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MINUTES OF BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF OHIO UNIVERSITY MEETING APRIL*10,;1957 A regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Ohio University was helkin:the Trustees' Room, Cutler Hall, Athens, _Ohio, on Wednesday: April 10, 1957, at 10-aan. The Chairman called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. The following members' were _ . present: Chairman Haney B. _Jordan,: Messrs. C. Don .McVay, Fred H. Johnson, Gordon K. - . Bush, Joseph B. Hall and H. E. Frederick, Mr. John Galbreath was absent. In addition to the members of the Board of Trustees, the following persons were , present: President Baker,- Mr.. Edward Kennedy representing the Alumni Association; Mr. B. T. Grolier, Mr. L. F. Lausche, and Paul R. O'Brien. _ It was moved by Kr. Johnson, seconded by Mr. Frederick, and unanimouslfr carried, '1. 4 that the Minutes of the December 11, 1956 Meeting of the Board of Trustees be approved - as distributed by the Secretary;,-, b- Mr: Bush "presented the following Memorial to Fred W. CrOw, a life:member of the Board Of Trustees, who died on February lif 1957: FREDERICK CROW . Fred W. Crow, a life—appointee member of the Board of frwetees died February 11 1 1957, , A practicing attorney and one—time prosecutor and common 'pleas judge of Meigs County, Mr. Crow was named to the Board . , . in 1911. He attended his duties faithfully and with ' genuine interest. Judge Crow was an alumnus l of Ohio University, Class of 19(Z. He was {, prominent in judicial and civic affairs in his county, -and demonstrated - a strong interest in his fellow men and a keen appresizition'of whit the University is doing for young people. His Idndly nature , and Careful cons • sideratiori . of the legal actions of the Board will ibeirkmissed:

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A regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Ohio University was helkin:the

Trustees' Room, Cutler Hall, Athens, _Ohio, on Wednesday: April 10, 1957, at 10-aan.

The Chairman called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. The following members' were_. •

present: Chairman Haney B. _Jordan,: Messrs. C. Don .McVay, Fred H. Johnson, Gordon K.

- . Bush, Joseph B. Hall and H. E. Frederick, Mr. John Galbreath was absent.

In addition to the members of the Board of Trustees, the following persons were •• ,

present: President Baker,- Mr.. Edward Kennedy representing the Alumni Association;

Mr. B. T. Grolier, Mr. L. F. Lausche, and Paul R. O'Brien._

It was moved by Kr. Johnson, seconded by Mr. Frederick, and unanimouslfr carried,'1. 4

that the Minutes of the December 11, 1956 Meeting of the Board of Trustees be approved-

as distributed by the Secretary;,-,

b-Mr: Bush "presented the following Memorial to Fred W. CrOw, a life:member of the

Board Of Trustees, who died on February lif 1957:


. Fred W. Crow, a life—appointee member of the Board of frwetees

died February 11 1 1957, , A practicing attorney and one—time prosecutor

and common 'pleas judge of Meigs County, Mr. Crow was named to the Board. , .

in 1911. He attended his duties faithfully and with 'genuine interest.

Judge Crow was an alumnusl of Ohio University, Class of 19(Z. He was

• {,

prominent in judicial and civic affairs in his county, -and demonstrated-

a strong interest in his fellow men and a keen appresizition'of whit the

University is doing for young people. His Idndly nature , and Careful cons •

sideratiori . of the legal actions of the Board will ibeirkmissed:

„ •

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;Mx- . t01 dIEJA ,iyamaN TTIE.TENIM OiHO , c10 ElLaTaORT.10 (14•NE RO• . .

. 00 114 bi0A taw 7$taleviOU old() lo tee4airsT lv blev6 ...a0. 10 aatdoem qs,Eugsq A - •

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am, alectlem Bialw141e1-157 .m.s 00:01 #..iebto aLtheitks 00 hart,zoistafta ea

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It was moved-by Mr. MaSy, seconded by '4. 'Fredericks and unanimously passed thatthe Board of Trustees idop 't the foregoing resolution in Memory of Fred W. Crow.

"Mr. O'Brien Presented the folloying . report .. On the appropriation balances as of

March 31, 1957. This report. Was accepted by the Board of Trustees. I


as of •. 'March 31:1957



$2,484,876.84 ' $ 809,260.16 $ 8,826;16'

106,113.41 :_ .11,526.71.


$3,280, 828.50 s1;43,658.12 $?0 ,352..S7- . .



MAINTENANCE . 405,150.25 299,036,84

ROTARIES. .1,225,199.37 496,914.82

TOTALS $4.924.486.62


$ 806;434.00


Mr. O'Brien then presented the following analysis of the Student Bu.ilding Fee Account:


•Tota1Eecèiptsfróu .P.ees

. Total Dnitions from.other

Total Receipts


Student Center BuildingLand for ideation . Of, Physical

Education Bui1ding ,:t -Architects Fee On Phjsies1

Education BuildingTelevision EquipniehtLands AirportRadio- StationCopeland Hail - Change in WindowsPayment- on Physical Education }3onds:Intereit on Bonds

Total Withdrawals

Balance March jS,- 1957. fql,

• $279586.69


•35;000.00 •.5,658.35

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- .01.3,,e_SitrsEis;

Brabilita exe,hiu0 du-cibsslalo.csoldeRIvi

- ;aaliagE aoldr.Dititarto so ci ajoa3-1.4trxik

• ,rift.tbk,triaittivirstrc:.! no,te.4-ge.ier,

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* WI* ,121.30:11. 17)iSflI rie�.4,1Q4e/ raio. twol. Ooba .aeodvrIT

,asees rLoaantoxqqa od_S ori,1* bacti,..3airsq 1,51--tF110.

.ass.tairzT . 10inigs.K. 044 to bethi.35u; q,sw .taisk-leg •0.;;;Lirk. .

.t.,;1411*-;‘,22. 1 •

CiaggLIN.M.Y.Olp ompatmo11.)11A.S.A.3

.00 ,.46:4.:1008 ca 4

. .sv8.„.2,2,etos;

• -17)010B 1414VP-4lxi .•.

•MAD , al:44'3110Varittaff '






03Thas; tyma amay:


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1:::±1132r1A-4tv. orLusitua Valtila h.'I.:Li:att.:Et,Tex ‘ N''..iloTrati <

•asEi Estrill


egodso ask:, ...t.Tp142tioa 5.7zSaT .

a:111,31.'1-2 Isk,

irnle ktril




CO•s•the&..• 004000X,

aL9wath tint'! XadoT

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, It Was moved by Mr. Seconded by Mr. -JSuisent that the., foregoing expendi-

.tures -,be. approved by the Trustees. This Motpki carried unanimously.

It was Own suggested thai?a - report on this fund be -presented td the Trusteed,*

. at every Board meeting.

President Baker_ was then caned upon for his report. He reportedthat Governor'

0. 1144.1'has been friencaY toward Higher Education. " . .President Baker feels that the

reception of . our Budget Request by the Legislature will be better . than in the past.t

The President then . referred to the American Association of 'UniverSity:Professors t

. -, report which shows faculty dalaries have lagged behind the-general tealary increases

• -for .industry ind business by -about 730 per cent. Our present_ budget request carries

, an increase that will .adjust at least' part Of this -discrepancy: He then caned on

Mr. KennedY for some re/narks on the salary schedule._

Kr; Keruiedy reported that competition between schools for faculty ; 1.6 very acute' .

and that all, schools are atteripting to -get gciodimen.. Mr. Kennedy feels it -is Very

important that we, keep our-salary schedule as high ad order to keep a


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-Mr:0ga . gg.kcget:q1 ed&thedi tadamict .IV %el bêbn:.., d' 4,37 ..IMW.boveintAv

.7,1emmluzau babisza Ao4*aft alia .avedulT sAt ti boyclqqz ad

evIT -sef-o* 1)2:n7-E'er/C. qd bon elet cm z &arid bectezggiiv tuft* ez .;., *1

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ertst..4a,tt 4tri5lwsl ocsib frjjl bIsmOt tSbaella 'ASS eadliSOAi0

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belLAs men: efl -,IpaNnoei5 'tt.ted4 20 clIzq dzasi *z 4451;tbkillw *z-J* tablqara vz

cE.1.4.15eK13 . ilAfah . e1- Az ot7oa,-40.1 4mana2i 41M

'odistm, vav .41. taut:A ôi Alocidor, neaWad ADIel:ktgrb*. S.w laJlo4ues.1Peon41,i :114

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a cler4 ed 7eino:ra eldfaccA S9 agid as obibodoa vaLra-As9 qov4 m 446; 3n;:,:loq4121

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Mr. Hall then moved that the following salaryschedule be adopted effective Septem-,

ber 1, ,1957:

.$10,500 'AssociateProfessor 52400 9,000, _

• Assistant Professor 4,800 - 7,800 .Instructor 3,800 ,r-f,7 6,800


This motion Lwas seconded by Mr. Frederick, and unanimously carried.

The President, then reported that the gr eat est problera facing higher education is

the anticipated future enrollment increase. It has been estimated that the present

college enrollment in Ohio 1l double or triple by 1970. Obtaining coriipetent teachers

for this large increase is •going to be very hard. Salary alone will not, get teachers. .

We must trY And interest industry in loaning competent personnelOr making some contribu-,

tion enabling th&universities to use some men from Industry for teaching purposes.

We are now trying to interest our present students in teaching in an effort to

train teachers for the future. Dean Myers to is now on a trip to Switzerland is contact-

ing certain universities In Holland and Dennark ani_attempting to locate' teachers for

Ohio UnivOrsity;_:

The president .reported that he has appointed a committee of faculty who are_ . •

studying the problem of obtaining faculty members for the futUre. He suggested that

the Faculty Relations Committee of the Board of Trustees meet with the faculty committee

kefore the next Board meeting.-

Pi'diessor", •• ,

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-Jok.inca 10 :a:tat-fazed sti.z7J

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tions at the next Board meeting.,

The President reported that the United States Department of State has asked Ohio

University to set up a Teachers College in Nigeria to •develop native teachers for the

The President' then reported that he has also appointed a faculty committee to study

the possibility of operating Ohio University on a year—round basis in order to help out

in taking 'care of the increased student load. This proposed plan is not 'a three semester,

-or quarter system, : ,hut sane other plan that •• will • 'utilize to the -fUllest, extent, our present- .

physical equipment. This plan wotild also increase the income Of our 'present faculty which

would be a help in keeping and getting better faculty.

Mr. McVay agreed to sit with this ,committee in ,order to present their recommenda-

schools of that country. The State Department will furnish all of the money necessary, • .

for this project. The President reported that if 'there were no objections from the Board

• of Trustees he uould continue to investigate tkis possibility. He pointed out that this

would be a great aid in developing the Ph D. program in the College of Education. There

were no objections from the Board of Trustees. r.•

PreSident Baker 'reparted that the Royal McBee Corpora:tion is Making, a gift of 'â

calculator to Ohio University. , This gift has a value of between forty and fifty thousand

dollars. The Royal McBee Corporation will furnish us with instructors and we will set up- • - •

courses in the use of this calculator. The calculator will also be used by our faculty

in any research projects requiring this type of ,calculator. The Royal McBee Corporation

will be permitted to bring customers here and see this calculator in operation..•• ,

The President , reported ,•thit,te. has submit:ten. as rieggnation as.United States-

Representative to the : EcOnoMiC: and Social Council of the United. Nations.- The State

Department has not yet; (Obtained •.a replacement* for Prdsident Bake? and are requesting him

to represent._ them at the April meetings of the :Economic and Social Council. The President

has cleared this with GoVernor

. • . • •

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tbnS .a. ccIt se:rein-moo •CraJI: ral. a beiniocuz f.saf.z cmEf if ShIJ be..1-segai herki Silebisonx5 &ht.•. . • • .

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•socri.eirt-la diti airIct bervialz tad ft

Page 11: lif -

The President reported that he had accepted the Chairmanship of 'a dommittee_appointed/."• - , •

by Governor O'Neill known asthe Commission on Education Beyond High School.,.•

' Committee' consists of the following members:_ _ . ,• ..- • -••• . , . • .. 4residint john C. Baker, Ohie. University, Chairman •

' Mr. WilliaM.K. SteVenson,,President,,Oberlin College .Mr.. T. : Keith ,Olennan -President .Case InititUte of TechnologyThe Very Reverend Paul L. O'Connor; President, Xavier UniversityMr: Robert N. MOntganery; President, Muskingum College:Mr. Asa 4, Knowles President, University of Toledo .

f :Mr. Howard.FijI0w42. President, College of Wooster:Beviee'.,0.-fawceti,,Pretident, Ohio State 'university.

• Mr. A-0k. Stambaugh, retired„chairmin, Standard' Oil Co.C; Allyn, TrebidentimNational•Cash.Register,

Mr. Orville C...Vones;,..K44Cati*Director,:046„CIOLouis i3.c rpalter; wife of Cleveland Press:edit6e- ' •,Th•

/President Baker reported that the first meeting of this Committee wee...held:Yesterday,, •• . . • „ ,

9;-1957) . and iney'disCUpSeCgenerailfthe foliowing4Cints to be covered by this• ' ' _. , - . • •

•CommissiOn on Education Beyond High School: : ,_ .

1. • To prepare to take care of ihe .- large numbers of students desiring higher . whicfrwiIl he'upon-the State of . Ohio'within'the next fell Years.

. s , / .'. • -

2. The (=Pe of .theLIork, that is, the type of education these prospectivestudents will desire 0 sUch as engineering technical schools, ltwo-year cOmmunity.Colleges; business colleges; etc*..:flH:. 1".-. . . . -

.. Bow to make higher education available to all qualified students in the State .of Ohio4rrespective.Of their/faMily's,económic conditions.' • '

,In a.gepera.I.discussion .at this meeting of the :Commission on Education it was brought

out that the Branches'of_Ohid. ,UniVersity erivOperatingWithott a 'state subsidy and the- •

communitiesiare/Making a Contribution toward the Branches by furnishing facilities. It

was'also:Poinied .oUt that the cost Of room and board is important in the cost orhigher::..,

education, in many cases it being more than 50 per cent of the total cost.-

Page 12: lif -

LeJa.tooliq& eadJ1r.zotk. A 10. crAdansrist.r.4) 'offs Potq3o04,1 heit s id lajImial. J4ob1as'ii e4T

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.te3k-i4eil %lege'sttijzU tctobieti.fq lionvob car; .t,tgo

'1044'6 : zas .t.ell Ostoio..r.0 lo

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- 4aog 42Sot Tzad 10 tnoP. 104 OZ nadir 0104 visa:6d Ji CSDHP X41:4 ni.

Page 13: lif -

president Haker'presented letters from the'.Superihtendent of SchoolS of Washington

. : Court HouSeehd ; the:Superintendentof , Schools of Martihsierri,H Ohibj requesting Ohio

University to estabi,isti Branches ih the&respective communities..The • President pointed. _but that the administrative officers were not certain that

.at:thesetwo locatiohs; however, :they were investigating the' possibilities..

It was moved by Mr. Frederick, that authority be granted the . •_ , • • , -”administrative officeta:to • etablish ,Branbhes . atyllaphinkten , CoUrt Hots ..e,-Ohip,:and Martins:::

' -,Ferry, Ohio, if their Investigation Would :seen to warrant the establishment of the Branches.

The President, reperted that . the.School Of . Dtametic Art and . SpeechTis

: establish courses in this school granting.of.a Ph.D. degree in Speech.

It was moved by Mr. :Johnson, seconded by Mr. Hall[thatHthe Scheelti:Draniatic Art and

... Speech be authorized to grant a Ph.-D: degree to any Students completing the required

curriculum for this degree. This motion carried unanimously.

, The Board of Trustees recessed ferHlnch4and,1-reconvened_at'l:55„..p.m.::„ „:Mr .- McVey was called Upon fo .r:a report of the Athletic1and:Public Relations Committee. .

He reported thatAit:HD: T. -..Oroverdiad : bien_working with thb:Ainletic_DePaftmenthnd president_ .

'Baker to establish a:new'policy to aid athletes. )(r. Mcyay.asked . MrcGrover-to give a

report of these prOpoSed.Policies.:The'proposed-poilei . was composed of eight parts.

ly That the Division approved . for one additional instructor, - .-., • .and two additional graduate assistants to take up physical education classes.

thereibre . releasitteOme'of: the:boedhes:Tor '. 'mpre time for bent/acting . prospective_• athletes.

That the requirements for tuition and sOliolaiiehipshe : iliade -inore flexible. That

is, a high:schoolgradwate in the ler half'of ' his,graduatingclass will be

eligible for tuition schoLirshiP.providid , he tekes • good . grades on the entrance

test to Ohio',Uni4breity and' ifAleis'reconinended -hy Dean Paulsen of_the University


Page 14: lif -

hChtail ;1241 b icotha -7f driebi;eztairisquaeltti iicxCi elelJeT ted'aeRe'sq, /9:z1zEd drobitee/i

old°...75la1dtemio3t k,o1r10 crneti BLit:do:i,4 Iv aloodp rt tnebriscInkfoque eat Ems semtd

ditabieeti ark: .ao.idlarmanoo ev'tiosgearr '/.1:titd" at aellonna dal:Made° vi.,-iczciel:evAtridt

her ;a.E.Cdatao ed kifiloo tad+ niadt:60 doa etzew Blears:10'",-,Tba -di &did 4130

. E-> 11,3 aq Bit:1st3 1,:toeftrai. 9 aetz- rtuLiaooL ow.1 se odd- ,ts,

cit be'thstna ed yilltaffikms ,bohrtoos.a riA4 /14 vd bevota Bay; JCL

Brad. deN u oritj A e asto9 two° mod-z,aldaais ; fs esr1oi o.zg delicladas ad a/so Itlo einta‘alie.irtibba

.estfortria er'r.f ra :fa i the a add ..fristnal od- met: blmow tledi U oldi) tratteti

oi nsLe.1rx4 81 dnascfa•has, flit of.:drapriato Eperdo8 ore dadd. pe.t tiotioa :thdableoll

.tbeega -ae/neb a.rict end" 2,c-Litzek Icno aMit at Bea/moo daildsaas,

bile :Mt ola`soita/C "to Ioodoe a Lid-4,144 IISh ;11.4 vd Lebtroosa „doer:dot'Itatzoin eaw

be/Impel. edi 3aLdelciner5 /as oit oso'dgob .1.1.-461 ins.n.. ad becs.i:/orld`vi. 9d. dametge.•


.‘c.faueciaru: boil's/so B.1.-.4111 .Bettieb .alatt lb! 4llu.Luo.i..tam6,.m.q i S t 1.39navao,oatz; brist-ifoatil 'tot beceenetz Bead am/T tr.) Mace. edT

se4Saarzo0 Boo ofc_Coar: bass: oIteIdtf. ors,+- to dloci6 id a 101 flogs beaso Bay \t,e'Voll './M

bits, Irmnitkthar.iC,01;t43.0iiit.:aild• atei'd bad ti:Blro/t, , t1 bsersogB/ eft

eviqi, o., tetro/D L bootaa „N,-sVon i1. abdoltiJa 't.t.C.a act -cod:1aq' teci cie,±Ccisd-Be od tie.?1,4€1

.eittog lo bac:a:Imo& est/ xol-.Cbq 11,'scocioaciarri lh.-fa:UN-4:5e oanci..t '10

/to,tom/len._-e. .Csaold-laba sato lot bp-trotrqqa ad noi-iikaorb2, Lao .iztilq zolebt.41 ed,t ilacil‘ .1, Bee.Bato aoidsoubs thoiai cfm aid edasmfe.teea eds:thatip,

svidoe:r.„Teo-dg gittoatd‘co(t Poi öffith EvIOIFSTOI aes tioaco et.ti- 19 8afl3 .71-2.s616-x sraiettorij

±snT .,,c),Ect.txfsia flora 9j ) 411 tg±t,TP bats nold-lild 114 ea:1-at:131±LiP" °(1.1 jaatied B ear.° r4demba/43 . :Bid to ',1,1t:td ;/ciwol 04,serMa.73. Scold:le .0*.14 (41

eowsdits odd- ma eabat booL , 8:oolsat ed , b'eb..ttrotici citatel.alodoa aoicktud. -tot aid 4'ri•

IcStettoir..tat.T %Li 'So idoo.f.g.aci vist‘a t•• tiObsseiktoostf.

ed: el.( boa ti.t8tddr— d" st,:tjff

.e2o_r_lo13. -

Page 15: lif -

.rules Of MOAK. '14r: ...,BUbh . suggestedthat. W* .weit r a.year . to;g4ite.. tbie:rb3W -Plan a. chance to

-work before taking further action.s _


That the DirectoretAthleties be

to loan -text' to athletes.

4. Thatthe . requireMents ! for holding a . bOardjOb.átiOhie: Univereity be relaxed

slightirandmade:thi. , same as the requirements tote:eligible to participate in


That the athletic department be granted 100 beard jobs commencing with thei•all

4. That the recruiting program. carried , on . by the . coaehes be better coordinatedWith':

the aluMni varsity boards.

. 7. That all future football schedules be cleared‘with'the President's Office before

being submitted to theFaculty Committee on Athletics. .

It was pointed , ent-that *ithsthis-reviiion in ..recrUiting : and athletic policies-:

our coaches wilftetetter'Ableto ' compete.with -Other imbibers of Mid-American,

.-and they should show much better results Within theLnexttWdlears,

Mr. Grover was thanked for his'repOrt on Athletics'.-

Mr. McVay_pointed out that we mubt'attract:froin eight to.ten.emtstanding boys each•

year in order to compete with OtherkMembers'of Mid4Aierican.:,_ , . , . ,„. •

Mr. Bush pointed out that we started several years ago inour athletic Program to

prime tha“espectable:teams can be developed in a,goOd university by living within the

Page 16: lif -


Aullidoz 'ZStJ.W abLt eftolud AlQW

-4itaraSImpo nso47-:loc4 3 b3LWZdap odet66.4Sm04 b0 tadaliidA o ledoe .t.ffl .044 4AdT •

•od dood'áod awl 0

oxaLEn ed 7.7.12;flevIAU 0/.40 4.4 dot ilaaad a bulkIod laI u3ann.t.upd1 eTiit .tiidT. 4

01 0d0g10idlEg a 0/4113110 . 06 cht amthstillir odd az tora:a 'p rid ob4Q biZ/1J4..$171:a

alp±d0f)iddi so

S ra edd ds.Lu .30.1bir:;*00' bri.Ecar 00X bf.: go6n d Jnew,S7.4sph 0140 tdda, 'age ?

&ft :c*dogiteloo -.taddS. ed :106zos erld td n*bskvita rai•moriq Dale:49. 14)07 odd •'adT

4abimod 4amuls odd

suited po2110 a tdp0b4,10%5. 0ad eta .1) Ots-310 ed eeL4,siftiTh8d ri nüt2 4adi •.7

-a0,tdoid4A no aegttitSiori td1uoz7. b 044j:tali/a grilk6d

c010,tio4 4-1,t4:;4ifds tins (!::.7.4•421,51aers noi4lv0I- add , £1S.EW add dao:kodnion caw dI

4corn:a...-b2i4 zIsdaw 'ISA) ddiw elpqmoa pith leasad ed „at:- =balm-up

..01740t ord \tx0u 011$ rar1d2u adluazgHied .ded:slaiiw -eArolla bX,r7 .egia kHz

';aoldalda no .detc(197. t1ct Ici boYna41 azw .ig

4*za aTodgrabazdOro nild o.t trials szcoft IftZXthtA jpum ow oxis . dgobodulvg -oval

enA011-=A-010 lo esedaion: lerrio ddiu,sdequno pJ ItoBto ai Izoic

. PATSON Di kildee Ivo els- t ots ,a %WY,: 1475V48. 00.11t6z. ev dsd.d tAo bpdri_toot daNg

0e atelw .Art:4 „, •tevtgu nogg begoloyeb od gap em-ss4 pr,dzdzaclaol tzdd oveqg

s a L'Idffi ;,5en itid:Y. &Tie, 04 . 1deet .4 31.1011' &W Syld—heleaava ailOri 20 ealul

Page 17: lif -

April 10; 1957

•Board of TrUstee6.-

Mr: Hafl. was then' called upen Tor a report of the BaCulty Relations:Committec. -

Mr. -Hail reported that 'our life insurance experience had been good enOugh that, we•. • . . . •. . , .increase the 'coverage approximately 50 per 'cent without any .increase in premiuMs. : .Mr. Hall -

moved,-eeconded by Mr. Frederick, and unanimously -carried that the group life _insurance_

• schedule be follOws:

_ Those employes earning less7than year, their policy shall be increased from

$2,500 to $4,000 face value

3,999, their policy shall be . increased from.

- :$3;500 to _$5,600 face value

between $4,000 and 44999, ,their policy 61141 be Increased from,

$40500, to: $7,000 face Value

between , $5;000 and $5,4999, their policY, shall be 'increased_

- $5 0 500 to $8,500 face value

$6;999, their policy . shall he_increaSed from

$6,500 to lac' 000 face Value

000-a Year, their policy shall be increased' from_to $12,000 face value.

.Mr. Hall Pointed: out that :s reduction in . premium rate plus our dividends ;receivsd. •


from the present

in premiums,:

-policy shOCild:permit these "increases to go' through without any increase•• •

Mr: O'Brien . then' reported ,that. • . '

ineuranee plan and ahead be.:.readsy:to

committee, of faculty is studying a major medical• .•.

present - thie - .plan at the next- Meeting of the .

Page 18: lif -

atafi bosseeion2 Lade lledj ..NQ et pais 000,Q?' naawded

eoal 000.tet

mkr:1 be65576111 5d Hann -szplioq lleni ,?tNA hnS 000 t4)a swdod: ft

TEC't c 0.1 ftui -

, 06-tflagoa 5n01441flyiluesa ed, 19 dwrisq, 4 /ol Snap tellao A-pet esw tf.K.

ow eAdj j il,54.3 boea coed bad- obizeki.eqx5 eoromanl ,etcl tivola 111-0 . .12.4± bptIoa51 UAL': .-a4

Hall tN allilimerifi at ease/cal dISOthilx. 4'1W° Ipq vja§zati-xolqqa 6-8z>avos' add bes5lont

donswani 5111 groT :s eard 4.6d1 551!MSD tIF4NittaGati has ,,IciI csebril behapoo6:',1,5vpm

:aubiloI is E5a8e ,:dcri ed erubedoe

rnzft losaselonl -5( 11:15an piidq 7l6d:1 set .6 030E4 naSdHea , nal:ft-tap_ esicolcimo

solar sot 000,4 . 6$ Org,14

ealsv sasi 000 000 •

a &tot) dl 50 liade Ltcq 71edd. , .

; • eidsv.-661-.1 00ei8e od 60Z,Za -

mo'fi beeis5eloftl. ed 'lade -v-dolioci ,MA Ens 000-e34 Issev,fed

651tv snit 000g od

00,q moll sberinotoni 60 lisda 000,7@% sieve:

sual (no ta.0 ott.

EsyleeetC obasidITib "luo tidal edsti: ,MU.Le4t-7a, nottovb6T i Jsr[J. 'fro Isdalog IL .111•

eaavidai taa duodtiw .400ldd'% oi-.55aselonl in:add d-hayegjaluelit toffee-6-neael-4 motil

.6mnime'lq dI


zef1:1. 090,Z=e .n36iiited


Isolbes exotsm s al-thude al tif,ses1 1).66,tdallmo„,

ef14' '1 0 PI:them Jx6f1. adJ :f

:ilk bed.qoael,.sedi_

e fx1,7,Ter:e 56z narg 1.)3nsqueni

..560entl‘ lo bsssoff, .

Page 19: lif -

Mr. johnson was then. called=upon for a' report Of the. Finance ComMittee. He. ,„

reported that the married student housing loan was still Pending and 'submitted the. ,

following motions to be acted upon.

. ,It was moved by Mr. Johnson, seconded by Mi.. Hall:, and unanimouisly. ,Passedi that. . .„ . . -


the law. . .firm : Of Squire, Sanders Dempsey,, of , Cleveland, Ohio, be employed to act:. . • . ' - • _ '

ae=-.,bond:counseir and to Sestet in the preparation : or: An application 'to the 'Honaini,. - . .

andHome Finance Agency for a, loan of $480;00, for the purpose of constructing 48. . - . . . , _- - . • • . ., . „ .. .. . • . .tarried. student housing Uhits for' a . fee . - - not to e*Seed $1,500.,00.

It was moved by Mr; . Johnson, seconded by MEC:McVey, anci ..nnanimon;ly pasied; that

ilk funds not to I exceed .$ 1,..0016 be set 'abide from any dormitory ) surplus foi- the %purpose-

•.of purchasing movable _equipment for the proposed married student housing project

..'al.ter. the Housing' and Home Finance Agenevapproves -ille-loan-,applicatiOn, now spending.

It was mOved by Mi Johnson, seconded by Mr,. Bush, and unanimously passed,)that

the President and' the : Treasurer she authorized to :antór into a-,lOan-agreament ,covir., -

_ink the purchase of the Bonds on the standard terms of the Housing and Home Finance-

: Agency,

It With moved by Mr. - Hall, seconded by Mr.

the above bond resolution be approved as read.

Roll Call vote:, Busn,.Yes;....FredericR, , Yee; McVay; Yes; Mall, YeS; , Johnson .; Yes;

- Jordan, Yes: •

Page 20: lif -

saocci .baS*4 ad o* enolSou tinkoofiel

Sada imam, .tiarroalassli b ga. ttLaii td 'Sabina:se L't.f.evsziftext, banw azit a

td bavaLs: r I •

lartuy..x ..mastity4.0 so j.21 &Tali, 3.9.tavoil SS"eat.. . .

; tpaaess visuontriwa ty,aa .1/4":4PbaC)PS.1:7t .f.ESH 60-vatti

ii .fltzxz3 ecia,*ei `14) 47.1.345a 'A 410a POCili `be-Cte7 CiGtht *a". .1-1Qnt.1101

sThc boa:siedipi ,bito &(1.brit.: 7P4itir Led.'s.nitAa aribt l tscid bchtlocixt

Is 05 boysigtha. ad *old) asioval0 10 tvaawse bras riabssa tectivila lo nit nal. oth

azflwoI1 azLi- 045,clo,idsoil as r.zo-po,i.: step/gala, odd. LaLSa:raza ot.bas iAamrao bixP.1-ez

ars.i.dssSarcoQ (1..o seocrusi rlit. id oo toagi rteo,t ..fa tot taaasfi. spessitrii. I3P3OH bat.?

.00.01R.ta bsapxa•0 Soh last eittu aftlayori Stabtsla tokrisai

d4d4 ,tpoauog 5.1143 vjg bohno*Oe

saociwev eSS. iblf tultrius;z7p4Ittinti ::tas ooil, cc £a,2 ed C9O t alt . .b.; ,,ix$ odyjou 2b.LL_

itecrici gektallo:f Snabst4pbal.:Tam bapoplq:AS 1 .6t Sat:nava aldsvom ahItaidolaq lo. . .,

tpessq. -f,te oatinsass brks trisag 2;444 tcl , b42qcooa tagaruiat beivoz etc 51. , • • • •4asariar..-0461 a piax oitant,.- ad. bealloriSas ad -4alsraseatraiiSt 'is ug14• •• •

00fiEn251. muoll .b47,5 gnlavoll ed4 20,9griOd-b/abilkia odd tie . W.,14OS wift.10 ourAilaIN 94S Brat-•ocanag-A

_ .Sevoaqtaz sd no±4mlontri jan04'sycds

tads/ incalarlot eY titati p::57 °sr �talttabet4,1 aaY Oath' ,:aSoy 1.-f3a••àoi trzafriat

Page 21: lif -

It'was mpireayby:Mr. lohnsen, secanded : by Mr: Frederic42.aud-unanimeus/i2passed,

that the administrative officers be authorizedto use not to exceed $30,00for the

purpose of purchasing the fixed equipment in the proposed married student housing'

project from dormitory surplus funds.:

It wes'mOved:by Mr.. Johnson, seaonded . by Mr. and unanimouslipassed; that. __

the following monthly:rentala:be , approtediforithe proposed housing project:.

one-bed-room apartments;480 per Month; . two;,bedrprooiu ' ipartments $95-per:month;• „ • .

. two-bed-room, twofloor apartments, $100 month, These rates include all Util-• . • • , •

.ities, except telephone.


It was moved by Mr. Johnson, seconded by Mr. MeVaY'L and unanimouslypaised, that

the Treasurer of Ohio University be directed-to'hegotiate With the presentholders of

dormitory revenue bonds for the release of Any prior liens that might be against the

propoOodmarried!StUdent housing project,

Page 22: lif -

;Meaux/Alas:main84w bts4air.töbel"4..;


d..behAO,Jor cmendo4 nNyadTbovr.â ivt.:w SI

LIU ha ObUi*C2 .eorrx seoAT 4dart,lm deg •GT:4 Aura:as-4gs loon owS.tmuin'bfad-0W:

,crfultpLad 4q..)=.3 taatdi

,to elobied Itioseig 3da tãdtallb. so uev.611,1 °id° :to ..telcrase,;.T oda• 7 .

tpdi , tf''a rqjqiden-I= bni; EVUIi 1d bebrtrio oaeuldot ici boifern aSWti'.4

• "KM' 'aRravy, ad aderrm azda IcIt% vt e.41. Lo e4AQ. J4-1 "�1. 710- elMod SUCSVS1 12.Q3141°11

4dZat .01(1 zqs.raoA i,a4baatbalnag basest-mg

c:Ad rrol6f.X)tet4 beaex Lr,11 ou!. 45± Leli.r.tdarrs ea 21erAllo $11-1,1%4414ataimb.3 ,)As,a 124a

brliarrog , ine6r,ide bal.:flag bpaogolci odd at away) boxtt ula wierAlmg lo oevg/ag

rebrull evAlitus x7r,41410:5 Sootalq

iLrAis Itaol4eaq'ylavorPrkim bna t lizE %M .xd botnoom crinendoL yd 1)SVODE 6.01ff

3 '4'0(70'N nniegoA etivoq* tia to/ hevvIgqz od tisane's vidaavn:grilma101 3AS

ts'illom clog QeS ear:am:m:1a moo7-ted7oterS ;dthiuii teq 08e ,c6...aur747:0 meterd-er10•

Page 23: lif -

following budget for Operati ons :

Personal ServiceMaintenance.Teach er Retirement

Total Request

The Additions and: ,Bettements Budget has not been submitted to the House Finance

mmit.tee as jet.. .•

Mr. Bush gave the following report for the Inter-University Council Committee.-

He reported that the Ad-Hoc - Committee appointed by the Inter-University Council had- •

submitted a report on admissicins. This report had been approved by the Inter-University,

Council with recommendations. Mr. Bush summarized , this report as follows:

1. That institutions of higher learning 'adopt a program of adini ssion on warning withthe following minimum frame of reference, primarily for those high . 'school graduateswho rank in the lower half of their, graduating class.. , ,

Mr.. Johnson rePorted -that the members of the House Finance •Coramittee had appi•oved the

• , That each of the State Institutions Of -Higher Learning adopt academic probation and, retention standards that wil.teneourage and assist ;students to progress systematical-

ly at the level Of. schOlastie j achievement required for graduation and i•hich , wouldnot allow students to ,remain- :in c011ege, indefinitely••if they are not niaking, this'minimum normal- progress. , ••• ' • ' • -

That the State . Institutions of Higher Learning inform .ntgh, school 'Ai/dente by •every Method: , possible: that the most 'adequate , preparation ; , for ,college::: work includeshigh- school ex/peak:C(3 in the ;flandainental • -subject areas, of ErigliSkij mathematics,laboratory science; social science, aid a foreign language.

2 ', 4 ; e

— • This Ad-Hoc Comittee is . 6f ',the opinion that thé , :„CdoPtion,'of the above recommendations. •

will 'do much to strengthen the acadadenic programs of the ; several state, institutions, and may

• over a- period of years provide some ; basis for a program _Of': selective - admissi On. 7

Page 24: lif -

ei:ztbsvawqels bs 4 se:Lit:me° ebbs: 'UT easself erld'ae atx40/444iri•

iBri$ _biyatriO49": noarirle

exn't :LN-4131scr:


°°OokVe • - . 9a11.61.19.7;37244dsarrielldel ^zec.f2s0T

• • • . _

- votaQ?tct taeuesis IsioT

sea:sari eaucH e.g." et bettiabfba need Job azdf az-snip:fa a„di-tamed-lett 9eT

es es-itirgaitiQ;] ttaturtatI ltr, arid- 'lo' d elogq11 ,:gliderettol. eat ;t1-1

bzri xtroD erL; td b.3dakcgqa est:thaw° eta taxit bettagfix

7,5.ifen tricsid---xednisii J bevolgc/43 beed 413.7.eix aliff .ado.Lea,thim ro -soge ...x s beditmeate•

Eat-mire! as :twigs's. CLaJ ,besilsirrae ifaue: Uf xosthr 3Uwtx191 dJr lialtentt


galintvi be non'a.,nbs le aiserAo rati agobs'attimsel lerialri lc- smith/tit:3bl tsif2eeds.obwrzs .10011`..?“:1-. .t1.221 9Cent

i 7,-thsru.t sba esoaelole ex tO neii'l Taulit.trsitir Extbralicii.1.2340 la ifaxi cdebTal .'erit tit A-11ST. Or&

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Page 25: lif -

-Mr. Frederickcpreeented :the,following report for the Library Comsittee.,. _ . . , . .The basic-probleMs relative to library. service at Ohio University are the building

funds and the ‘borok 'funds. The - Library-bUildine. is crowded and there is s. definite need

for more librartspace-fOr .. a university , of.pir-sizehOWever, , the libraries planned for

. in the . College of ZddCation BUilding and:in-Jefferson Mall should alleviate this crowded, . • , •

,conditiorCeomeWnety.fiBooks.are needed- , foriexpanding programs at every .levelsnd- particularly .

for the reSearch'-prOgraMS . now being developed in conjunction with the offering of PE. 1) degrees.

These cost-more.moneY to buysnd-morflorieTtO process.and maintain in each successive year.s . .

The:Ohio:University 4-Library, bsce "well-developed selection of-bookvfor undergraduate courses,

however, the inetallatiori.of: Ph.i.Hdegrees in varioui: depSrtmenta will cause a great expaneion.

in the cost and number.Pf boOks. repitired for these programs.„ -

Mr Jones, the Librarian Who-IS : leaving Ohio University on Say 1,!'1957, thanked the

.•Trustee's for their fine cooperation while he has been Librarian of Ohio University_

Mr. Beh'..reported;for the Planning,- :-Building, and Land Purchase Committee is follows:. _ - - ._Plans are nrogresSing satisfactorily en the Education Building, Phybioal-Edudation'Build-

-ing, the Like Science Buildineflnd . Dortitory-MoC /94dich'Will-be the final dorMitory

on the East Green.project:( Bevaled_reported' ‘ that'Ahe,,buildifigs under construction are_- progiSseing(satifactOrii,-:namelk, the Engineering Science Addition, Shively Dormitory

, .Jefferson Hall, the Indoor practice Building, and the Galbreath Memorial Chapel. •



Page 26: lif -

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Page 27: lif -


Mr. Bush reported that since there was no money available at the present, time for

the purchase of properties he would defer the Presentation of the proposed property

,*purchases until money was available,. However, he did •present a letter from Mr. Grosvenor

. •McKee relative to the McKee property on University Terrace'. •Mr. McKee has offered to sell-

this property for $50,000, and in the opinion of most of the members of the Board it is

worth .about $40,000; however; its , importance to the future development of Ohio University.

it cannot be i tuiderestimatecl as it along with the Mary Noss property would make another

fine building site._

It sewed to be the consensus Of the Board of -Trustees that President Baker should

contact Mr. McKee and bring pto the_Board:f_ Trustees at their 'June meeting a specific

proposal for the purchase of this property.

Mr. Rush reported that the 'Beck property on East Union Street had finally been

acquired without going to Court: Sir .' Beek settled' this .the-day before the case was

scheduled for a hearing and this is 'the'final r piece of property necessary for the Construe-_

•tion of the Education 'Building .

There Was •a discussion of the employment of William J Davis as architect for the t•

married student housing prqjeet-: •••It was moved by Mr: Hall; seconded by Mr; Frederick

that William 4. .Davis iemployed ae . architect on the marri:ed.;stuelent..:housing project

viten it is _finally determined thi.t.:the.friousing and Home -Finance Agency will commit•theM7

selves to hake a loan to Ohio University: for this 'project: This motion carried unanimously.

• Mr. Laudche reported that the Research Contract with the Wright Patterson Air Force• ,

Base for $71_,000, relative to radii) jamming, had been approved by the -Federal Government.

This project would probably be starting within the next sixty: days:. • . " E •• • , . ,

Mr. Iausche also reported that the Massachusetts Institute of -Technology has awarded

us-a subcontract ona'rethearèh pr oj e et -'_ . .

Page 28: lif -

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Page 29: lif -

this runway.

It icas decided to- holdd t the next meeting of the .Board of Trustees irrAthens, Ohio,

on Friday, June 7, 1957, at 10 a.m.

It was Moved by Mr. Hall, and unanimously seconded, that - the meeting be adjourned.

Under: New business President Baker presented the following names " with a recommendation

that they be -awarded an honorary degree/at the June Commencement: 'John W. Galbreath,

C. William O'Neill, and Hiram Roy "Nilson. After a general discussion regarding these

awards, it was moved by-Mr. Johnson, seconded by Mr. Frederick, and unanimously carried

that the above named persons be awarded an honorary degree at the June Commencement.

4 Mr. Bush then outlined a twenty-acre tract of land in east Athens known as Sells park

that is now owned by the United States Forestry Department which they are willing to lease

to Ohio University without charge for a period of thirty years. This lease can be given_

up by the University at any time the Park loses its value as a study area. It has been

used in the past by the following Ohio University departments: botany, biology, ecology,

dendrology, and vertebrate zoology. This area is close in making it easy to transport

classes to the area, and it has been and will be a very valuable addition to our natural

science classes.

It was moved by Mr. Hall, seconded by Hr. Frederick, that the lease with the U.

Division of Forestry be approved., This motion carried unanimously.

Mr. McVay. and Mr: Johnson discussed the importance of a hard surface runway at the

University Airport., particularly for use in the event of: a national emergency. It was

pointed out that every effort should be made to obtain sufficient funds to hard surface

Page 30: lif -


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