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Knocker Unlocker. Jacob gilbert | senior Design project. Knock Detecting Deadbolt. Regular Deadbolt, with knock detection Simply knock the secret code to unlock the door Program your own knocking code Same functionality as a standard deadbolt. How I t Works. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Knocker UnlockerJacob gilbert | senior Design project1

1Knock Detecting DeadboltRegular Deadbolt, with knock detectionSimply knock the secret code to unlock the doorProgram your own knocking codeSame functionality as a standard deadbolt2How It WorksBattery Powered 4 AA BatteriesARM M0+ Microcontroller by freescalePiezo Electric Sensor Onboard ComparatorDual Shaft Stepper Motor vs SolenoidProgram ButtonTurn Lock ButtonLED Indicators3

Design ProcessProject ProposalProject DescriptionHardware Design ReviewSystem Software Design ReviewCode ReviewFinal Demonstration & Documentation4Project ProposalPreliminary written description of the proposed projectDirected to a review committee for fundingPreliminary Funding AssessmentDevelopment ProceduresEstimated Development TimeBenefits of the project5Project DescriptionFunctional DescriptionStandards such as IEEEDevelopment PlanElectrical SpecificationsPreliminary Parts List6Functional Description:Prioritized List of FeaturesBattery Powered (Extremely Low Powered State)Wake Up with KnockUnlock/Lock from Inside ButtonProgram Knock ButtonLED Status Lights

7Functional Description:Block Diagram8

Functional Description:Detailed User InterfaceLEDsGreen for UnlockingRed for LockingBlue for Programming ModeButtons & KnockFunction & Purpose


Functional Description:Software DescriptionKernel FreeRTOS v8.0IDE Code WarriorModule Development Tasks and DriversAlgorithms & Functionality User Leniency10Development Plan11

Electrical Specifications:Power RequirementsUsing Maximum CurrentEstimated Battery Life 1 HrUsing Conservative Typical CurrentEstimated Battery Life 600+ Hrs12

Preliminary Parts List13

Hardware Design Review14

Power Source & Power Supply Module4 AA Battery Power SourceDC-DC RegulatorBuck-Boost 1.6V to 6VHigh Efficiency 98%15

User Interface ModuleProgram ButtonTurn Lock ButtonRGB LEDLock Status SwitchIs the door locked?16

Motor & Piezo ModuleMotor Driver L298NMotor Dual Shaft StepperPiezo Zener DiodeN-Channel MosfetDecoupling Caps17

System Software Design ReviewMCU RequirementsFlash & RamKernel ChoiceFreeRTOS V8.0Kernel Task DesignTasks and InterruptsCPU LoadPriorityFunction18

System Block Diagram


Code ReviewDetailed presentation of codeHelps find bugs20

Final Demonstration & Documentation

Present in front of classmates, professors, and potential employersEngineering Change formsProject NotebookAll other documentation from project creation21Prototype In Action