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  • 1. LEGISLATION The Standards of Weights andMeasures Act,1976 The standards of weight andmeasures (Enforcement)act,1985

2. CONSTITUTION PROVISION Establishment of Standard of Weights andMeasures-Under UNION LIST Entry 50 Weight and Measures expect establishmentof standards-under CONCURRENT LIST-Entry 33 A 3. Packaged commoditiesrules,1977[objects] To regulate trade in pre-packedcommodities Ensure information about thecommodity in the package Ensure availability of correct quantity 4. 2A. Applicability of theChapter- The provisions of this chapter shallnot apply to,- (a) packages of commoditiescontaining quantity of more than 25 kgor 25 liter excluding cement andfertilizer sold in bags up to 50 kg; and (b) Packaged commodities meant forindustrial consumers or institutionalconsumers. 5. pre-packed commodity Means a commodity, which without the purchaserbeing present, is placed in a package of whatevernature, whether sealed or opened, so that thecommodity contained therein has a pre determinedvalue and includes those commodities which could betaken out of the package for testing or examining orinspecting the commodity It is clarified that the intention is to include packages ofbulbs ,ready made garments etc., which are kept inunsealed packages and are opened by consumers forexamination. It is not intended to cover sealedpackages ,opened subsequently 6. Combination Package means intended for retail sale, containing two or more individual packages, or individual pieces, of dissimilar commodities. illustration: A package containing dissimilar commodities such as spoons, knives, forks, cups, napkins, or the like is a combination packageOMITTED 7. Group Package means a package intended for retailsale, containing two or more individual packages, or individual pieces, ofsimilar, but not identical commoditiesOMITTED NOW 8. Wholesale package Means a package containing_ (i) a number of retail packages, where such firstmentioned package is intended for sale, distribution ordeliver to an intermediary and is not intended for saledirect to a single consumer; or (ii) a commodity sold to an intermediary in bulk toenable such intermediary to sell, distribute or deliversuch commodity to the consumer in smaller quantities;or (iii) Packages containing ten or more than ten retailpackages provided that the retail packages are labeledas required under the rules. 9. Retail package Means the package which areintended for retail sale to the ultimateconsumer for the purpose ofconsumptions of the commoditycontained therein and includes theimported packages: PROVIDED that for the purpose ofthis clause, the expression Ultimateconsumer shall not include industrialor institutional consumers; 10. Institutional consumer/ Industrial Consumer a) Institutional consumer. Means thoseconsumers who buy packaged commoditiesdirectly from the manufacturers/packers forservice industry like transportation[including airways, railways], hotel or anyother similar service industry. b) Industrial Consumer Means thoseconsumers who buy packaged commoditiesdirectly from the manufacturers/packers forusing the product in their industry forproduction, etc.] 11. LOT new definition(i) in the case of packages which have been stored, the total number of such packages stored; and(ii) in the case of packages which are on or at the end of the packing line, the maximum hourly output of packages; 12. NET QUANTITY In relation to commodity contained ina package, means the quantity byweight, measure or number of suchcommodity contained in that package,excluding the packaging or wrapper; 13. 9. MANNER IN WHICHDECLARATION SHALL BEMADE. (1) Every declaration which is required to be made on a package under these rules shall be (a) Legible and Prominent (b) Conspicuous as to size, number and color OMITTED (c) Omitted previously (d) Numerals of the retail sale and net quantity declaration shall be printed, painted or inscribedon the package in a color that contrasts conspicuously with the background of the label; PROVIDED that- Where any label information is blown, formed or molded on a glass or plastic surface, such informationneed not be required to be presented in a contrasting color; Where any declaration on a package is printed either in the form of hand- writing or hand script, suchdeclaration shall be clear, unambiguous and legible- No change (2) No declaration shall be made so as to require it to be read through any liquid commodity contained inthe package No Change (3) in clause (d), in the proviso, for clause (a), the following clause shall be substituted, namely:-Where a package is provided with an outside container or wrapper such container or wrapper shall alsocontain all the declarations which are required to appear on the package except where such container orwrapper itself is transparent and the declarations on the package itself are easily readable thoroughsuch outside wrapper.b) in sub-rule (3), the following proviso shall be added at the end, namely PROVIDED that no such declaration on the inner package as required under the said rules is required ifthe inner package does not contain any declaration on its out cover. (4) The particulars of declaration required to be specified under this rule on a package shall either be inHindi Devanagiri script or in English: PROVIDED that nothing contained in this sub rule shall prevent the use of any other language inaddition to Hindi or English language- No change. (5) OMITTED. 14. The name and address ofthe manuf/pack/impotr(a) the name and address of the manufacturer, or where the manufacturer is not thepacker, the name and address of the manufacturer and packer and for anyimported package the name and address of the importer.Explanation I .- If any name and address of a company is declared on the labelwithout any qualifying words manufactured by or packed by, it shall bepresumed that such name and address shall be that of the manufacturer and theliability shall be determined accordingly;Explanation II.- If the brand name and address of the brand owner appear on the labelas a marketer , then the brand owner shall be held responsible for any violation ofthese rules and action as may be required shall be initiated against the deemedmanufacturer and in the event of more than one name and address appearing inthe label, prosecution shall be launched against the manufacturer indicated on thelabel in the first place and not against all of them.Explanation III .- In respect of packages containing food articles, the provisions of thisclause shall not apply and instead the requirement of the Prevention of FoodAdulteration Act, 1954 (37 of 1954) and the rules made there under shall apply .;(1 A) Every package shall bear the name, address, telephone number, Email address, if available, of the person who can be or the office which can be,contacted, in case of consumer complaints 15. Declaration of name and address of the manufacturer , etc. 10. (1) Subject to the provisions of rule 7, every package kept, offered or exposed forsale or sold shall bear conspicuously on it, the name and complete address of themanufacturer, or where the manufacturer is not the packer, the name and address of themanufacturer and the packer and in case of imported packages, the name and addressof the importer: Provided that for packages of capacity 5 cubic cm or less, it shall be a sufficientcompliance of this sub-rule, if a mark or inscription which would enable the consumer toidentify the manufacturer or packer or the importer, as the case may be, is made on thepackage: Provided further that where any commodity manufactured outside India is packed inIndia, the package shall also contain on the principal display panel the name andcomplete address of the packer or the importer in India. Explanation:- In this sub-rule,complete address means, the postal address at which theregistered office of the manufacturer is situated or the factory is situated, and, in anyother case, the name of the street, number (if any) assigned to the premises of themanufacturer or packer, and either the name of the city and State where the business iscarried on by the manufacturer or packer or the Postal Index Number [PIN] Code so thata consumer can identify and locate the manufacturer or packer, as the case may be. (2) The name of the manufacturer or packer or importer shall be the actual corporatename, or if not incorporated, the name under which the business is conducted by suchmanufacturer or packer or importer in India.. 16. MANNER IN WHICH DECLARATION OF QUANTITY(1) The declaration of quantity shall be expressed in terms of such unit of weight, measure ornumber or combination of weight, measure or number as would give accurate and adequate informationto the consumer with regard to the quantity of the commodity contained in the package. _ NO CHANGE(2) Except in the4 case of commodities specified in the fifth schedule, the declaration ofquantity shall be in terms of the unit of-(b) Mass, if the commodity is sold by solid, semi-solid, viscous or a mixture of solid and liquid;(c) Length, if the commodity is sold by linear measure;(d) Volume, if the commodity is liquid or is sold by cubic measure; or(e) Number, if the commodity is sold by number:(3) Where the declaration of quantity has been made in terms of mass, the manufacturer or ,as the case may be, the packer may, at his option make an additional declaration in the package as tothe number of commodities contained in the package. Illustration: a package containing screws may not only indicate the total weigh of the screws contained inthe package but also the number and sizes of the screws contained in the package No Change. (4) When the declaration of quantity by weight, measure or number alone is not sufficient to give to thecustomer full information with regard to the dimensions or number of commodity contained in thepackage, such declaration shall be accompanied