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Looking for the perfect door knob for your house. Look no further than the Knob Search app.

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  • 1. KnobKwest-The App Drew Bell pd.2

2. KnobKwest-Overview One of the most stressful parts of home dcor is the finding of the perfect doorknob for your door, and then what stores have the model. The days of compromising personal taste for availability are over, with the revolutionary app, KnobKwest! All the user has to do is take a picture of their door and KnobKwest will recommend models of door knobs and where they are sold, or if you know what you are looking for, search the model and we will show you sellers in your entered area. KnobKwest profits through ads, and it also offers the option of ordering through the app, but the price is slightly marked up so a profit is made. KnobKwest is free for download in the App Store, Android Market, and Google Play. K K 3. Knob Kwest Search For Knobs Take a Picture Home Screen As you can see, there are two options: one allows you to specifically search for a doorknob, the other allows you to take a picture of a knobless door and then the app will suggest knobs that will complement the door. 4. Select-Take Picture When take picture is selected, you will go to the KnobKwest in-app camera, no need to upload images. Once the picture is taken, KnobKwest will find knobs that will go well with your yet-to-be knobified door, and at what retailers they can be found. You can exit the camera and return to the home screen by selecting Go Back in the top left corner. Go Back 5. Define Search By Retailer Change Location(Sample) Select-Search for Knobs When search for knobs is selected, you will be sent to this screen, where you can search plainly, define it to certain stores, or a certain location for in-store pickup, or just have it shipped to you directly from KnobKwest. You can exit by selecting Go Back, and you can purchase your item by selecting Purchase. Go Back Purchase 6. Order Form KnobKwest Cancel Select-Purchase Selecting the purchase icon will lead you to where you will fill out your order form. If you want to cancel your order, hit the Cancel icon and you will return to the home screen.