Kentucky Creative Living - February

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Kentucky Creative Living - February

Transcript of Kentucky Creative Living - February

  • Pets are suchwonderful friends.Theyre completelydevoted and all theywant in return is ourlove and care. So itsimportant that westay on our toes inproviding them thebest of the best. Onevery important hotpet health topic isweight. Keeping your pets weight under controlcan mean a longer, fuller life. That means moretime you get to spend with your pal and themore memories you can make. Check out thismonths feature on Slim down secrets for petsfor some great tips on how to keep your pet fit.

    Also be sure to check out the feature ondecorating tips to bring warmth to your home.Oh, how I love decorating and creating awelcoming environment for guests.

    Until next time, happy reading.


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    FeaturesDDeeccoorraattiinngg ttiippss ttoo hheellpp yyoouu aadddd wwaarrmmtthh ttoo yyoouurr hhoommeeIdeas to add warmth to welcome guests into your home.



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    Editors note

    SSlliimm ddoowwnn sseeccrreettss ffoorr ppeettssKeep your pet fit and trim with these tips.


  • H E A L T H & F I T N E S S

    3K e n t u c k y T h u r s d a y 1 7 , 2 0 1 1

    Do you snore? Do you suffer fromsleep apnea? Have you tried CPAP butjust can't tolerate it?

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    A sleep apnea sufferer and oralappliance patient himself, Dr.Kitzmiller knows firsthand the effectsof sleep apnea and the benefits of hisoral appliance. Hispatients are thrilledwith their experiencetoo!

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  • H E A L T H & F I T N E S S

    4 K e n t u c k yn k y. c o mC R E A T I V E L I V I N G T h u r s d a y 1 7 , 2 0 1 1

    The people we surround our-selves with in difficult times canmake a difference in our attitudeand determination.

    Breast cancer is one of themost common cancers occurringin women and the second- mostcommon cause of death afterlung cancer.

    The loss of a womans breaststo cancer can affect her self-esteem, her sex drive, and justhow she feels about herself as awoman.

    No one cries here alone,said Karen Murphy, a 15-yearcertified mastectomy fitter atBurlington Pharmacy HealthCare. Murphy and MelissaMorris are used to giving andreceiving lots of hugs. Theyreused to sharing tears as well.

    Many women needing post-

    mastectomy devices, wigs andscarves as a result of surgery,receiving chemotherapy or forother medical reasons have cometo Burlington Pharmacy HealthCare because of the outstandingsupport and care of the profes-sional fitting specialists there.

    Burlington Pharmacy HealthCare carries a wide assortment ofpost-mastectomy products, wigs,scarves, sleep caps and otherheadpieces. They offer personal-ized and private fitting appoint-ments with their professional fit-ting specialists.

    It is a very private atmos-phere. We like taking time witheach customer to get to knowthem as a person before we beginthe fitting, said Morris.

    Its very important to us thatit be a pleasant and comfortable

    experience.Burlington Pharmacy Health

    Care also encourages their cus-tomers friends and family tocome and support women asthey choose wigs, scarves, andother headpieces while theyreceive treatment.

    We invite them to come withour customers, said Murphy.

    Getting opinions from friendsand family that they know andlove is very reassuring and help-ful, she said.

    Karen and Melissa are hon-ored to support, encourage, andadvise women who are lookingfor post-mastectomy devices andhead coverings.

    It is an emotional time. Itsimportant for them to have asupport team that cares. Our per-sonal care and quality customer

    service set us apart, saidMurphy.

    At the end of the day, we aremaking a difference in a life,added Morris.

    Serving the Tri-State since1976, Burlington PharmacyHealth Care has the areas largesthome medical equipment show-room filled with a variety of topquality, state-of-the-art medicalequipment and supplies.Whether you are looking to pur-chase new, used or simply rent-ing, we have it all. Stop by andlet our experienced and knowl-edgeable staff show you why wesay large enough to serve, smallenough to care!

    For more information call 859-586-6700 or visit

    Pharmacy is helping women in difficult times

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  • Every new year we allmake those dreaded reso-lutions. By far the mostpopular resolutionsrevolve around health andfitness. We resolve to loseweight, to get in shape, toexercise more, or to eatmore healthfully. By thetime February rollsaround, are your resolu-tions in full swing or arethey already a distantmemory?

    Your local Curves, theproven strength-trainingprogram designed espe-cially for women, can helpyou keep those resolu-tions and achieve perma-nent results without per-manent dieting.

    Curves knows thatmore than half of women are over-weight and more thanone-third are obese. Infact, obesity plays a majorrole in the poor health ofwomen, including dia-betes and high blood pres-sure. Such statistics can bealarming, but to help

    combat these statisticsCurves offers a provenstrength-training programwhere women can losepounds and inchesthrough regular exercise(including Curves Smarttechnology with personal-ized goals).

    Curves also offers edu-cational programs toaddress weight loss aswomen gain new-foundconfidence in their regularCurves exercise routine.

    And, new for 2011 is apartnership betweenCurves Internationaland Zumba, the globaldance fitness experts. Thetwo companies havehelped millions of womenworldwide lose weightand get in shape. Now,theyre partnering on aunique workout that com-bines the best of bothworlds.

    Its called CurvesCircuit with ZumbaFitness and its the only30-minute class that mixesthe moves of Zumba with

    the proven strength train-ing of Curves for onewildly effective workout.

    Curves Circuit withZumba Fitness is anamazing workout, saidPam Westerman, Curvesowner of Florence andIndependence.

    It combines Curvesstrength-training pro-gram, which can burn upto 500 calories in just 30minutes, with fun, ener-getic Zumba moves. Sofar our members haveabsolutely loved it. Theyare definitely getting theirgroove back!

    All ages, fitness levelsand dance abilities canparticipate in and benefitfrom Curves Circuit withZumba Fitness 30-minuteclasses, overseen byCurves Circuit Coachesand led by a licensedZumba instructor. In addi-tion to the regular Curvesworkout, members canopt to participate in thesespecial sessions wherethey will have worked

    every major muscle groupand achieved a fun, ener-getic cardio workout.

    Look for a Curves nearyou and for the CurvesCircuit with ZumbaFitness classes at localparticipating Curves,including Erlanger,Florence, Fort Thomas,Hebron, Independence,

    and Villa Hills. For a lim-ited time, non-memberscan try Curves and theCurves Circuit withZumba Fitness classes freefor one week.

    Check out the ad onthis page, call 1-800-CURVES30 or tolearn more.

    H E A L T H & F I T N E S S

    5K e n t u c k y C R E A T I V E L I V I N Gn k y. c o mT h u r s d a y 1 7 , 2 0 1 1

    Proven Curves program partners with Zumba Fitness

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  • D E N T A L C A R E

    6 K e n t u c k yn k y. c o mC R E A T I V E L I V I N G T h u r s d a y 1 7 , 2 0 1 1

    2011 is here, the kids are back to school,and you find yourself reading about GentleDental Care yet again.

    Think about how many times you haveread Gentle Dental Care's stories, picked u