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2. WE CAMPAIGN & RAISE AWARENESS 3. WHAT IS FAIRTRADE? Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.Choose products with this Mark. www.fairtrade.org.uk 4. FAIR PRICES & A SOCIAL PREMIUM Fairtrade enables farmers to trade their way out of poverty. Gives them stability and more control. Farmer co-operatives can use the social premium for projects of their choosing: eg health clinics, schools / teachers, roads, business training and equipment, water wells etc. 5. WHATS THE PROBLEM? 870 million people go hungry every day. Smallholder farmers produce 70% of the worlds food BUT Over 50% of the worlds undernourished people are smallholder farmers. Most small farmers are net food buyers (buying more food than they sell), meaning they are currently suffering rather than gaining from high food prices. Almost one in four children are underweight in subSaharan Africa. Many of these live on small farms. 6. Divine cocoa from GhanaFarmers are predominantly smallholders living in remote and deprived parts of the country. Most of the cocoa growing villages do not have access to healthcare, clean drinking water, or electricity and rely on kerosene for artificial light. Most villages lack basic schools, educational materials, and teachers. 7. Divine some of the social premium benefits Dozens of social projects eg wells and bore holes for drinking water. Construction of public toilets. Mobile health programme visiting members villages. Day care centres. Classrooms and teaching resources. 2 mobile cinema vans for farmers' education programme. Construction of warehousing at the port. Funding for alternative income generating schemes eg soap making; tie dye textiles; palm nut farming. 8. Traidcraft sugar from Malawi Fairtrade social premium benefits Borehole built for the 2 villages near Kasinthula Cane Growers Ltd. Villagers no longer have to rely on water from the crocodileinfested Shire River. They also have electricity for the first time. 9. Traidcraft Bore hole supplying clean water Traidcraft has helped to fund several training activities to help the farmers understand their business better. Many of the farmers have very low levels of literacy and numeracy, so progress can be slow. 10. TRADE JUSTICE Fairtrade works with farmers and workers in developing countries. Products include bananas, cocoa, tea, coffee, nuts, rice, cotton etc, so not in competition with UK farmers. There is a multitude of subsidies and trade barriers that complicate world trade. Wealthy, advanced nations limit trade opportunities for poor countries whilst handing out aid at the same time. 11. 5 FAIRTRADE TOWN GOALS 1.Council Support2.Fairtrade product availability in shops & cafes3.Fairtrade products used - work places, schools, churches etc.4.Media coverage and events5.Fairtrade steering group (2013: 550+ villages, towns, cities, islands, zones, etc.) 12. 2006 Ilkley awarded Fairtrade Town status 13. ACTIVITIES Talks, tastings, challenges, shop surveys, displays, coffee mornings, quizzes, cake sales, Fairtrade fashion shows, publicity stunts, Fairtrade shopping directory, producer visits, treasure hunts, Traidcraft stalls, fund raising, Guinness world record attempts, Bradford District Fair Trade Way walking route, newspaper articles, radio interviews, films, and much, much more 14. Ilkley Carnival, May 2007 15. Ilkley Bandstand, October 2007 Music with free Fairtrade mulled wine and Fairtrade hot chocolate 16. All Saints School School Council Fairtrade stall. March 2008 17. 2008 Fairtrade Fortnight Fairtrade quiz winner with Fairtrade goodies 18. Going Bananas for Fairtrade Fortnight 2009 19. Fairtrade tea party and producer visit 2010 20. 2011 focus on cotton. Successful Bunting Guinness World Record 21. IGS bunting at the bandstand 2011 22. Bunting at the Cow and Calf 23. Districts bunting Bradford 2011 24. IGS Fairtrade Fashion Show 2011 25. 2012: Creating a Bradford District Fair Trade Way walking route 26. Vision - a national Fair Trade Way connecting all 550+ Fairtrade towns 27. 2013 Yorkshire becomes UKs 1st Fairtrade Region 28. Ilkley celebrates Yorkshire Fairtrade Region status 18.1.13 29. Fairtrade olive farmers visit Bradford District 27.2.13 30. MAKE FOOD FAIR Put small-holder farmers first Ensure they get a fair share of the value chain Ensure they get fair access to finance Help them future proof their farming Re-focus and better target government funding 31. Make Food Fair Petition hand-in at No 10, May 2013 32. HOW CAN YOU HELP? BUY FAIRTRADE ASK FOR IT LEARN MORE CAMPAIGN GAIN FAIRTRADE SCHOOL STATUS www.fairtrade.org.uk 33. BECOME A FAIRTRADE SCHOOL 34. 5 FAIRTRADE SCHOOL GOALS 1. Fairtrade School Steering Group min 50% pupils and meet at least once a term. 2. Write and adopt a Fairtrade Policy get the support of the board of governors and the head teacher. 3. Use and sell Fairtrade products as much as possible. 4. Learn about Fairtrade in at least three subjects in two year groups. 5. Take action for Fairtrade at least once a term in the school and once a year in the community. 35. FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT 2014 HELP FONCHO TO END UNFAIR BANANAS 36. FAIRTRADE FOUNDATION WEBSITE www.fairtrade.org.uk 37. END Note that the Fairtrade Mark and the town logo should only be used in accordance with the Fairtrade Foundation guidelines. See www.fairtrade.org.uk resources section for more information. 38. FAIRTRADE TIMELINE 1979Traidcraft set up 1991Cafdirect launched (1st major fair trade coffee brand) 1992Fairtrade Foundation created 1993Fairtrade Mark launched 39. 19941st Products with the Fairtrade Mark (Green and Blacks Maya Gold chocolate, followed by Clipper tea and Cafdirect coffee) 1995 Justino Peck, cocoa farmer from Belize, tours UK during the first Fairtrade Fortnight. 1997 FLO - Fairtrade Labelling Organisations International Bonn (now 21 labelling initiatives, 3 producer networks) 20001st Fairtrade bananas Co-op 40. 2001- Garstang recognised as the worlds 1st Fairtrade Town 2005- Fairtrade certified cotton launched in UK 2006- Ilkley, Fairtrade Town - Bradford, Fairtrade Zone 2007- Waitrose and Sainsburys 100% Fairtrade bananas 41. 2010 4 bar KitKats 2009 Cadbury - Dairy Milk Starbucks - espresso based drinks2012 - Maltesers 42. Over 4,500 Fairtrade products now available 43. THE FAIRTRADE FOUNDATION Established in 1992 by: CAFOD Christian Aid New Consumer Oxfam Traidcraft Exchange World Development Movement joined shortly afterwards by National Federation of Womens Institutes 44. Fairtrade means A fair and stable price for producers we can buy pens and notebooks so children can go to school. We have bought seeds and fertiliser to grow vegetables and improve our familys diet. Sira Souko Cotton farmer, Batimakana, Mali 45. Fairtrade means Extra income to invest in bringing about change for the future Farmers at Mabale Growers tea factory in Uganda used some of their Fairtrade premium to build a road for the local community enabling easier access to local markets. 46. Fairtrade means Producers are working to protect their environment Coffee farmers in one cooperative in Costa Rica are protecting the rainforest with new coffee driers that run on recycled coffee bean husks and organic material, rather than using firewood. 47. Fairtrade means Small farmers have a stronger position in world markets For us small producers, we are very committed to Fairtrade. It is our means of survival here in the Dominican Republic. We see Fairtrade as being part of a big family. Jos Peralta Banana Grower ASOBANU, Dominican Republic 48. The FAIRTRADE Mark is the only independent consumer guarantee of a better deal for producers in the developing world.7.5 million people producers, workers and their families currently benefit directly as a result of Fairtrade.