brooks Newmark MP for Braintree, the new Minister for Civil Society, will officially open the Expo at 10am when visitors will gain free entry to over 50 participating companies in the Forest Suite. Two workshops will take place during the event; Sarah Brockwell of Sarah Bee Marketing will be delivering ‘From Start-Up to Award-Winning com-pany in 3 years’. A second one will be announced shortly. Both workshops are expected to be very popular as they are free to attend for registered visitors.

Debbie Gilbert of VIVA Networking will host two further sessions of ‘Networking with a Twist’. These events will be available to pre-book via Eventbrite. Best Business Expo gives businesses an oppor-tunity to meet lots of business owners and deci-sion makers in one place at one time. Peter Donn, Best British Expo’s managing director says, “After a number of previous events we know that these events are a perfect opportunity to network, make new contacts, win new busi-ness and learn new skills that will ultimately in-crease profits”. To register for free entry and the workshops, or to find out more information about exhibiting or visiting, go to or call 07786 066501. To book for the networking breakfast to include Full English Breakfast, please visit the ‘BOOK HER-E’ page of the website. The Expo ends at 3.30pm.

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Waltham Abbey Writers Waltham Abbey Writers (WAW) was formed by published authors Jean Fullerton, Victoria Robertson and Tracey Rolfe

Whether you are writing for pleasure, profit or prosperity why not join us at WAW’s monthly meeting on the first Monday every month at The Good Intent, 7.30 to 10pm

For further information contact either;

Jean Fullerton [email protected]

Victoria Robertson [email protected]

Tracey Rolfe [email protected]

WAW, The Good Intent, Upshire, Waltham Abbey EN9 3TF

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Event Listings

The King Harold Festival of Waltham Abbey—Saturday, October 11th, 10am to 4pm: The Abbey Gardens, Waltham Abbey EN9 1XX

The Medieval event commemorates King Harold II, the last Anglo Saxon King of England and Lord of the Manor of Waltham. Harold built a new Minster Church in thanksgiving for being cured of paralysis when he prayed to the Holy Cross of Waltham and was brought for burial here after his death at the Battle of Senlac Hill om 1066. Medie-val re-enactments will be found in ‘Waltham Village’. There will also be colourful medieval tents displaying armour and weapons. Also see food prepared the medieval way and demonstrations of medieval crafts. Also musicians, birds of prey, animals, music in the Abbey Church, craft fair, art exhibition and hog roast. Adults £3, senior citizens £2 and accompanied children free. Essex Society for Family History Harlow Branch

Meets on the first Saturday of the month at 2.15 in The Arc (St John’s Church), Old Harlow CM17 0AJ. Meetings consist of a speaker for 1 hour then tea/coffee and questions to the speaker. £1.50 donation for non-members Oct 4 The Mystery of an Unknown Drowned Woman, Val Day Nov 1 Members talks, tell us about your family in WW1 Dec 6 A Family Tree Puzzle, Barbara Harpin

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Club & Society listings

Clubs, classes and societies

AL-ANON FAMILY GROUPS For friends and relatives of alcoholics Email: [email protected] Helpline 020 7403 0888 (10am—10pm)

Baby Sensory—baby development classes in Waltham Abbey. For babies from birth to 13 months. Classes Thursdays at Town Mead Leisure Park, Brooker Road. Contact Vicci for a free taster session on 07734 114538. Email [email protected]

Breatheasy Harlow & Epping Forest—Meet on the second Tuesday of the month at the Purford Green Community Centre, Purford, Harlow CM18 6HP between 2pm and 4pm. For enquiries, please call 01992m573387. Breatheasy is the support group of The British Lung Foundation

Burlesque Jems—Town Mead, Waltham Abbey. Booking is essential. The Burlesque Jems run weekly dance classes for ladies who enjoy a giggle & a wiggle. Aimed at all ages, abilities, shapes & sizes – no experience necessary. Contact Jem for more details: 07903188404 or [email protected]

Chigwell & Epping Forest Orienteering Club. Bored with just running, in pain from too much running on roads? Try running through forests and having to work out where to go. There is a local event approximately once a month. For more details ring Helen on 020 8502 1629, or visit

Epping Forest District Badger Group—meet on the 3rd Monday of the month at Hemnall Street Social club, Epping at 8pm. Find out more about the existence and secret life of badgers, and their preservation. Contact 01992 756038.

Epping Forest Centenary Trust. We can provide practical conser-vation sessions in Epping Forest for groups, including special needs groups, community groups and youth groups. Call Epping Forest Centenary Trust on 0208 508 9061, email [email protected] or visit

Epping Forest & District Stamp Club. Meet 2nd Tuesday of month at the Dining Room, Roding Valley High School, Loughton. New members and beginners always welcome. Keith Smith 020 8505 5620.

Epping Forest Group of the Alpine Garden Society Non-members are welcome. For further information please contact the Group Secretary: Keith Ballard, Tel: 01992 813231 or email [email protected].

Epping Forest HP (Walking) Group. We are a walking group who walk in Epping, Redbridge and sometimes London each week. Walks start at 10.30am. There is no charge to join walks, optional membership at £4. Social evenings, coach trips and holidays. Email [email protected]

Epping Forest Outdoor Group– Are you a walker or a cyclist? Like to enjoy a more varied outdoor and social life? 8.30pm Thurs-days, ROVSCO Hall, 72 Hollybush Hill, E11 1PX. Weekends away, day activities and social events. Call Secretary Ken 020 8524 3960.

Epping Forest Re-Use is a charity set- up to give support in the community, offering good quality furniture/white goods and general household goods open to everybody, those on benefits can buy at reduced price - goods are delivered at a one off price regardless of the number of items purchased. Visit the Epping Re-Use Centre Bower Hill Industrial Estate Bower Hill Epping CM16 7BN. Come and volunteer, gain experience in Customer Service, Retail Sales, Office Administration, Telephone Sales and if you have any skills you would like to pass on let us know. For more information please call 01992 578222 or visit and find us on Facebook!

Family Care Counselling Service We provide affordable, professional counselling in the Epping Forest area Tel: 01992 788499 Registered Charity No: 1118296

Herts & Essex Architectural Research Society. Meet on the fourth Friday of the month at 8pm, Church Hall, Loughton Methodist Church, 260 Loughton High Road. Call 020 8508 2512 for more details or visit

Jo Jingles at Town Mead, Waltham Abbey. Fridays 9.45am for ‘walkers’ and 10.45am for babies. Music, singing and movement for babies & children aged 3 months to 5 years. Contact Victoria on 07801 535146, email [email protected]

The Waltham Abbey Darts League. Friendly Wednesday night league. New members welcome. Males and females welcome. For further details, email [email protected]

Waltham Abbey Floral Art Society meets at Waltham Abbey Royal British Region, Sewardstone Street, Waltham Abbey 7.15 for 7.45 on the 4th Tuesday of the month. Entry £5 or annual sub-scription £18.50 and £2.50 entrance per meeting. Contact Pearl on 01992 715969.

Waltham Abbey Town Women’s Guild meets on the 3rd Monday of every month at the Salvation Army Hall, Sewardstone Street, Waltham Abbey at 2pm. We have demonstrations, speakers, competitions. Visitors welcome. Contact Joy Argent on 01992 714921. (Please note, our December meeting is a Christmas social, held a week earlier on December 9th at 7.30pm).

Waltham Abbey Writers meet on the first Monday of the month at the Good Intent, Upshire. Whether you are writing for pleasure, profit or prosperity, why not come along. See feature on page 14 for more details.

Zumba—Shake it at your own pace! Get active with great people at the dance party workout for the young at heart. Monday morn-ings 9.30am at Ninefields Community Centre. Contat Linda on 07909 962901. £3 per session.

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Doctors Surgeries Waltham Abbey Health Centre 13 Sewardstone Road EN9 1NP Incorporating: Greenyard Healthcare 01992 714088 Keyhealth Medical Centre 01992 707145 Market Square Surgery 01992 707130

Abbey Surgery 27 Howard Business Park EN9 1XE 01992 715755

Maynard Court Surgery 17-18 Maynard Court EN9 3DU 01992 761387

Hospitals NHS Direct 111 Princess Alexandra Hospital 01279 444455 St Margaret’s Hospital, Epping 01992 902010 Whipps Cross Hospital 020 8539 5522

Pharmacies Glennon Chemists 8 Hillhouse, Ninefields EN9 3EL 01992 717145

Lloyds Pharmacy 2a Market Square EN9 1DL 01992 713320

Lloyds Chemist 10 Sun Street EN9 1EE 01992 712097

Care Services Bluebird Care – provides a full range of care services from shopping and companionship to full personal care includ-ing live-in care 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Bluebird Care Redbridge Office 0208 989 8444 Bluebird Care Brentwood Office 0127 7230 763 Bluebird Care Chelmsford Office 01245 263 962

Community Centres Ninefields Community Centre Ninefields EN9 1DE 01992 718764 Waltham Abbey Community Centre 46 Crooked Mile EN9 1QD 01992 711188

Schools Hillhouse CofE Primary School 01992 715999 The Leverton Infant 01992 715922 & Nursery School

The Leverton Junior School 01992 715885 Waltham Holy Cross Junior School 01992 712775 Upshire Primary School 01992 715567 King Harold Secondary School 01992 714800

Police Essex Police (non emergency) 111 01245 491491 Emergencies 999 Crimestoppers 0800 555 111

Other numbers

Citizens Advice Bureau 01992 710353 Childline 0800 1111 Eleanor Laing MP 020 8508 6608 Epping Forest District Council 01992 564000 Job Centre 01992 903200 National Blood Service 020 8258 2700 Samaritans 0845 7 90 90 90 Tourist Information 01992 660336 Waltham Abbey Library 01992 713717 Waltham Abbey Town Council 01992 714949

Handy Numbers


Listings are free for advertisers, non-profit clubs, societies and charities.

If you are a business and would like to advertise, prices start from just £20 for an

eighth of a page and there is no VAT to pay.

The deadline for the Christmas & New Year edition

(Dec-Jan-Feb) is November 15.

Email [email protected] or call 01992 814621 for further information or to

submit your listing.

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