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This is my group and I'f first music video analysis of the song 'poker Face' by Lady Gaga

Transcript of Lady Gaga Music Video Analysis

  • 1. MUSIC VIDEO ANALYSIS Isabelle Tutty
  • 2. The camera within the music video accompanies what is happening within the music video and therefore intensifies the lyrics and message of the song Ill get him hot show him what Ive got Camera zooms in and out unsteadily focusing on Lady Gaga and her seductive movements Amplifying the sexual aspect of both the song and the music video
  • 3. The song title is Poker face and a poker game is also used within the song lyrics as a metaphor referencing to the sexual nature of this music video To highlight and establish the theme or metaphor of the lyrics the camera displays an establishing shot of Lady Gaga entering a poker game. The camera is also used in various ways in order to promote Lady Gaga as an artist. With the wide shots of Lady Gaga being the focus of the music video it conveys that she is a powerful and glamorous woman. These shots also make the audiences eyes divert straight to her.
  • 4. Furthermore Lady Gaga is also promoted heavily throughout the music video through many different close-up shots of her. These shots accompanied with her sexual movements such as placing her fingers in her mouth only enhances her image of being a sexy woman to the audience. In addition also reinforcing the sexual nature of the song and the song lyrics. The close-up camera shots within the music video also displays her lip synching to the song.
  • 5. After looking at the camera use within this music video I have seen that we are to ensure that we use our camera as effectively within our music video in order to convey the message of the song. I think that by using the camera in order to convey many different locations with wide shots or long shots would be effective within our music video to show as Lady Gaga did a wide variety of locations. This would make our music video much more interesting and entertaining for the viewer
  • 6. At the beginning of the music video there is the opening scene in which Lady Gaga is emerging from a swimming pool. Within this scene there is the special effect of multiplying the shot, which only emphasises Lady Gagas persona of being unique and weird. The scene and her movements are also slowed and jagged making her body move in time with the beat of the song.
  • 7. There is also the use of fast edits and transitions within the music video which is used in order to convey the fast pace of the song. However at the beginning of the song there is slow motion and jagged movements which is a heavy contrast to the rest of the song. Although this is effective in highlighting the beat and builds anticipation of the fast up beat song which is ahead. Slow shots of Lady Gagas body at the beginning of the song
  • 8. There is also the special effect of split screens used frequently in this song which compliments both Lady Gaga and the atmosphere of the song of being fragmented, distorted or unique. This I also believe is a good way in which the artist can be promoted as it allows Lady Gaga to be shown several time within one shot. This special effect also accompanies the genre of music Lady Gaga produces of techno, dance pop and creates a futuristic element within her music video
  • 9. At the beginning of the music video there is a scene where Lady Gaga emerges from a swimming pool. I believe that the use of the swimming pool could represent Lady Gaga emerging from her poker face and uncovering her true intentions to the viewers. Furthermore the strange attire that she is wearing for swimming also represents her persona of being unique and weird. Also there are two Great Danes found either side of her. This breed of dog is very strong and powerful and could be used to portray Lady Gagas power. However accompanied with the lyrics of the song the two dogs could be a representation of men therefore indicating that Lady Gaga has power over them and they are obedient to her as she has trained them. The dogs combined with her emerging from her poker face could enhance that beneath her poker face this is what she sees men to be like.
  • 10. Within the establishing shot she walks through beaded curtains to attend a poker game these beaded curtains could convey the intimacy of the poker game and could also act as a mask which could represent her poker face. If they were to represent privacy then this could also convey the poker game to be only a faade to what she is really talking about within the lyrics of intimacy which would also be a private moment. The mis-en-scene of Lady Gagas outfits also follows conventions of the pop/dance/techno genre as she wears bright colours and outfits which are strange and more like costumes which awe the audience. These outfits also place Lady Gaga in the focus of the audience and promote her as an extravagant and powerful woman. In addition the costumes that she wears also convey the sexual meaning of her song as they are very tight fitting and revealing. The outfit of her wearing her bra also intensifies her sexuality and the meaning of the song and also entices the audience to her music video.
  • 11. There is one main ideology that Lady Gaga is trying to convey within her music video and that is she as a woman is the dominant or superior figure within a relationship. Beneath her poker face she believes that she is in control of the men around her however does not show this on the outside of her poker face. It is also somewhat portrayed that she uses her sexuality in order to gain control over her male counterparts, as seen within this scene in her music video. Lady Gaga is placed behind the male which conveys that she somewhat hiding her emotions from him, and as he is kissing her this also conveys that through her sexuality she is controlling him. His passive face and her determined face also show this ideology. Furthermore the fact that the male is kissing her and Lady Gaga is looking at the camera hinting at her secret that he is oblivious to makes the audience seem as though they are in on the secret of her being in control too.
  • 12. Her positioning of above the male reflects her dominance and the fact that the light is shining on Gaga and the male is in the dark also portrays her to be the one in control. The Great Danes within the music video is also interacted with the same as Gaga interacted with the male within the video. This enhances the idea that the Great Danes are a representation of the male. This therefore means that he is like the dog and has been trained by her and is submissive.
  • 13. This is the world leading gambling website this therefore symbolises that Lady Gaga only uses the best and this is also highlighted within the leisurely lifestyle she is shown to be living. This is also sponsoring the brand. Beats headphones These headphones are known worldwide and are fairly expensive which also highlights her need for the best.
  • 14. There are many different reasons as to why the music video appeals to the audience. The glamour and seduction of the music video and the locations portrayed makes the audience look up to Lady Gaga or even aspire to be like her because she is being portrayed as a powerful and successful woman. Escapism and idolising Furthermore the beat of the music and the content of the music video mean that it can also be played within party locations and therefore is suited to the target audience. Furthermore this song is also a song in which its target audience can dance to and have a good time like she did within the music video.
  • 15. Dancing Bright colours Lyrics are linked with the visuals within the music video e.g. when a poker face is sung about then a poker game is depicted. Visuals such as the special effects accompany the fragmentation of the music. However sometimes when the music is fast then the edits and shots are slow and the fast music is accompanied with dancing and fast visuals and edits. Many close ups of Lady Gaga to promote her as an artist Shots of her body to highlight the sex appeal of the music video, allows the audience to feel as though they are in on the secret. and Beats headphones are advertised within the music video.
  • 16. She is active and the male within the music video is passive Uses her sexuality to show her power and take advantage of the male
  • 17. Female and Male is a strong theme within this music video, the audience is through the music video persuaded and shown to side with Lady Gaga and females. This is because she is shown to be the one in control and also leaves a glamorous and successful life.