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1. Key Learnings Increasing the academic know-how How to pilot ? Whats next for AIESEC in Turkey 2. Increasing Knowledge About Customer Centricty Through out the challenge as AIESEC in Turkey we had a learning period. To overcome this faster : We started reading the basics about CC Reading the updated articles followed this process We had researches on companies that are famous with their CC Culture 3. Pilot Works! Shifting in to a customer centric organization requires resources and focus. Select a key program that you can focus ( oGCDP, iGIP etc) Select a few LCs to start with Visit these LCs Track them through out the process 4. Whats Next For AIESEC in Turkey next is to make our TMP recruitment customer centric as well. If your employee is customer centric your customers satisfaction will increase! For this you need to select and train your employees according to your organizations CC values