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  • Juliana Village Activities Program – January 2017



    January 2017

  • Juliana Village Activities Program – January 2017

    DIARY DATES TO REMEMBER : Mon 2nd Public Holiday- Morning activities with Jeanette ( Exercises & Quiz ). Tue 3rd Singing with Joy & Men’s Shed 10:00am – 12:00pm Wed 4th Introduction to I-Pads Group at 1:45pm . Thurs 5th Hairdresser Day Fri 6th Shopping Trip to Menai Marketplace, Bus leaves at 1:30pm Mon 9th Renata Away Shopping Trip to Southgate Shopping Centre, Bus leaves at 10:30am Bingo at 1:45pm

    Tue 10th Library Day, Singing with Joy / Men’s Shed Thur 12th Hairdresser Day, Happy Hour at 1:45pm Fri 13th Short Bus Trip , Leaving at 1:30pm Sun 15th St Luke’s Church at 2:00pm Mon 16th Renata Away, Bingo with Lorna at 1:45pm Thur 19th Hairdresser Day, Monthly Birthday Party with Entertainment - 57th Heaven Fri 20th Shopping Trip to Southgate, Bus Leaves at 1:30pm Mon 23rd Renata Away Bingo with Lorna at 1:45pm

    Tue 24th Library Day, Singing with Joy / Men’s Shed 10am-12pm Music Therapy with Jenni at 1:45pm

    Thur 26th AUSTRALIA DAY- Public Holiday ( No Activities in Georges Centre ). Fri 27th Short Bus Trip, Leaving at 1:30pm. Sat 28th Chinese New Year Begins-Year of the Rooster Sun 29th St Luke’s Church at 2:00pm Mon 30th Renata ( Nails / Waxing ).Bingo with Lorna at 1:45pm Tue 31st Singing with Joy / Men’s Shed 10am-12pm ** Please see the notice board for unforeseen changes to this program**

  • Juliana Village Activities Program – January 2017


    Hostel and Sharpe House: 5th Margaret Wilton- 100TH 7th Jean Douglas 10th Brian Beeten

    13th Fay Ferrier Self Care : 15th Mavis Price 3rd David Bailey (Alan ). 15th Vi Pointer 11th Willy Vanderzee 15th Foong Yap 17th Joan Young 21st Anne Pautschnig 25th Joan Turner 28th Irene Hunt 29th Bob Potts

    Staff Birthdays: 1st Shresha Srijana 2nd Ashok Dangal 3rd Adrian Cook 9th Vicky Shresha 13th Lucy Wang 14th Singh Sukinder 24th Wai Ming Chan 25th Katrina Labang 26th Ajun Ghimire 28th Maerhea Valdez 29th Sashi Joshi

    Famous People: 3rd Mel Gibson 17th Betty White 29th Oprah Winfrey

  • Juliana Village Activities Program – January 2017

    SINTERKLAAS 2016 We celebrated Sinterklaas on 6th of December (Traditionally 5th December ).Residents had a wonderful time & enjoyed a beautiful Morning Tea with Dutch trimmings & treats………. Saint Nicholas joined us for a visit ( with thanks to Chris Clarke for his performance).

  • Juliana Village Activities Program – January 2017


  • Juliana Village Activities Program – January 2017

    Christmas Raffle Winners:

    A big Congratulations To our residents who won the raffle baskets - 1st Prize – Blanche Steinbeck ( Logeman Court ). 2nd Prize – Blanche Steinbeck ( very lucky winner ). 3rd Prize – Ally Den Harder ( Sharpe House ). 4th Prize – June Jefferson ( Bruinsma Hostel ).

    Staff Raffle Winners :

    1st Prize – Jeanette Bond 2nd Prize - Sandhya Thapa

  • Juliana Village Activities Program – January 2017

    Residents’s Committee :

    The Staff & Residents are very grateful to George Dowling on behalf of the Residents Committee for donating Two Trolleys to the Georges Centre. They are both welcomed additions and very much appreciated.

    Our Lady Star Of The Sea

    For those wishing to receive Catholic Communion, Please Contact Ineke on  9524 9226

    Church and Spiritual Services at Juliana Village :

    For your spiritual needs we have St Luke’s Anglican Church comes to Juliana

    Village every second Sunday to give a service at 2pm. In addition to this we

    have a Chaplain, Tony Everett, who is here Monday to Wednesday and who

    also gives a devotional service most Wednesday afternoons. Tony also holds

    bible studies in his Chapel from 9am to 9:30am on Monday to Wednesday.

    These times can always be found in the monthly program.

    LOGEMAN COURT RESIDENTS: The Van Twist Reading Room, located next to the Common Room in Logeman Court, holds both Dutch and English books & some Dutch DVD’S. While there is now no formal card system in operation, residents of Logeman Court are most welcome to borrow at any time. Enquiries : Jo de Groot  9540 5090 As of February there will be an added selection of Movie & Entertainment Channels on FOXTEL in the Common Room for Residents to enjoy. A Channel List will be placed near the Television Set as a guide of selection available.

  • Juliana Village Activities Program – January 2017


    For your convenience the Sutherland Shire Library service comes to the Village every fortnight ( 2 weeks ) to bring books to the

    residents who have requested them. If you would like to start

    receiving books as well, please speak to an Activities Staff Member

    ( Wendy, Galina ,Jeanette or Leanne) or advise a Nurse and they will

    advise us. If the fortnightly service is not for you but you enjoy

    reading the occasional book, then come along to the George’s Centre

    and have a browse through our overflowing book collection which

    has many good books which have been kindly donated by residents

    and families all the time so you are sure to pick up a new release or

    two. You are free to take these books at any time. Your Mail  Dear residents, for your convenience, there is an outgoing mail box situated in the Bruinsma Hostel mail box area. Please place any letters that you would like posted, into this box. Rose from the office clears this mail box throughout the week. If you have any questions regarding your mail please speak to Jeanine in the main office.

    Morning & Afternoon Tea in the George’s Centre

    Morning & afternoon tea is served for anyone that is in the Georges Centre at

    approximately 10am each day. If you are from the Hostel and would like a cup

    of tea but do not wish to participate in the activities, you are still more than

    welcome to come in for a cup of tea…the more the merrier!

    Afternoon tea is served in the George’s Centre between 2:30pm and 3:00pm

    each day with the exception of every second Sunday when St Luke’s Church is

    here. Sharpe house residents are served tea in their rooms or the lounge area by nursing staff in the mornings and afternoons. Anyone is free to go to the

    Sharpe House level 1 lounge for a cup of tea in the afternoons at 2:30pm if they so wish.

  • Juliana Village Activities Program – January 2017

    art CLASSes In Logeman Court

    Pam Franco, from Logeman Court is an Art teacher and conducts classes every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the Month from 10:00am – 12pm in Logeman Court ( Common- Room ). **** All expressions of interest are welcome.

    Happy New Year and welcome to the January Newsletter. This month we welcome the New Year and celebrate Australia Day.

    Interesting information about New Year

    Because of the different calendar system used in ancient Babylon, the actual New Year started with the New Moon., which was followed by the first day of spring in March. In that time, New Year's Eve and any celebrations associated with it transpired over 11 days. Every day was a different type of celebration which usually signified rebirth, a new period of blossoming and a new season of crops.

    The Roman calendar was changed over and over again each time a new emperor took charge until it eventually did not match the Sun's patterns. It took an official act of the Roman Senate to dictate that January 1 would be the beginning of the New Year.

  • Juliana Village Activities Program – January 2017

    Resolutions are popular pastimes to make for each New Year. Friends often sit around and discuss or share these resolutions with each other on New Year's Eve. In ancient Babylonia, one common resolution was to return any farm equipment borrowed from friends or neighbours.

    It is often thought that the first visitors you see after ringing in the New Year would bring you good or bad luck, depending on who you keep as friends and enemies. That's why mos